Chamorro Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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List of Chamorro Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Actassi ― Share the sea

Andy ― Prince Andrew; They are brave, unique and manly

Anna ― Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God

Bendision ― He who is blessed.

Buyugo ― A flatterer

Cadassi ― To have something with the sea.

Chamiyu ― Not enough of you

Chammangro ― Not enough wind

Charfaulus ― Something that isn’t very smooth.

Charguiya ― Not enough of him.

Chataga ― Not enough chopping.

Chatguemangro ― He doesn’t have enough wind

Chatongo ― He who does not know enough.

Chatpangon ― Not awake enough

Daniel ― A Prophet

Ethan ― strong or gift of the island.

Fetangis ― One who cries a lot.

Gamomo ― He who loves battle

Guafi ― Fire

Guaiya ― Love

Guifi ― Dream

Halomtano ― Jungle or forest

Hirao ― Affection or emotion

Hoben ― One who is youthful and vigorous

Husto ― He who is just, righteous.

Ina ― Illuminate, light up

Inapo ― Wave

Irao ― A form of Hirao, meaning love or affection.

Joshua ― Joshua means God is Salvation

Kantit ― Cliff

Kevin ― Kevin means He is Born as Gentle Child

Kurihi ― Guide, lead away

Langit ― Heaven or paradise

Langith ― A variant of name Langit meaning Sky, Heaven, Paradise, Firmament

Layacna ― His or her sail

Liam ― A worrior of strong will

Logan ― Man from the hollow

Lucas ― One who gives light

Magahet ― One who is honest, truthful.

Mahoyu ― A man who is strong and tough

Maipe ― Fiery or hot

Mamaisa ― He who likes being alone or solitary

Mames ― One who is sweet or kind.

Mapappa ― Someone who has been detached or removed

Matapang ― He who is brave and spirited

Menhalom ― A man who is smart and intelligent

Michael ― One of the seven archangels of the God

Napo ― Wave or surf

Napona ― His wave

Neno ― Chamorro term of endearment for boys.

Poyo ― Young chicken or cockerel

Pulan ― Moon

Pution ― Star

Quipuha ― The quipuha tree found in Guam.

Suetto ― He who is free

Tadtaotao ― One who has no people

Tadtasi ― Having no sea

Tafaye ― He who is not wise

Taga ― Chop

Tailayag ― No sail

Taitanga ― Not wished for.

Tasi ― A sea or an ocean

Tasina ― His or her sea

William ― Will or Desire to Protect

Chamorro Baby Boy Names With Meanings