Basque Baby Names For Boys With Meanings

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Basque Names For Boys: Finding The Perfect Name for Your New Baby Boy Is One of The Most Important Decisions You’ll Have. If You Are In Search Of A Perfect Basque Baby Name For Your New Born, You Are In The Best Site Ever For Cute Basque Baby Names and Their Meanings.

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List of Basque Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Aitor ― Possibly means good fathers from Basque aita “father” and on “good”

Ander ― Old Greek – Strong brave man, man of people; Manly; A variant of name Anders

Andoni ― Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Anthonty ― A unique, priceless flower and a Roman clan name

Anthony ― They are unique, priceless flower and a Roman clan name

Anthonye ― The one who is a unique, priceless flower and a Roman clan name

Antoney ― The one who is worthy of praise and is priceless

Arine ― Light; Radiance; Sun Ray

Aritz ― Derived from Haritz which means oak

Asier ― The origin or the beginning

Ganix ― God is so merciful.

Gau ― Period after sunset.

Iker ― Visitation

Inigo ― Fiery

Javiar ― Variation of Javier or Xavier which means New house or bright

Kindin ― Kindin means Fifth

Luken ― To shine

Nelu ― Romanian pet form of Ion, meaning God is gracious.

Nuin ― The highest part of the hill

Savian ― Variation of Savion Derived from Xavier which means New House or Bright

Xavier ― New house or Bright

Xzavier ― Variation of Zavier which means New house or Bright

Zavier ― A form of Xavier, meaning ‘the house’.

Basque Baby Names For Boys With Meanings