Belgian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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List of Belgian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Adalgiso ― Noble hostage

Amdt ― One with the power of an eagle

Andre ― A masculine man who are manly and well built

Anna ― Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God

Audrick ― A noble friend

Baz ― The unwavering protector

Beauvais ― One belonging to Beauvais, from Beauvais.

Bertl ― One who is famous for nobility.

Blaisdell ― A person who lisps or stutters.

Briand ― The old English form of Briand, meaning strong or hill.

Cheval ― Knight, horseman and rider

Darcio ― A variation of Darcy. It means dark or from Arcy.

Dareau ― One who is dearly loved, open

Davet ― A variant of David, meaning beloved.

Deman ― Tame

Derrall ― A person who is dearly loved.

Derrick ― A gifted ruler. A person with capabilities of being a gifted ruler.

Dietger ― Spear of the people

Drugi ― A man who is strong and powerful.

Edgarton ― A prosperous warrior

Fontane ― Fontane is Belgian word for fountain.

Gascon ― From Gascony, one who belongs to Gascony.

Godelief ― Loved by the gods, or good life

Jakoh ― Belgian variation of Jacob, meaning supplanter.

Jan ― Gift from God

Janez ― God’s gracious gift

Jean ― God is gracious, in the bible one of the apostles

Joshka ― Joshka is the Belgian version of Joshua and means Jehovah is generous.

Julez ― Julez is a variation of Jules and means youthful.

Kelian ― Belgian term for a small water channel

Leroux ― The red haired one.

Luc ― From Lucania, a region in South Italy

Manneville ― From the great estate

Marc ― A war-like person

Maslen ― Little twin

Michel ― Messenger of God.

Myril ― Famous or of the sea

Nev ― New village

Norice ― A term used for caretaker

Odbart ― One who is wealthy and rich.

Orvalle ― One from the golden village.

Otilio ― A wealthy and fortunate person.

Pascali ― A form of Pascal, meaning born on Easter.

Patrick ― A regal and noble natured individual

Paul ― One who is humble and small

Philippe ― One who is the lover and friend of horses

Pierre ― One who is tough as a rock

Plat ― From the flat land, one belonging to the flat land.

Porteur ― A gatekeeper or carrier

Portier ― A variation of Porter, meaning gatekeeper or carrier.

Reynart ― A brave and strong man or counselor.

Rikkert ― Variation of Richard, meaning a powerful ruler.

Rodgers ― Variation of Roger, meaning famous spearman.

Sauville ― Someone belonging from the willow farm.

Sevrin ― One who likes being strict and restrained.

Steinmetz ― Stonemason or stone.

Tretan ― Walks

Troilus ― Son of Priam

Udolf ― A wolf ruler

Uli ― A noble leader

Vallois ― A Welshman

Belgian Baby Boy Names With Meanings