Ethiopian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Baby-Girl-Names-A to Z and their meanings

Ethiopian Female Names: Looking for Ethiopian names for your baby girl? Check out here to get the Vintage Ethiopian baby girl names, old fashioned Ethiopian girl name, and Short Ethiopian girl names with their meanings,  Beautiful Ethiopian Girl Names, Common Ethiopian Female Names, Popular Ethiopian Girl Names and Ethiopian Era Girl Names

List of Ethiopian Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Abai ― The Nile River

Belkis ― She is the Queen of Sheba

Boreda ― One of the woreds in Ethiopia

Hadlea ― variation of the name hadley

Kees ― Kess means The Priest of an Ethiopian Church

Makeda ― One who achived Greatness

Mekeda ― Vastness, Magnitude in size, greater than anything

Misgana ― A truthful person, who speaks truth.

Ethiopian Baby Girl Names With Meanings