Arthurian Names For Baby Girl With Meanings

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Arthurian baby girl names: Many times, parents pick baby names that they have heard in a story, which gives the baby’s name a unique meaning and background. In this article, we bring you a list of sweet baby girl’s names with Arthurian references. Here is a list of Arthurian legend names for girls

Arthurian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Acheflow ― White flower

Albiona ― White

Astolat ― Lady of Shalott

Bedegrayne ― Name of a castle in Arthurian legend.

Blancheflour ― White flower

Branwyn ― Name of Ilyr’s daughter in Arthurian legend.

Camelot ― Name of Arthur’s castle.

Clarissant ― Name of Gawain’s sister

Cotovatre ― Name of a lake

Elaine ― The one who is a legend

Eleine ― Form of Helen; a mother; bright one

Enygeus ― Name of Percival’s grandmother

Ettard ― in the Arthurian legend the lover of Palleas is known by this name.

Ettare ― according to Arthurian legend the lover of Palleas.

Ettarr ― a surname which means lover of Palleas.

Floree ― A flower; King Alain’s daughter as per the legends

Guanhamara ― Name of Arthur’s queen

Gwenddydd ― Name of Merlin’s sister

Gwenhwyfach ― Name of Guinevere’s sister

Helsin ― Name of Lancelot’s mother.

Herzeloyde ― Name of Percival’s mother

Igerne ― Name of Arthur’s mother.

Isoude ― Name of Tristan’s mother.

Lausanne ― Lake Geneva

Lidoine ― Name of Cavalon’s daughter.

Lyonesse ― Name of Gareth’s wife.

Morgawse ― Name of Gawain’s sister

Nimiane ― The Lady of the Lake

Nimue ― Arthurian legends of the lady from the lake

Nyneve ― An Urdu word to the girl,lady who narrates holy saying of the Prophet Muhammad.

Prydwyn ― Name of Arthur’s ship

Soredamors ― Name of Gawain’s sister

Arthurian Names For Baby Girl With Meanings