Cambodian Female Names And Meanings

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Cambodian Female Names And Meanings

Achariya ― One who is wonderful and marvelous.

Arunny ― The morning sun.

Bopha ― Flowers

Botum ― A princess

Boupha ― Like a flower

Champei ― Frangipani flowers.

Chamroeun ― Prosperity and success

Chankrisna ― A sweet-smelling tree

Chanlina ― Moonlight

Chanmony ― One who shines like moon.

Channary ― Face resembling the Moon

Chanthavy ― A girl as beautiful as the moon.

Chanthou ― A flower found in Cambodia.

Chantrea ― Moon; filled with light

Chanvatey ― A scholar or educated person.

Charaya ― The one who is blue and pink color

Chenda ― Thought, intellect

Chhean ― Meditation

Chhorvin ― A glamorous woman.

Chivy ― Life

Chouma ― A woman who is refreshingly beautiful.

Daevy ― Angel

Darareaksmey ― A bright star

Jorani ― A radiant jewel

Kaliyanei ― Beautiful and lovely woman.

Kanleakhana ― A woman of character.

Kannareth ― A beautiful quality.

Kannitha ― Angels

Kesor ― A heavenly woman.

Kolab ― A pretty rose flower

Kolthida ― A noble-born woman

Kongkea ― Big Water

Kravann ― A tiny golden brown flower.

Kunthea ― Sweet smelling or beautiful fragrance.

Leakena ― Characteristic and quality

Leakhena ― An attribute, characteristic, quality

Malis ― Name of southeast Asian jasmine.

Maly ― Blossom

Mealea ― Flower garland

Mliss ― Cambodian – Resembling a flower

Mony ― A precious stone, gem.

Nakry ― Night-blooming flower

Nearidei ― White four-leafed flower.

Neary ― A gentle girl

Nuon ― Soft and tender

Panha ― A sage like, innocent and important person

Peou ― The youngest daughter in the family.

Pheakdei ― Loyalty and honesty

Pheakkley ― To have faith.

Phhoung ― Wreath

Pich ― Diamond

Ponlok ― Darling or dear

Ponnleu ― Light or illumination

Punthea ― A gentle spirit.

Putrea ― Cambodian word for plum.

Rachany ― Night

Rangsei ― Ray of light

Reach ― A beautiful woman.

Reaksmey ― Shining and sparkling

Reasmey ― Sunshine

Rotha ― A beautiful country.

Roumduol ― A type of flower

Roumjong ― A water plant with bluish flower.

Samphy ― Hardworking or busy

Savady ― Thai greeting.

Sawatdee ― Thai greeting

Sela ― Short form of selena

Shannary ― Like a full moon on the sky

Socheata ― Well born, well grown

Sokha ― One who is peaceful and content with his or her life.

Sokhanya ― A peaceful woman.

Sonisay ― One who creates a good first impression.

Sophea ― She who is a clever and wise one

Sopheap ― One who is proper and gentle.

Sopheary ― One who is attractive and beautiful.

Sovann ― He who is golden

Sovannah ― He who is made of gold

Sreyleak ― Perfect girl

Tevy ― An angel

Theavy ― Angelic

Cambodian Female Names And Meanings