Czech Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Czech Girl Names And Meanings

Adela ― A short form of adelaide

Belias ― A white woman

Benesa ― SHe who is blessed

Cenda ― A compassionate, fragile and natural individual

Darin ― God’s gift

Darina ― Wonderful gift from God

Darja ― One who has God

Eliska ― One who is fully devoted to God

Ema ― this means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl.

Fiala ― A violet woman

Frantiska ― Czech variant of ‘Frances’ it refers to a woman who is free

Jenka ― A form of Jane (Yahweh is merciful)

Jitka ― Jitka is a Czech female name that means He will be praised or God will be praised. It is a Czech variation of the old Hebrew name Yeudith.

Karolina ― Karolina means Tiny and Feminine

Kataka ― Kataka means Virginal Woman

Klaudie ― Klaudie means The Lame and Crippled one

Krasomila ― Lover of beauty

Lida ― A person from Lydia, a region in Asia Minor

Lidmila ― People who are gracious

Lubomira ― She who loves the peace and the world

Margita ― A name for pearl

Marike ― A girl with a restless heart

Marketa ― Czech form of the name Margaret meaning pearl

Maxi ― A woman who is considered the greatest

Milana ― Slavic – Union; Favor; Grace; People

Mirka ― Free from any kind of emotional disturbances

Natalie ― The child born on Christmas day.

Ognyana ― Feminine form of Ognyan, meaning fiery.

Pavlina ― Variation of name Paulina; a little one

Radka ― Slavic – Happy; Peace; Great; Famous; A feminine equivalent of Radko

Radomira ― Slavic – Happy; Peace; Great; Famous;

Renata ― Latin – Born Again; Rebirth; Born Anew; A variant of Renee

Rusalka ― A wood’s spite

Sofie ― From the Greek name Sophia, it means Wisdom

Tereza ― One who gathers

Triska ― A splinter or a silver jewel

Viktorie ― Victorious, Victory

Czech Baby Girl Names With Meanings