Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Names With Meanings

Bengali Names For Girls Beginning With L: Bengali Naming Practices Include Giving Your New Born Baby Family Names, Religious Bengali Name Or Traditional Bengali Name. Do You Need Help In Searching For The Perfect Name For Your Baby Girl? Then, This List Is For You! Make Your Pick From Our List Of Bengali Girl Names And Meanings For New Born Starting With A to Z.

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With

Aadhila (अदीला) ― The name Aadhila means Honesty, the one who is Scrupulous with regards to telling the truth

Aahana (आहना) ― Inner light; Immortal; First rays of the sun; Angel

Aaloka (आलोका) ― The name Aaloka means lustrous or the one very beautiful

Aalta (अल्ता) ― the Lac dye, or it means the one very colorful or joyous

Aamaal ― The word means the belief or expectation or aspiration

Aamaya (आमाया) ― the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hope

Aangi (आंगी) ― The act of decorating the God or a person close to god

Aanshi ― The one who is herself a gift of God

Aanya (आनया) ― The one who is kind and warmly courteous

Aaoka ― the one shining brightly and having a great lustre

Aapeksha ― the act of showing Passion, being passionate, act of waiting

Aapti (आपती) ― the state of being fulfilled, act of consummating

Aarabhi ― musical (raaga )famous note specially of south India

Aarani ― Aarani is another name of Godess laxmi

Aarashi ― the name has a meaning of First ray of sun or something new

Aaratrika ― The name is another name for the lamp that is kept under Tulsi plant to worship it

Aaravi ― the state of tranquility and harmony

Aarchi ― the name means the rays of light

Aarin ― the one having Mountain like strength

Aarini ― The one who is Adventurous

Aaritra ― Navigator the one who is an explorer

Aarohi (आरोही) ― the musical note or being very sound

Aarthi ― The name has a meaning of Way of offering prayer to god

Aarti ― The act of worshiping the almighty

Aaruna ― the other name of Sun, the one having a power of sun in his charioteer

Aaruni ― To begin or develop anything and grow light in the morning. It also means dawn.

Aarusha ― First rays of the morning sun which is life giving

Aarvi ― The word has a meaning of peace, or the one who makes peace

Aarya ― the other name of Goddess parvati, durga

Aaryaa ― A very noble or a very sound lady

Aashalata (आशलता) ― the one who is creator of hope or is very optimistic

Aashamana ― the one who is as precious as water or being life giving

Aashirya ― Creative & strong personality from land of God

Aashni (आश्नी) ― a lightning bolt

Aashritha ― Somebody who gives shelter, who is selfless

Aashtha ― having Faith

Aasthika ― Faith and commitment

Aatmaja ― a Daughter of the soul, daughter

Aatrayi ― A River

Aavihshka ― the one who is very kind, warm and loving.

Aayana ― mirror

Aayaushi ― the one blessed with Long life

Aazmin ― A star

Abanti ― the name is a synonym of Ujjain

Abarna ― the Goddess bharvathy

Abhigjna ― One who is possessing great knowledge.

Akashleena ― Star

Aliveni ― Golden Doll

Ankolika ― A wonderful embrace

Aparajita ― Name of a pure, beautiful flower and the one who cannot be defeated

Arundhati ― Morning star

Ashapurna ― Fulfillment of wish

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With B

Ballaki ― The name means an instrument,i.e., Veena.

Baltishna ― The name means ‘Powerful’ and strength.

Bandita ― Who is worshiped

Bapti ― Expanded,Large, Wealthy

Barnini ― Beautiful

Baruni ― Goddess Durga

Bashita ― Freedom

Bashumati ― The Earth

Bashundhara ― The Earth

Basudhara ― Hindu Ritual

Bhoomika ― Goddess Earth; Lord of Earth

Bibhuti ― One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi

Bidisha ― She who is a lightening

Bipasha ― A river

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With C

Chaitali ― Owner of sharp memory

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With D

Debjani ― A beloved and adorable human being

Deeptimoyee ― A lustrous and efficient human being

Drishti ― Sight

Durba ― One who is a sacred grass

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With F

Fularenu ― The fine spores that contain gametes and that are borne by an another in a flowering plant.

Fuleswari ― A name of a river or lake.

Fultushi ― Girl who is loving and darling.

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With G

Gajamati ― The name of a great pearl or ornament.

Gajamukta ― Big kind of a pearl.

Gandhapuspa ― Sweet smell of a floret.

Gangajal ― Water running in the river ganga.

Gangajamuna ― Resembling as double colors.

Gangalahari ― Name of an Asian river.

Gariyashi ― Refers to bigger or larger.

Gaurita ― Holy Parvati or spiritual Parvati.

Gehna ― Refers to something used to beautify.

Golapi ― The name of success, fortunate and cooperation.

Grahati ― Grahati is the name of God lakshmi. God lakshmi is the god of money.

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With H

Haimanti ― Born in the timings of Hemanta

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With I

Indrani ― Indrani is the name of Hindu goddess of beauty and wife of Lord Indra. The name means queen of Indra

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With J

Jemisha ― Monarch of the night or queen of the darkness.

Jhanvi ― Ganga the river; An educated person

Jhumpa ― Jhumpa means Charming, or Pet name. Jhumpa is an Indian female name of Bengali and Sanskrit origin.

Jiniya ― it means a flower. People with this name are very soft, generous, kind hearted and love to help other people. they love travelling and are dynamic in nature.

Joti ― Means Candle, Light, The One who Removes the Darkness

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With K

Kajol ― Kajal means Eye Liner

Kampilya ― The name means The Smell of Parfume

Kanakachapa ― Means Sweet Scent of the Tree Flower

Kanakachompak ― The name means The Sweet Scent of the Flower

Kanakaprabha ― The name means Bright as the Gold

Kanchangiri ― The name means Golden Mountain

Kanchanjangha ― The name means High Mountain

Kedarika ― The name means Water arounf the Tree

Khuki ― Khuki means Little Girl

Khukumani ― The name means a Petitte Girl

Kinkari ― Kinkari name means Maid

Kshamya ― The name Kshamya means Earth

Kunjari ― The name means the animal Elephant

Kusumkali ― The name means a Kind of a Flower

Kusumkalika ― The meaning of the name is She is like a Flower

Kusumkomol ― The name means She is Soft as a Flower

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With L

Labani ― Labani means The woman who is full of Grace

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With M

Madhabika ― A vine or a climbing plant

Madhabilata ― One who is like a vine plant

Madhujamini ― Night under the light on the moon

Madhurima ― Indian name describing sweetness

Mahalaya ― A day of the new moon in the month of Ashwin

Makshirani ― A girl who is like a honey bee

Malabika ― The most beautiful flower

Manasha ― One who is like the Goddess

Methini ― The grain of the fenugreek shrub.

Minuyara ― A fish from the deep water

Mishita ― A sweet person, Good nature, Also referred to Goddess Laxmi

Mishti ― Sweet; Sweet person; Its a Bengali name signifying a cute, lovable and sweet person

Moukthika ― The pearl. The name of Goddess Lakshmi

Mouli ― A sacred thread of the Hindu religion

Moumita ― A sweet friend

Mouna ― A Silence, a desire to be silent

Mounika ― The silence, refused to talk

Mounisha ― The controller of mind

Moushimi ― reliant on a season or a period of time

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With N

Nabamallika ― Resembles duple Jasmine flower.

Nabami ― Lunar fortnight’s ninth day.

Nabamita ― Ninth day of the lunar fortnight.

Nabani ― Fresh fat or margarine.

Nabanita ― The new faith or the new moral

Nabanna ― The fresh cereal grass.

Naisha ― A special or lovely flower

Napti ― Daughter’s daughter, grand daughter.

Nayani ― The ocean which gives extreme beauty.

Nayanika ― Completely happy and contented.

Neelam ― The one has dark blue color eyes.

Neelambika ― Blue color of the sky.

Neelima ― The sky which reflects blue color.

Neelprabbha ― Glimmering blue color.

Neepabala ― Finishing or accomplishment.

Neeru ― The shining of the light.

Neerudhi ― Resembling consuming fire.

Neethika ― The one who is trustworthy and honest.

Netraranjana ― Something that makes the eyes prettier.

Nibha ― Not unlike, comparable, alike, switch off

Nilaprabha ― Blue shine, blue gloss, blue gleam, blue sparkle.

Nilkamal ― Sapphire lotus or blue color lotus flowers.

Nilkanta ― A bluish shaded color, shining blue color.

Nilothpala ― The lotus floras that resembling as blue colors.

Nipabithi ― Mildness, tenderness, calmness.

Niratapa ― The dark time or period or place or nightfall.

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With O

Oikantika ― A welsh that means a noble person. Also, Welsh Poet of 6th century.

Oindrila ― Neith was an ancient Goddess of Egypt that means Water.

Oishika ― A great achiever, One who attains something

Oishimaya ― A noble person full of good deeds, no evil within.

Oishyariya ― A native American name that means a wild beautiful goose.

Ojeeta ― A noble light which enlightens the heart.

Olikodi ― The one who is having fantabulous skills by her own.

Onalika ― One of the rivers, the name of a lake.

Onima ― Examination or investigation or inquiry.

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With P

Pakhi ― A beautiful bird; sweet singing

Piyali ― A tree, someone who is like a tree

Piyasi ― One who is always thirsty

Pootli ― A packet or a bundle of something

Porama ― A woman who is the best

Porna ― A woman who is like the leaf

Pornolata ― One who is like a petal plant

Pramatha ― One who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva’s faithful companion

Preshti ― Ray of Light

Prisha ― Beloved; Loving; God’s Gift; Dear

Prithibi ― A woman who loves earth

Priyamvada ― One who speaks sweetly

Purabi ― One whose voice is like the musical note

Pushpavathi ― Something that is flower decorated

Puspadal ― One who is like the flower petal

Puthi ― One who loves books

Putput ― To handle things with too much care

Putrika ― One as pretty as the doll

Puttika ― A bee that is very, very small

Puttoli ― A little girl as perfect as the doll

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With R

Raaga ― She who is musical

Ranjini ― One who is pleasing

Rebati ― One who is like the star from the sky

Resha ― An endless straight line

Rimi ― The woman who is beautiful

Rosnai ― A woman who is like a bolt of lightning

Rosni ― A lightning woman

Roudri ― A woman who is like a Sun ray

Ruli ― A braclet of a kind

Runu ― The sound of jingles

Rupamadhuri ― A graceful girl

Rupamadhurjya ― A woman of great grace

Rupeeya ― One who is a rupee

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With S

Sadhi ― A wife who is devoted

Sagarika ― A woman born in the ocean

Samudra ― She who is like the ocean or a sea

Sanaki ― Earthen plate

Sananda ― Goddess Laxmi means good luck to Hindus as well as pleasure and being joyful

Sanchari ― A traveller in motion

Sanchayi ― Gather together things

Sanchiti ― Person who is set aside for special use

Sanjibani ― A panacea which restores a life

Shimantini ― A Bengali name meaning “a woman”

Somadha ― A woman who feels complete

Somapika ― One who terminates things

Somprikti ― A Bengali name meaning saturation

Somritdhi ― One of great prosperity

Sovhona ― One who possess true beauty

Subarnalata ― A golden vine

Subarnapratima ― She who is a very beautiful image

Subhashini ― Well-spoken

Subrata ― Devoted to what is right

Suhashini ― A woman who always has a smile on her face

Sulata ― A creeper plant, a vine

Suradhuni ― A Bengali name meaning river ganges

Suravi ― A lady who can be compared to the Sun

Suryatapa ― A woman who worships suraya

Sushmita ― Good smile, smiling

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With T

Tabakee ― Musketeer

Talash ― To search or to find something or someone

Tamashi ― A woman who has a gloomy personality

Tamisra ― She who is full of darkness

Tamoha ― The Moon

Tanaya ― Daughter

Tanhi ― A woman

Tanuruchi ― A physical beauty

Tanuta ― She who is very thin

Tanzima ― Gift from Heaven

Tarangi ― Bengali name meaning wave

Tarashi ― One who moves quickly

Tarashini ― She who moves at a fast pace

Taraswati ― Fastly moving woman

Tarillata ― The Lightning

Tasbi ― Praising the God

Tasbir ― A picturesque girl

Tatan ― One who brings heat

Tatha ― A person who is everywhere and all around

Tatritri ― A boat

Tavishi ― Name of Goddess Durga

Tejashi ― A glorious one

Tejashini ― The mighty one

Tejashita ― A potent girl

Tikshya ― Patience, a patient person

Timsy ― A star or a shining bright star

Tingiri ― Picher, a family of burrowing mammals

Tisya ― An auspicious star from the sky

Tisyha ― A star from the sky

Titirsha ― A desire to swim or cross the sea

Tiyasa ― The silver, or a thirsty person

Torsha ― A river in Bengal region

Tribeni ― The meeting point of three sacred rivers

Trijama ― The river Jamuna, river of night

Trijoya ― The three wins or victories

Trilaki ― One who belongs to the three worlds

Triparna ― The leaves of sacred bael

Triparni ― Like the leaves of sacred Bael

Tripathaga ― A river flowing through three regions; River Ganges

Tripathagamini ― One who flows or cross through three regions

Trishna ― Thirst

Tufani ― Refers to a very strong blowing.

Tuhina ― Snow

Tusarika ― White color snowflakes.

Tusarkanika ― Atoms of snowflakes.

Tushika ― White snow storm falling from clouds.

Tushitha ― Gratified or fulfilled.

Tvisha ― Happy or cheerful.

Tweety ― The bird that can sing in a sweet voice.

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With U

Upasana ― Veneration and worship

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With V

Vrishti ― Rain

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings Starting With Y

Yoshita ― Women or lady

Bengali Baby Girl Names With Meanings