Arabic Names For Girl And Meanings Starting With M

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With M

Arabic Girl Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With M: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings Starting with M.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With M

Maab — A beautiful place or person to return to

Maahjabeen — She carries the Moon on her forhead

Maahnoor — The Moon’s glow

Maajida — A glorious woman of power

Maamouna — A woman on who you can depend

Maamuna — Thrustworthy and loyal woman

Maassama — A woman who is pure hearted and generous

Mabrooka — A blessed, prosperous girl

Mabrouka — A lucky girl

Mabruka — One who has been blessed

Mabrura — A pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah.

Madaniya — A polished, urbane girl

Madeeha — A woman who is worthy of every praise

Madihah — Praiseworthy person

Maeen — Spring of water

Mafaz — One who has great success; salvation

Mah jabeen — A woman with the face like a Moon

Maha — Gazelle; Beautiful Eyes; Splendid; Beloved to Amun

Maha wild cow — Arabic word for a wild cow

Mahak — A little girl who is cute and beautiful

Mahalfa — A womman who is commited

Mahasen — She who is beautiful and radiant

Mahasin — A virtuous, beautiful one

Mahbobah — A beloved one

Mahboobah — A dear, beloved sweetheart

Mahboobe — A mistress, sweetheart

Mahbuba — The greatly adorned one

Mahbubah — The beloved one

Mahbubee — A beloved sweetheart

Mahbubi — One who is dearly adored

Mahdiya — She who is righly guided by Allah

Mahdokht — She who is the daughter of the moon

Mahfooza — She who is well protected

Mahfouza — A protected, safe person

Mahfuza — Well sheltered one

Mahia — Life and earth

Mahibah — A noble, well respected woman

Mahinaw — A woman who is like the Moon light

Mahira — A knowledgeable, expert person

Mahirimah sun — A woman gorgeous as a Moon

Mahjabeen — A radiant woman with the face like a Moon

Mahjabin — A woman whose face shines like a Moon

Mahjooba — A person with hidden, covered traits

Mahlagna — A woman with the Moonlit face

Mahliqa — She who has the face like a Moon

Mahmooda — A woman who is recognized for her trustworthiness

Mahmoodatunnisa — She who is praised among women

Mahmuda — A praised and glorified woman

Mahmude — He who is worthy of glory and praise

Mahmudee — A commendable and praiseworthy woman

Mahnoor — The one who is lit by the light of the Moon

Mahreen — She who has the beauty of the Moon

Mahroof — A woman who is notable to many

Mahvash — One who is moon like.

Mahveen — Brighness of the sunlight

Mailiha — A beautiful woman with a smiling face

Maimana — One who is on the right, right wing of the army

Maimoona — A blessed one; wife of the Prophet

Maimouna — She who is under divine protection

Maimuna — One who has great luck

Maimunah — She who is thriving, a blessed one

Maira — She who is light and swift

Mais — One with a beautiful face

Maisa — She who is walking proudly

Maisah — Walking with a proud swinging gait

Maisara — She who is prosperous and comforting

Maisarah — An Arabic name for girls that means ease, needlessness

Maisha — One who is full of life, alive

Maisoon — A girl with a beautiful face

Maisoora — One who is successful, fortunate

Maissa — She who is delicate, slender

Maiza — One who can distinguish between good and bad

Maizah — One who has good judgement

Majalisa — Name describing a meaningful ceremony

Majalyn — Arabic name

Majalynn — Right handed person; blessed and trustworthy

Majda — The Honourable, glorious one

Majdia — A wish, one who is desired

Majdiya — She who is splendid

Majedah — Noble or glorious

Majeedah — A magnificent person

Majida — She who is powerful and glorious

Majidah — To have a powerful, glorious personality

Majitha — A God’s star

Makhdooma — A person who likes to be served

Makhduma — A person who is provided and served

Makhyden — She who is confort to others

Makkiyah — A woman who comes from the city Mecca in Arabia

Makna — A capable, skillful woman

Maktoomah — A woman who sings of the past

Maktoonah — A name of the beautiful singer from the past

Malakah — A woman of many talents

Malayeka — She who is an Angel

Malda — A wish, a desire

Maleehah — She who is graceful

Malieka — An angel-like person

Malihah — She who is beautiful

Malikah — She who is queen

Mamduha — She who is a commendable person

Mamoona — A person that is safe and reliable

Manab — A person who shares things with others

Manal — One who achieved great

Manar — One whose light is the guide to others

Mandana — She who is everlasting

Manfoosah — She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-Firwaris

Manha — A direction, a path of life

Manhalah — A gift from Allah

Mannana — A generous, bountiful woman

Manolya — She who rises above

Manoush — A sweet one

Mansoora — One who is victorious

Mansooreh — She who won

Mansooruddin — A victorious one, a winner

Mansura — One who is supportive

Mantreh — One who is chaste and pure

Manzoora — An admirable and accepted woman

Manzuma — A woman who is like a poem or a song

Maqsooda — A woman who is proposed

Marab — Person focused on getting to the final point, reaching the goal

Maramiya — Sympathetic; Aspiration; A variant of the name Maram

Mardhiah — She who is loved and respected by all

Marghuba — A coveted, desired girl

Mariama — The one who raises

Maritsa — A star of the sea

Maritza — A blessed woman

Mariyah — The beloved one

Mariyam — A variation of Mary; bitterness

Marjaan — A small and delicate pearl

Marjana — A Quranic name referring to a coral

Marmareen — She who is like a marble

Marmarin — Marble-like woman

Maroofa — She who actc from kindness, who does good deeds

Marwa — A smooth and hard white rock

Marwaareed — A jewel, gem stone

Marwarid — A jewel

Marzatie — A muslim girl name

Marzia — A virtuous one who is devoted to God

Marzieh — A satisfatied person

Marziyah — Another name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra

Marzuka — A person who is blessed by the Allah

Masahir — An ancient Arabic lute

Masarrah — A delighful person

Mashael — Sources of light, light or radiance.

Mashel — Shinig light on something

Mashhuda — To manifest or present somenthing

Masira — A woman who loves doing good deeds

Masouda — One who is blessed with good fortune and happiness

Masoumah — A person who has no sinses, an innocent one

Masoumeh — An innocent girl with no sins

Mastoora — A hidden and chase woman

Mastura — A modest, hidden person

Masumah — A honest, blameless person

Matema — A woman who abstains from forbidden things

Matina — One who is strong and solid

Mausooma — A namely, viz person

Mavisha — A woman who is the blessing of life

Mawhiba — A woman who has a talent for singing

Mawhuba — A woman who is bestowed and gifted


— One who is the essence of life

Mawiyah — She who is the substance of life

Mawiza — Guidance, admonition, word of encouragement.

Mawluda — She is a born prophet

Mayadeh — A gracious woman

Mayeda — One who is like the fruit of heaven

Maymunah — One who is auspicious and blessed

Maysa — She who is graceful

Maysaa — To walk with a swinging gait

Maysam — A beautiful girl

Maysan — A shining star in the sky

Maysarah — Arabic girls name meaning needlessness

Maysun — Girl with a beautiful face

Mayy — An old Arabic name meaning pearl

Mayyada — To walk with a swinging gait

Mayyadah — Walking with a proud gait

Mayyasah — To walk proudly

Mazana — An amazing girl

Maziah — On who is whole, complete and virtuous

Mazida — Girl name meaning excess

Maziyah — A girl with good qualities

Meahpaara — A piece of the moon

Meantoona — One who is safe and worthy of trust

Meantuna — One who is trustworthy

Medina — A City of the Propher where Monammed began his campaign of establishng Islam

Meh — An elderly person

Mehank — One that has a sweet smell

Meharunnisa — A beautiful woman

Mehera — A skilled woman

Meherdad — A sun of justice

Meherunnisa — A sun of the woman

Mehlika — Female beautiful like a Moon

Mehnaz — One who is like the moon

Mehndi — A beautiful color

Mehraj — A good girl

Mehrangiz — One that causes affection

Mehrbano — Princess of the water

Mehreen — A bright and beautiful female filled with quite a loving nature. One who is freindly with all.

Mehrunisa — A beautiful or a pretty lady. One who is who is comely. Very pleasing or attractive to the eye

Mehrunissa — A women who is benevolent, generous. Possess or menifest love for mankind.

Mehrunnisa — This name is combination of two words “Mehr’ and “Nisa” where later means Women and former means Sun. It also means a beautiful and faithful women.

Meirulnisa — A woman who possess live for mankind, generous lady

Meissa — Bright, glittering and crystal shining one, giving shining brightness

Meleah — A woman with the radiant and glowing skin

Meliha — A beautiful and pretty woman.

Memona — Blessings, one who is thriving and prosperous.

Menaal — Extraordinary blossom from paradise, superios florat from dreamland.

Merjan — Lebanese term for diamond or pearl.

Mersada — Watchtower or supervision

Messina — Being neither at the begining nor at the end in a series.

Meymona — A blessed person, successful, an auspicious girl

Midhaa — the one sho is recognized with gratefulness.

Miesha — alive, lifetime, survivial, income, path of life.

Mikaelah — An angel of Allah, the messenger

Mild — Kind, Soft-spoken, tolerant, Mild-tempered, Patient

Mineta — One who is merciful and generous.

Minnah — A kind blessing form the Almighty, The mercy from the Almighty

Minnat — The grace of the Almighty, the merciful

Mirvat — A wish or a desire, the desired one

Miryam — The holy virgin who wished for a child

Mishan — A woman full of life, a well-motivated person

Mizyal — An ambitious and energy driven person

Mohsina — The minimal wonderful one, tiny pleasing one.

Mojdeh — Good news or one who brings good news.

Moneereh — An intelligent girl

Monjiya — A girl as beautiful as a pearl

Morooge — One who is over sensitive and versatile being

Moufida — The one who is profitable or useful to others

Mounia — Something desired for, a wish came true

Mounira — A very talented, bright-minded

Mozhdah — Something that brings good news

Mubaraka — Blessed, sacred, and blissful.

Mubdia — One who is smart, creative and innovative.

Mubera — She who is innocent and respected.

Muhaimin — A protector

Muminah — Feminine believer

Muniba — One who is devoted to God.

Munira — Glowing, illuminated

Murisa — One who leaves inheritance

Musaddiqah — One who affirms the truth

Muzhirah — Plant whose flowers are opening, blooming.

Arabic Names For Girl And Meanings Starting With M