Beautiful German Girl Names With Meanings

Gender-Neutral & Unisex Baby Names

Stunning German Names For Baby Girl: If you want to embrace your German roots but would rather your baby girl have a sweeter and more feminine name, those below are great options. They are all stunning names with German origins, containing meanings guaranteed to make any parent smile.

Beautiful German Girl Names Their With Meanings

Ada — Means “noble, happy and adorned”

Adal — Means” sweet and noble”

Adalaide — Means “noble one”

Adelheide — Means “sweet and noble”

Adette — Means “sweet or noble”

Agatha — Means “good and kind”

Aili — Means “sweet”

Alberta — Means “bright”

Aliz — Means “sweet”

Alvira — Means “fair”

Antonie — Means “priceless”

Berdina — Means “glorious”

Bertrun — Means “shining secret”

Clarissa — Means “bright”

Eda — Means “wealthy and happy”

Ediline — Means “gracious”

Evi — Means “life”

Gerda — Means “protected”

Gisela — Means “pledge”

Gratia — Means “grace”

Gretchen — Means “little pearl”

Gretel — Means “precious gem”

Karlotta — Means “tiny and feminine”

Juliane — Means “youthful”

Winola — Means “charming and peaceful friend”

Zemirah — Means “blessed and happy in life”

Beautiful German Girl Names With Meanings