Baby Girl Names That Means Fire

Gender Neutral Baby Names That Means Fire

Comprehensive List of Hot Flame Fire inspired baby names. These unusual and surprising names will help your girl stand out.

List of Baby Girl Names That Mean Fire

Abenanka — This name means fire in the Ainu culture.

Aguya — This Russian name means “mistress of fire.”

Aithne — This Irish name means “fire.”

Alinta — An Australian Aboriginal name meaning “fire” or “flame.”

Arpina — This Armenian name means “rising of the sun.”

Bedelia — This name comes from the goddess of fire in Celtic mythology.

Bridget — This baby name is after the ancient Irish goddess of fire.

Calida — A Latin name by origin, this name means “heated” or “fiery.”

Cyra — In Greek, this name means “sun throne.”

Cinderella — After the famous “little ash girl” fairytale character.

Eliane — Coming from Latin roots, this name means “sun.”

Enya — This baby name means “fire” in Irish.

Ember — This glowing name has an English origin and a beautiful meaning: the smoldering remains of extinguished fire.

Elidi — This Greek name means “gift of the sun.”

Eilidh — In Gaelic, this glowing baby name means “radiant one.”

Fiammetta — This old French name means “fire.”

Fiamma — This baby girl’s name means “flame” in Italian.

Hestia — This Greek name means “hearth” or “fireside.”

Helia — In Greek, this baby name means “sun.”

Idalia — This baby name means “behold the sun” in Greek.

Kalinda — In Hindi, this name means “sun.”

Mehri — In Persian, this name means “sunny.”

Nomalanga — Coming from Africa, this name means “sunny.”

Nuria — In Hebrew, this name means “fire of the Lord.”

Nina — This Aymar name means “fire.”

Oriane — This French girl’s name means “sunrise.”

Pele — If you choose this name for your baby girl, she’ll have the same name as the Hawaiian goddess of fire!

Salana — In Latin, this fiery baby name means “sun.”

Savita — In Hindi, this name means “sun.”

Solana — A Spanish name meaning “sunshine.”

Sunniva — In Scandinavian, this girls’ name means “sun gift.”

Solveig — This Scandinavian name means “daughter of the sun.”

Soleil — This classic French name means “sun.”

Sol — This Spanish girl’s name means “sun.”

Seraphina — A Hebrew name meaning “fire” or “fire spirit.”

Shula — This is an Arabic name that means “flame.”

Stella — An Italian word meaning “star.”

Tana — A Greek name meaning “fire goddess.”

Tanwen — In Welsh, this name means “white fire.”

Udia — This is a Hebrew name and means “Jehovah’s fire.”

Vesta — This baby girl’s name is the same name as the Roman goddess of the hearth.

Baby Girl Names That Means Fire