Ewe Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Bangla Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

List of Ewe Names For Girls And Their Meanings: Looking for Ewe names for your baby girl? Check out here to get the Vintage Ewe baby girl names, old fashioned Ewe girl name and short Ewe girl names with their meanings.

Ewe Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings

Afafa ― The first child of the second husband.

Boahinmaa ― The one who has left her community.

Dofi ― The second child after twins

Enyonyam ― It is good for me

Mawusi ― One who is in the hands of God.

Nanyamka ― God’s gift

Ozigbodi ― Patience

Serwa ― A noblewoman.

Tsoenamawu ― Leave it to God

Veliane ― Companion

Woelinam ― In God I trust

Xoese ― Believe

Xorlali ― The savior exists

Yawa ― One who is born on Thursday.

Ye ― The elder of twins.

Yehowada ― God’s Day

Yomawu ― Call on God

Ewe Baby Girl Names With Meanings