Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With Z

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With Z

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With Z: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings Starting with Z.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With Z

Zaafarani — Saffron

Zaafirah — Victorious, or successful

Zabian — A worshiper of heavenly bodies.

Zafirah — Triumphant, Successful; Victorious; Winner

Zaha — Travelling Over a Dusty sky; Satisfied; Peaceable; Peaceful; A variant spelling is Zahaa

Zahab — Gold

Zaheera — Plant that has flowered.

Zahida — She who is restrained, devoted to God

Zahirah — Shining, luminous

Zahriyyah — Flower-like, or flower vase

Zaib — A graceful and beautiful woman.

Zaima — Leader, a woman with leadership qualities.

Zaina — A girl who is exceptionally beautiful.

Zainab — Fragrant blooming plant; Beauty; It was name of a daughter, a granddaughter, and two wives of the Prophet Muhammad

Zaitun — Olive

Zaituna — Olive tree

Zakiyyah — Pure

Zalika — One who is well born.

Zamaair — Hearts, or consciences.


— Lean, and fit

Zaneerah — An intelligent and wise woman.

Zaniyah — Variation of Zaniah it means corner

Zara — Princess or To Blossom

Zargul — Shining, brilliant or a golden flower.

Zaria — Rose

Zarifa — The one who is destined to be successful.

Zarmisha — A golden flower.

Zarnish — Flower

Zartasha — One who is made up of golden stars.

Zaweela — Motion, or activity

Zaytoonah — A Single Olive; Olive Tree; A variant form of name Zaituna; Zaytoon is another variant form

Zeeana — Beautification, adornment.

Zehra — Bright, luminous

Zera — Dawn

Zhazira — Island

Zikra — Recollection, memory, remembrance, thoughts of the past

Zimal — A large item of clothing that covers the entire body.

Zineta — Jewelry, decoration

Zoobia — One who has the blessings of the almighty.

Zoona — A sensible, wise and intelligent woman.

Zoreed — One who meets, one with strong intentions.

Zuha — Forenoon, or the time between sunrise and noon.

Zuhr — The first three nights of the lunar month, light or brilliance.

Zuhrah — Brightness

Zuhriyyah — Arabic word for flower vase.

Zulemah — Peace; Tranquility; Quiteness; A variant name of Solomon

Zulfah — Nearness, Closeness; One who is very dear; A variant spelling is Zulfa which means first part of night

Zulla — Shade, especially the shade of trees.

Zuly — Healthy or Vigorous

Zumar — Groups, throngs of people

Zumurrud — Pakistani word for emerald or precious stone.

Zuwena — Good

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With Z