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Cornish Names for Girls: Cornish naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Cornish name or Cornish Christian baby girl names, Traditional Cornish Girl Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Cornish Girl Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

List of Cornish Girl Names and Meanings

Amelia ― The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile

Beaten ― A form of Beatrix, meaning she who makes happy.

Bennath ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning a blessing.

Berlewen ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning Venus.

Bersaba ― Cornish medieval form of Bathsheba meaning oath, or voluptuous.

Beryan ― Name of an Irish princess renowned for her healing abilities.

Bronnen ― A rush

Charlie ― One having full rights

Conwenna ― One who is white, fair and blessed.

Delen ― A tiny and delicate petal

Delennyk ― She who is like a petal.

Derowen ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning oak.

Derwa ― Short form of Derowen, meaning oak.

Doryty ― Cornish form of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.

Ebrel ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning April.

Elowen ― One who is powerful like an Elm tree

Endelyn ― Endelyn is origin of the name Gwendolyn. It means white or fair.

Evelyn ― a Hebrew name which means to breathe or live or life.

Evie ― Variation of Eve which means life

Ewella ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning higher, more exalted.

Genni ― Who is charming and plain.

Glanna ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning pure.

Isabella ― God is perfection, or God is my oath

Isla ― From Islay or Aileach, which means Rocky Place

Jeni ― The one who is good, kind and nice.

Jenifry ― Refers to justice of peace.

Jenn ― The Arthur’s queen from Arthurian mythology

Jenni ― White wave

Jennie ― White wave

Jowanet ― Cornish form of Joan meaning God is gracious.

Kelynen ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning holly.

Keresen ― Cornish word for cherry.

Lamorna ― Name of a place in Cornwall.

Lowdy ― A name given to children born on a Love Day.

Melder ― She who is sweet as honey.

Melyonen ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning violet.

Merouda ― The name is derived from elements mor, which means sea, or great and budd, which means benefit, or profit.

Merrin ― A pearl of the sea, pearl extracted from the sea

Metheven ― Cornish word for June.

Morgelyn ― Cornish compound name meaning sea-holly.

Morvoren ― Cornish compound name meaning mermaid or sea maiden.

Morwen ― A virgin girl, virtuous

Morwenna ― A Virgin lady by the sea. Name of a Virgin saint

Olivia ― The one who is closer to olive tree.

Pasca ― Feminine forms of Pasco, meaning Easter.

Peswera ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning fourth.

Poppy ― English – Poppy; From The Flower; A variant of name Popee

Rosen ― Cornish word meaning rose.

Rosenwyn ― Cornish word meaning fair rose.

Ruby ― A precious red jewel

Sienna ― Reddish brown

Sophia ― She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom

Sowena ― Success or achievement

Splanna ― Cornish word meaning brighter.

Steren ― Cornish word meaning star.

Talwyn ― One with fair brow.

Tege ― Pretty little thing

Tegen ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning pretty.

Tiegan ― Something pretty or of ornamental

Tregereth ― Mercy

Tremaine ― Rock settlement

Tremayne ― Rock settlement

Tressa ― The numeral three from Cornish word

Trueth ― Compassion in Cornish vocabulary.

Wenna ― Cornish form of Gwen, meaning white, fair, blessed.

Ysella ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning modest.

Cornish Names For Baby Girls With Meanings
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