Aztec Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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List of Aztec Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Acuecucyoticihuati ― Name of the Aztec goddess of the ocean

Ahuic ― Name of the Aztec goddess of the running water in rivers, streams, and waves

Amoxtli ― Book

Anacaona ― Golden flower

Apozanolotl ― Name of the Aztec goddess of purity

Atlacamani ― The Aztec goddess of storms

Atlacoya ― Name of Aztec goddess of drought.

Atlatonin ― Name of Aztec mother-goddess.

Atzi ― Rain

Ayauhteotl ― Name of Aztec goddess of the haze and mist

Chalchihuitlcue ― She of the robe of green jewels

Chalmecacihuilt ― Name of Aztec goddess of the underworld.

Chantico ― She who dwells in the house

Chicomecoatl ― Seven snakes

Chiconahui ― Name of Aztec hearth-goddess.

Chimalma ― Shield-bearer

Chipahua ― Clean

Cihuaton ― Little woman

Citlalic ― Rising star

Citlalicue ― Star garment

Coyolxauhqui ― Golden bells

Cozamalotl ― Rainbow

Cuicatl ― Song

Etapalli ― Wing

Eztli ― Aztec name meaning “Blood”

Huixtocihuatl ― Name of Aztec fertility goddess

Ilamatecuhtli ― Name of Aztec fertility and death goddess.

Itzpapalotl ― Obsidian butterfly

Ixcuiname ― Four faces or four sisters.

Ixtli ― Face

Metztli ― Goddess of night

Miyaoaxochitl ― Maize tassel flower

Mizquixaual ― Mesquite face paint

Nahuatl ― Goddess of Water and rivers

Necahual ― Survivor

Nenetl ― Doll

Nochtli ― Prickly pear fruit

Ohtli ― A person who is a champion. Also refereed to the son of Neil.

Patli ― Medicine

Quetzalli ― A large beautiful feather

Tayanna ― Aztec name meaning suray

Teicuih ― Younger sister

Teiuc ― Second-born

Tlachinolli ― Fire

Tlazohtzin ― Little necklace of flowers

Tonalnan ― Mother of light

Tonantzin ― Mother earth or the mother Goddess

Tozi ― Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water

Xilonen ― Hairy one

Xiloxoch ― Calliandra

Xitllali ― Goddess of the moon

Xiuhcoatl ― Comet

Xiuhtonal ― Precious light

Xochicotzin ― Fire serpent

Xochil ― Flower

Xochilt ― A variant of Xochil, meaning flower.

Xochiquetzal ― Most beautiful flower

Xochiyotl ― Heart of a gentle flower

Xoco ― Youngest sister

Xocotzin ― Youngest daughter

Xocoyotl ― Youngest child

Yaotl ― Combatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; Rival

Yaretzi ― You will always be loved.

Yolihuani ― Source of life

Yoloxochitl ― Flower of the heart

Zeltzin ― Delicate

Zyanya ― Forever, always

Aztec Baby Girl Names With Meanings