Argentina Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

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Argentina Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

Alma ― Soul

Bautista ― Dipping in water; name for a Baptist

Benicio ― Benevolent One

Benjamin ― Son Of The Right Hand

Bruno ― Germanic – Brown One; Derived from element Brun

Felipe ― A horse lover

Francisco ― A variant of Latin name ‘Franciscus’ it refers to a Frenchman or a free man

Lorenzo ― He who lived in Italian city Laurentum

Mateo ― He was the gift of God

Santino ― Sacred

Valentino ― Brave or strong.

Acquiles ― Pain, painful

Alvarez ― Noble guardian

Amancio ― Someone who is loving and caring

Amilcar ― A friend of Melqart

Anbessa ― Lion, as strong as a lion

Arnoll ― Argentinian version of Arnold. It means eagle or power.

Balduino ― A brave friend

Blaize ― One who lisps or stutters

Branko ― Armor or defense

Colas ― The Argentinian version of Nicholas. It means victory of the people

Cyprien ― One belonging to the island of Cyprus

Cyrillus ― Lordly

Eleuterio ― The liberator

Eutimio ― Good-spirited, one with a good spirit.

Facundo ― One who is significant, eloquent

Fanuco ― One who likes freedom, free

Guga ― Meditation staff

Ihan ― God’s grace

Ildefonso ― One who is battle ready

Isaias ― God is with us

Isandro ― Free or liberator

Isidore ― One endowed with a gift of ideas

Janik ― God is gracious

Juste ― Just, one who exercises justness in everything

Maico ― One who is strong, strength

Manque ― Condor

Martinien ― Warlike

Milenko ― Dear, one who is cherished by all

Mirco ― Peace, one with a peaceful disposition.

Nacio ― Internal light

Nehuen ― A man who is mighty and strong

Neper ― A unit of measurement

Ociel ― Heaven, heavenly

Partait ― The one who is perfect

Pehuen ― Araucaria

Pichi ― Small, or a young boy

Porfio ― Argentinian version of Porfirio, meaning purple clad.

Raiquen ― Another name for night bird.

Savio ― Intelligent

Senon ― One who is lively and active.

Sosimo ― Likely to survive

Thian ― Smooth

Urbain ― Of the city

Yaco ― A leather bag

Lichuen ― Light, the one who spreads light.

Nulpi ― White flower, as beautiful as white flower.

Yenien ― To bring along

Yerimen ― One who is agile and active

Argentina Names For Baby Boys With Meanings