Catalan Boy Names And Meanings

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Catalan Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

Alba ― Sunrise

Biel ― God can be found in strong men

Bou ― A name for the herdsman; ox; powerful person

Cinglas ― Measurement of a person’s waist or girth

Cristia ― Catalan form of “Christianity”; Believer and follower of Christ

Ferran ― A brave voyager

Grau ― A brave spearman

Marez ― An idealistic person with strong desires

Miquel ― The messenger of the God

Oriol ― A feeling of favorable regard.

Oriolz ― A golden person, who is precious as gold

Pere ― A name given to the Pear tree

Pi ― Pine tree’s topographical name

Pol ― Small and humble person

Ricard ― A ruler known for his might and strenght

Torres ― A habitational name of a person belongs from the city of towers

Catalan Boy Names And Meanings