Aztec Baby Boy Names And Meanings

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List of Aztec Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Acalan ― A small narrow and long rowing boat

Ahuatzi ― Small oak

Chimalley ― Shield

Chimalli ― Shield

Cipactonal ― Production of the day

Citlalee ― Star

Cuallea ― Good

Cuallee ― Spelling variation of Cuallea, meaning good.

Cuetzpallea ― Aztec term for lizard

Cuetzpallee ― An alternate spelling for Cuetzpallea. It means lizard.

Eztli ― Aztec name meaning “Blood”

Guatemoc ― Falling eagle or Descending eagle in Nahuatl. It has many variations, such as Cuathemoc, Cuauhtemotzin or Guatimozin.

Huitzilin ― Hummingbird

Ichtacka ― Secret

Ilhicamina ― He who shoots arrows at the sky

Itzcali ― House of beauty

Itzcoatl ― Obsidian serpent

Itzli ― Obsidian

Itztli ― Obsidian knife

Matlalihuitl ― Greenish-blue feather

Mictlantecuhtli ― Lord of Mictlan

Montezuma ― The archer Lord in an angry state. The last ruler of Aztec

Nahuatl ― Goddess of Water and rivers

Netzahualcoyotl ― Hungry coyote

Nochehuatl ― Constant

Ocotlan ― Pine

Ohtli ― A person who is a champion. Also refereed to the son of Neil.

Patlea ― Medicine

Patlee ― Medicine

Tenoch ― Fruit

Tlanextic ― Light of dawn

Tlanextli ― Radiance or splendor

Tlilpotonqui ― Feathered in black

Tochtlea ― Rabbit

Tochtlee ― Spelling variation of Tochtlea, meaning rabbit.

Tochtli ― Rabbit

Toltecatl ― An artist or a creative person

Tonatiuh ― Sunshine

Tonauac ― The one who possesses light

Tototl ― Rabbit

Tupack ― Warrior

Tupoc ― Spelling variation of Tupack. It means warrior.

Ueman ― Venerable time

Xicohtencatl ― Angry bumblebee

Xihuitl ― comet

Xipil ― Noble One, of Fire

Xipilli ― Jeweled prince

Xiutecuhtli ― Gentleman of the fire

Xochipilli ― God of love and flowers

Xochitl ― Flower

Xolotl ― Precious twin

Yaotel ― Rival

Yaotl ― Combatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; Rival

Yaotyl ― Yaotyl is a spelling variant of Yaotel. It means rival.

Yolotli ― Heart

Yolyamanitzin ― He who is considerate and just.

Zipactonal ― Harmonic light

Zolin ― Aztec word for quail.

Zuma ― Lord Frowns In Anger

Aztec Baby Boy Names And Meanings