Bhutani Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Bretons Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Bhutani Names For Girls: Finding The Perfect Name for Your New Baby Girl Is One of The Most Important Decisions You’ll Have. If You Are In Search Of A Perfect Bhutani Baby Name For Your New Born, You Are In The Best Site Ever For Cute Bhutani Baby Names and Their Meanings.

We Have Compiled a List of Modern Bhutani Baby Names and their meanings Only for You. Choose The Best Name For Your Little One From The Following List Of Unique Bhutani Baby Girl Names, New Bhutani Baby Girl Names, Beautiful Bhutani Baby Girl Names, Short Bhutani Baby Girl Names, Latest Bhutani Baby Girl Names, And Uncommon Bhutani Baby Girl Names Starting With Letters A To Z.

List of Bhutani Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Bidhya ― It means knowledge

Choden ― The devout one or religious

Druk ― Thunder dragon

Jampa ― Kindness or benevolence

Kesang ― Fabulous period of time

Lily ― symbol of purity

Mon ― Gateway

Phurba ― Buddhist religious dagger used for rituals by Buddhist masters

Tika ― In Navaho Indian it means Sun maiden. In Sioux it means Flower

Umzey ― Spear of strength

Bhutani Baby Girl Names With Meanings