Best Words For Kids With Cancer

Well Wishes For Child With Cancer

Comforting Get-well Wishes For Kids Fighting Cancer: Cancer is a tough illness to go through and it has a significant impact on anyone most especially on children who have been diagnosed. Knowing that your kid/niece/nephew/cousin or relative’s child is going through an illness that is difficult for an adult to shoulder how much more a child is really heart breaking.

If you are supporting someone recently diagnosed there are tons of hard question that will run through your mind like what to say? What to write in a get well card for a child with cancer? It helps to talk to them about what they can expect and encourage them to share their feelings. Let them know that you will be there for them during times when hospitals can’t have visitors because cancer treatments can feel isolating. See encouraging comforting get-well wishes for kids fighting cancer below:

Encouraging Get Well Wishes For Child With Cancer

  • So many people are cheering you on! You’re smart, brave, and very, very loved. Hang in there!
  • I know you aren’t feeling well, kiddo, but I wanted you to know that you are the bravest boy I know.
  • You are brave and you are strong! There’s an entire community of people praying for you to get well soon!
  • This world is better with you in it, and you’re going to stay in it for a very long time.
  • Praying for healing and the strength to keep fighting! You are an inspiration to SO many. You are so strong and BRAVE!
  • I wish I could take this pain away for you.
  • I truly admire your strength and resilience.
  • When you get out of the hospital, we are going to have the best tea party ever when you get home! So get as much rest as you can now so you are ready to wear your crown, Princess!
  • It’s no fun being sick. But you have to take your medicine so you can fight the cancer and get back to playing baseball, Slugger!
  • I’m sorry you are feeling icky right now. We hope that cuddling this new teddy bear will help you feel a little better!

Best Words For Kids With Cancer

  • Sending you BIG hugs and prayers to get well soon! There are so many people cheering for you to get strong. XO
  • Is the medicine that the doctors and nurses are giving you making you feel better? I hope so because we can’t wait until you are home again!
  • So hopeful that you’ll get well soon. Chemotherapy feels like it lasts forever, but you’re getting closer to the finish line! Every single day, you’re getting closer to being healthy. If you’d like help with your kids during this time, so you can focus on getting better, I’m here for you. I’d love to watch them for a few days to give you a chance to rest. Would this weekend work for you? Call and let me know.
  • I’m so proud that I get to know someone like you. Watching you battle your way toward health has been inspirational for me. You’re the strongest person I know, and I can’t wait for you to get well and feel like your old self again.
  • Your mom told me that you are scared of the doctors. But think of the doctors and nurses as the superheroes who are going to help you feel better.
  • I am so sorry for the struggle you are going through, and I think of you often.
  • I wish every good thing for you and your family, and I will be thinking of (or praying for) you as you go through this.
  • I am sorry you are going through this – this sucks.
  • We hope you get to enjoy the magic of the holidays! What a special time of the year this is. Continue to fight hard and know we are here thinking of you and sending prayers your way.
  • Always … our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are so amazing, so brave. We are blown away by your courage day after day. Know that you are not alone.
  • I’m sure you can’t wait to feel 100 percent healthy. Even if it feels like it’s taking a long time, you’re getting there–one day at a time! I’m sure you’ll feel better soon, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you once you’re done with treatments! If there’s anything I can do to help your treatments go more smoothly, please let me know.
  • Please know you have people praying for you!!! God is with you, and with him all things are possible.
  • Did you know that so many strangers think you’re wonderful and are cheering you on?! You’re sweet, smart, brave, and very very loved! Hang in there. You can do it!!!
  • You are STRONG, you are BRAVE, you are LOVED and you are our INSPIRATION. Keep fighting, keep smiling – we’ve got your back and we are praying for you. Sending lots of love and hugs and warm holiday wishes.
Best Words For Kids With Cancer