Australian Unisex Names For Baby With Meanings

Celebrity-Inspired Baby Boy Names 

Gender neutral Australian name for both male and female children.

List of Australian Unisex Names For Both Boy And Girl With Meanings

Euroa ― a place in Australia.

Harper ― Old English – Harp player; Harp, Harpar, Harpo and Harpor are few variants of Harper

Jimi ― the name fits to those who are independent , have urge to face new challenges in life and nenjoy their life. They are creative and focus on their physical appearance.

Jimmi ― coomunicative , out going, positive and full of energy people who struggle hard to achieve their goals. They love travelling, friendship and new things.

Jimmie ― responsible, diplomatic and have desire to face challenges and are adventourous. They can easily change their habits because of having dynamic nature.

Julij ― people with this name are joyful and have a spark in nature. They are strong, courageous and live their life to the fullest with out any regret.

Juliusz ― they do value their self respect a lot. Have unique personality and live their life well. good sense of humour.

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Australian Unisex Names For Baby With Meanings