Complaint Letter To Bank For Poor Customer Service

Complaint Letter to bank manager For Poor customer Service

Samples of Complaint Letter for Bad Customer Service At Bank: As a bank customer, have you ever experienced poor services from your bank and you are wondering how to write a complaint letter or email about bad customer service that you received. Every bank customer has a right to bring to the attention of the bank’s authority of any problems that arise.

A bank complaint letter is written when the customer of a bank is having problems with his/her account or has identified a problem with the services of the bank. This letter enables the bank’s authority to do the needful to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Before writing a letter, make sure to mention all your details such as the type of account you hold with the bank and the services you get with that account. Put your complaint in a brief and effective manner. Mention what your issue was and the action that you require your bank to take to resolve the matter. See examples of complaint for poor customer service at bank.

Complaint Letter to Bank for Poor Customer Service

Bank Manager,
_______________ [Bank Name],
_______________ [Address]

Date: __/__/____[DD/MM/YYYY],

_______________ [Name],
_______________ [Locality]

Sub.: Complaint letter regarding poor customer service

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, __________ [Name] opened a __________ [Saving/Current/OD] account with your bank _______________ [branch name] branch. I visited the branch dated ___________ [date of branch visited] and applied for [internet banking/debit card / cheque book]. I waited for about ____ days but did not receive the same. So, I again went to the branch and inquired regarding the [internet banking/debit card / cheque book] status.

To my utter disbelief, I was again asked to write an application / submit customer request form for the issuance of the [internet banking/debit card / cheque book]. I completed the procedures then and there itself. Now, ________ [days/ month] have passed by and unfortunately, I am yet to receive my _______________ [internet banking kit/debit card / cheque book]. It is very difficult to make all the transactions by cash. Despite of all reminders and complaint I have not received any positive response.

It is very disappointing that even such small requests can be timely fulfilled by a bank of your stature.

I would be grateful if you would just have a look at my concerned issue & arrange for resolution.

Account Number: ____________
Branch Name: ____________

Thanks and Regards,
_______________ [Your Name]
_______________ [Your Signature]
_______________ [Your Address]
_______________ [Your Contact Phone Number]

Sample Complaint Letter For Bad Service At A Bank

Date: ____________
[Enter Bank Name/Address]
[Enter Bank Branch]

Sub.: Complaint Letter About Irresponsibility of Employees

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a client of your bank for the past ____________ years [mention duration] and hold a ____________ account [mention account-type] in your ____________ [mention location] branch. I had requested ____________ [mention in brief about your request].

I was promised that the same would be completed after ____________ [mention estimated time duration for completing work].

I am sad to say that despite making calls to your branch and to ____________ [mention if you called other staff/customer-care center]; there has been no action taken till date.
My account details are:
Account Name: ____________
Account No: ____________
Type of Account: ____________

I request you to look into my case and help me ____________ [mention how you want concerned authority to assist] at the earliest and oblige. Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

__________ [Signature]
__________ [Name of the Complainant]
__________ [Mobile Number]

Sample Complaint Letter To Bank Branch Manager For Bad Customer Service

Date: ____________
[Enter Bank Name/Address]
[Enter Bank Branch]

Dear [Bank Manager],

I’m writing this letter to draw your attention to a disturbing incident that I personally experienced with your bank. I’m struggling to find a solution to my problem and I’m left with no option but to raise the matter to a higher authority.

[Tell your story here and be as specific as possible. List numbers, dates, and facts to reinforce your case.]

I’m very disappointment with what happened and I’m strongly considering to take my business to another bank. I hope you can change my mind by providing an adequate and satisfying solution to my problem as well as taking the necessary precautions to prevent such incidents in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

__________ [Signature]
__________ [Name of the Complainant]
__________ [Mobile Number]

Complaint Email Letter To Bank For Poor Customer Service

Sub.: Poor Customer Service Response To Complaint

Dear sir/madam,

I have a ____________ account [mention account-type] account in your bank since last ____________ [Enter duration]. During account opening, I mentioned that I need my ATM urgently as I have to do daily transactions from my account and taking out money from the ATM is easy. I was provided with my cheque book, but I still did not receive my ATM card and I was told I will receive in a weeks’ time. After two weeks, I placed a complaint and expressed my urgency for the ATM card. I was told that something was wrong with the bank’s system and I must fill my ATM form again.

It has been months since I have been visiting the bank and inquiring this matter. I am a very busy person and a full-time employee too. I cannot visit the bank every other day and keep on filing new complaints or following up with the previous ones. Please look into this matter at your earliest and arrange my ATM card. I have mentioned my account details below and will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Account title: ____________
Account number: ____________
Account type: ____________

With regards,
__________ [Name of the Complainant]
__________ [Mobile Number]

Sample of Complaint Email Letter to Bank Manager for Poor Customer Service

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been an account holder with [Enter Bank Name] Bank for the last [Enter duration] years. My account name is [Enter your account name] and account number [Enter your account number] . I wish to bring to your kind attention that I renewed my occupational accident insurance cover with your bank’s branch in [Enter location] but the relevant documents have not been received yet.

I took the cover on [Enter date in full] and the bank’s employee who served at the insurance desk assured me that the relevant documents will be sent to me after three business days. As of today [Enter today’s date in full] , I have not received the documents. I check my private bag mailbox regularly but unfortunately, your bank has not sent the documents yet.

Kindly take up this matter with the insurance department to resolve this matter at your earliest. Liaise with the employee who served me on [Enter date in full] to trace the documents. I herewith attach a receipt for the payment of the insurance cover for your reference. Please contact me through my cell [Enter your phone number] when you have information on the missing documents.

Please look into my case and help me recover these documents.

Thank you in advance.

Warm regards,

__________ [Bank Customer Name]

Complaint Letter To Bank For Poor Customer Service