Bengali Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Bengali Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Aadidev (आदिदेव) ― the Hindu word aadidev means First of God, the one closest to the almighty

Aaditya (आदित्या) ― The name aaditya means belonging to aditi or Sun

Aadyot (आद्योत) ― one who is surrounded by light

Aarul ― being brilliant

Aashirbaad ― The one like a blessing

Aathmik ― Related to soul or aatma

Bengali Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Aayuman ― having a young mind

Abani ― Planet Earth

Abanimohon ― the King

Abanish ― being a King

Abesh ― One who has complete possession or control

Abhanja ― One who is an excellent speaker

Abhidhan ― Refers to vocabulary or word list.

Abhidhyan ― Dream or deep consideration.

Abhijeet ― Variation

Abhik ― Beloved; Dearest to Heart; Most Loved

Abhoy ― One who is not afraid of anything, fearless

Abinaashjot ― A light that cannot be destroyed

Achinta ― one of many names of Lord Shiva; Vishnu

Achintya ― Release of Tensions; Inconceivable; Beyond Comprehension; Healer of all worries;

Adrisar ― One who is strong like iron

Ahibhusan ― The god shiver

Ajatasmatru ― A man who has no enemies

Akantak ― Thornless, free from pain or problem

Akashadhar ― Lord Visnu; Strength gained through experience

Akhilbandhu ― A Boy who is everyone’s friend

Amitava ― Boundless Lustre; One with unlimited splendour; One who will shine forever;

Aniruddha ― Uncontrolled; Unrestrained; Without Obstacles; Name of Grandson of Lord Krishna

Ardhendu ― Half Moon

Arnab ― Ocean

Arup ― Shapeless; Formless; One without any form; Extremely Beautiful

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Balmiki ― The name means Prophet. It is the name of a famous poet.

Banaful ― Wild flower

Basav ― Lord Of Bulls

Basudeb ― Father of Krishna

Batuk ― Boy, young man, youngster

Benoy ― Polite; Courteous; Respectful; Refined; Well-mannered; Gracious

Bhageerath ― A King of Suryavamsha who Brought River Ganga from Heavens to Earth

Bhashkar ― The Sun

Bhaskor ― Sun; Bright, Radiant and Luminous light of the Sun

Bhojraj ― An Ancient King

Bhrihadbanu ― Son of Krishna and Satyabhama; Bhringaraj a Bee

Binoba ― A man wh is full of talents and knowledge

Bipin ― forest (Vipin)

Bishwajit ― One who won over the whole world

Borenya ― One who is a great person

Buburam ― One who is a gentleman

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With C

Chaitali ― Owner of sharp memory

Chandrachur ― Another name of Lord Shiva

Daiwik ― Grace; one who has extraordinary power

Debashish ― One who is lord of the rings

Debesh ― Pleased by Gods; One who is delighted by God;

Devesh ― Another name of Lord Shiva.

Dipankar ― One who has a lamp in his hands

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Fanikeshar ― The ruler of the snakes.

Felu ― A nickname for Boys

Fulbabu ― A dancer who sounds out rhythms by using metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With G

Gangaraaju ― The lord of the rivers.

Grihamani ― A lamp which spreads light everywhere.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Hironmoe ― A Boy’s Bengali name

Hridyanshu ― Light from Heart; Moon

Hrishab ― Morality

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With J

Jayaketan ― The symbol of victory

Jayanand ― Joy of success

Jayashish ― Victory with blessing

Jaydeb ― God of victory

Jeetu ― The one who always get success over difficulties.

Jhareshwar ― Splendour of the flame

Jnanendra ― People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.

Joeonto ― Splendour and dazzle of the flame

Jotish ― Jotish means Astrologist

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With K

Kanakachur ― The name means Paddy

Kaustubh ― The name means A Jewel worn by lord Vinshu

Koushik ― Love and Affection; One who adores and worships; One who is devoted

Labanga ― Labanga means Cloves

Lekhon ― A person who knows how to write

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Mihir ― the sun.

Minati ― A prayer or an offering to the God

Mithin ― The one who govern wisely

Modan ― The God of love and infatuation

Modanatha ― Hindu Lord of Love and affection

Monohar ― one who is a great charmer

Monojit ― One who wins over others mind

Mounish ― The lord of minds, the conqueror of minds

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Naba ― The new or the fresh one

Nabakumar ― Newly delivered baby Boy.

Nabhas ― The person who resembles the blue sky.

Nabin ― The person who is fresh or original.

Nabina ― The person who is new and fresh.

Nabinchandra ― The fresh moon, or a crescent moon

Nagalingesh ― The God Shiva, Another name for Lord Shiva.

Narayanaswamy ― The beaming light, a radiant sunrise.

Natabar ― The one who is excellent in dancing.

Nayaab ― Full of joy or producing joy.

Nayanananda ― The one who is possessing good qualities in high degree.

Neelamegan ― Another name of Lord Krishna.

Neelotpal ― Beautiful blue lotus floret.

Neeraj nayan ― The one who is having eyes like lotus.

Nemichand ― Very calm and peaceful person.

Netratav ― The one who guides others.

Nevaan ― The one who is spiritually holy.

Nideesh ― Presenter of fortune materials

Nihith ― Essential, intrinsic, characteristic, natural.

Nikhalas ― Approachable, welcoming, pleasant, kindly.

Nikhar ― Prospering, developing, maturing, blooming.

Nikhilchandra ― Castle, hall, lodge, grange, house.

Nilanjan ― The one who has bluish eyes.

Niloy ― The blue colored person, referred to Lord Shiva

Ningappa ― Recognize with gratitude.

Ninu ― The one who is recognized with gratefulness.

Niqiles ― The unpleasant or harsh taste.

Nirantak ― Additional name for Lord Shiva.

Niratap ― The one who is filled with shades and shadows.

Nirdhar ― The one who is carrying the boulder.

Nischitha ― Head of nation or royal leader.

Nish ― The one who leads the country.

Nripan ― Head of nation or royal leader.

Nripati ― The one who leads the country.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Ohit ― The brightness of the eyes, nimble of the eyesight.

Ohitlal ― The girl who has gorgeous, stunning and fine looking eyes.

Omio ― The one who is strong and stable and dependable.

Ongkar ― The holy chant of Om

Onindro ― A romantic person

Ornob ― Deep ocean or large sea.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Palash ― Flowering Tree; A fruitful person

Paritosh ― Contentment; Complete satisfaction; Delight; Gratification

Parthiv ― One who is son of Earth; earthy

Partho ― Name of an hero of Indian epic Mahabharat

Pinakpani ― The bow that belongs to the Lord Shiva

Pingakshi ― A brown eyed Boy

Pinkesh ― The serpent’s mouth

Pitam ― The dearest one of them all

Pittesh ― One who has high expectations from life

Poltu ― One whose name is sweet

Ponmudi ― One who wears a crown of gold

Prabhas ― Splendour; Lustrous; Brilliance; Radiance

Prabir ― A brave person who is a hero

Prabodh ― To have an awakening

Pradipt ― He who is illuminated, glowing

Pradipta ― An enlightened, blazing boy

Prahor ― An eight part of the night or a day

Prajaranjak ― A person who is deeply devoted to God

Prajaranjan ― One who likes to please others

Pralay ― A name for Himalaya. Also means disaster

Pralhalad ― He who brings joy to the world

Pramatha ― One who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva’s faithful companion

Pramathanath ― A male name of Benglai origin

Prambratra ― To make a good oath

Pramti ― One who is conscious and aware

Pranab ― The Om Sound. Can also mean the feeling of Love

Pranabendu ― The feeling of pure love

Pranasakha ― A friend of the heart

Praneswar ― One who will be a husband

Pranjal ― God; One who is as dear as life; Modest; Simple; Straightforward

Pranpratim ― One who is just like the life

Pranshul ― The name of the Lord Shiva

Prasoon ― To be graceful and pretty as a flower

Pratapavat ― A person who is known for his valor

Prathmesh ― One who is the Lord of the best

Pratiprava ― A flourescent individual

Prattya ― A trustworthy and trusting person

Pratul ― One who owns plenty

Prayog ― An investigation, test, experiment

Preethesh ― One who is like the Lord of Love

Prithyis ― To be the Lord of the World

Pritwish ― The best and the greatest love of all

Priyambad ― A person who is very sweet tongued

Probal ― Someone adored and beloved

Probhakor ― One who is Sun-like

Prosenjit ― The spreader of happiness and joy

Protik ― To stand as a symbol for something

Provakar ― One who is the Lord of the light

Pundarikakshya ― One who is an epiteth of Lord Vishnu

Punyakoti ― A holy cow’s name

Purnananda ― He who looks like a God

Purnava ― Brightness, full light

Purnayu ― One who is long lived

Purvang ― A name that means Prakashit

Pushpendu ― One who is the Lord of all flowers

Pushpmitra ― A ruler of the ancient times

Pyarelal ― A name of Lord Krishna

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With R

Raajeevalochan ― One with blue lotus eyes

Rup ― One of good figure

Rupjit ― A handsome, beautiful person

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Sahadar ― One who is like a brother

Sahasranshu ― One who is like the Sun

Sanav ― The star around which the earth orbits

Sanjiban ― Restoring a life, having a new life

Sashwat ― Eternal

Shaan ― Glory

Shankhdhar ― A man with the couch shell

Shantanu ― Whole

Shaswatik ― A man who is everlasting and eternal

Shishir ― Name of a season, cold

Shoma ― A boy who is always reaching for the truth in life

Shubhang ― Handsome

Som ― Moon, religious drink

Subimal ― A very clear person

Sudeepta ― Bright

Sudhanidhi ― A Boy with the Moon in his eyes

Supratit ― A well demonstrated man

Suvabrata ― One who gave an auspicious vow

Suvo ― An auspicious person

Swapnil ― Seen in a dream, dreamy

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With T

Tanay ― Son

Tapan ― Hot season

Tapas ― Sun

Tarapati ― The Moon

Tiyash ― The thirst of something

Trinabh ― Lord vishnu

Bengali Baby Boy Names With Meanings