Assamese Names For Baby Girls With Meanings

Bangla Baby Names For Girls With Meanings

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Assamese Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Aaditri (आदित्री) ― another name of Goddess Laxmi; the person who brings wealth and prosperity

Aasin ― different meaning like a driver, calling himself, wheel maker, lucky in life

Balvinder ― The name means ‘Victorious through strength.

Himanta ― A cold and ice, the end of the winter

Jahniya ― One with an ancient wisdom

Salmi ― Beautiful and endearing.

Santati ― A name of Goddess Durga. It means granter of wishes.

Satha ― Faith, one who is faithful

Tamarai ― Lotus flower, beautiful or great.

Tapani ― The river Godavari

Thooya ― Pure, a pure soul.

Udbala ― Strong, a strong woman

Udipti ― On fire

Umika ― One of the names of Goddess Parvati.

Ushmi ― Heat or energy

Usri ― Name of a river.

Utsaah ― Encourage or excitement

Vamil ― Beautiful, a beautiful woman

Varij ― Lotus flower

Varnu ― Colored

Varya ― Treasure or something precious

Vedha ― Truth, pious

Viha ― Heaven or angel

Vijul ― A Silk-cotton tree

Wubitu ― Beautiful

Xoti ― Small

Yaalisai ― Melodious

Yadavi ― A name of Goddess Durga.

Yagavi ― Bright

Yakootah ― Emerald

Yamha ― Dove

Yangkyi ― An adorable girl.

Yanti ― Yanti is a name of Goddess Parvati and means thoughts.

Yashashree ― God’s name for success

Yashica ― Successful, brave and intelligent lady.

Yashodhara ― Bearer of fame or glory

Yasti ― Slim

Yoshita ― Women or lady

Yumn ― Success or good fortune

Yuti ― Union

Yuvaraani ― Princess

Zatinga ― River

Zeena ― A hospitable woman

Zeyo ― Rounded

Zue ― Pretty and beautiful

Assamese Names For Baby Girls With Meanings