Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With T

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With T

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With T: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings Starting with T.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With T

Taadeel — State of being equal

Taalea — Involving good luck or fortune

Taaliah — God-fearing, devoted to God; Woman who recites the quran often

Taara — Star, or apple of the eye.

Tabaan — Refulgent, splendid, or glittering.

Tabasim — Put up a smile in the face

Tabina — Follower of muhammad

Taebba — One who is pure and chaste

Taghrid — Singing as a bird

Tahajeeb — Way of life of a group of people

Taheera — Simple or restrained person

Tahera — Free of any contamination, clean person

Taherah — Morally pure and decent, not sinful

Tahereh — Free from all sins, pure one

Taheria — Showing high moral standard

Tahirah — A pure, pristine person

Tahiyah — Polite word, sign of welcoming someone

Tahiyat — Giving sign of recognition

Tahiyyah — Gesture as a greeting or acknowledgement to someone’s arrival or departure

Tahjeira — Person who is naived, innocent or inexperienced

Tahkeem — Power to govern or to rule

Tahmina — Rustam’s wife in a famous poem; Strong woman

Tahmineh — Female character in shanameh epic, a mother of sohrab

Tahzib — Receiving or giving systematic instruction at a school or university

Taiat — Came back to life

Taiba — Woman who loves to repent to allah for all the sins

Taieb — A pleasant, sweet smell. A perfume

Tajmeel — A decoration that is pleasing to the eyes

Takeiyah — One who worships

Takeya — God-fearing, have a fear in God

Takia — Righteous, morally right or justifiable

Takiya — Someone who is polite and with good morals

Takiyya — Quality of being religious or reverent

Takiyyah — Derived from the arabic word tarub means fear of god

Takkia — Person who is a worshipper of god

Takseen — One who provides peace

Talayah — Golden ray of the sun

Taletha — A maiden, young girl

Taliba — One who seeks knowledge

Talibah — Seeker after knowledge

Tanjika — She who is rescued

Tannaz — She who likes to flirt

Tanseem — Water that falls from a high place

Tanzeela — One who is received hospitably

Taqdees — Pure, sanctity and holiness.

Taqia — She who is righteous

Taqiyya — A pious, God-fearing woman

Taqiyyah — She who is devoted to God

Taquaia — One who worships God

Taquaya — A worshipper

Taquiia — One who prays to God

Taranah — A harmonic song

Tarannum — A composition

Taruh — A happy girl

Tasiyah — One who gives consolation

Taskeen — She who seeks comfort

Tasleemah — A peaceful greeting

Taslin — A blessing

Tasmia — To mention the name of Allah.

Tasneem — Fountain of Paradise.

Tasnuva — A piece of gold

Tassadaq — She who makes the sacrifice

Tawakel — A trusted woman

Tawbah — A remorseful woman

Tayaba — A very pleasant person

Taybah — She who is pure

Tayebba — A good, pleasant person

Tayyibatunnisa — Person with good nature

Taza — The fresh and the new

Tazara — One who is elegant and graceful

Tazeen — Decoration, adornment or makeup

Tehreem — A sacred one

Tehzeeb — An educated woma

Teisha — She who lives

Tekeyia — One who worships God

Telina — Variation of Lina, a palm tree

Temirah — She who is tall as a palm tree

Tenaja — Strong willed woman

Tevhida — Belief in God’s oneness

Thaiera — A generous, poised and adventerous being

Thaina — A praise

Thheiba — A responsible, reasonable and affectionate being

Thoraya — Bright starlight

Thuhayba — A wealthy star; one who is thankful

Thuraia — A star in the sky

Thuraiya — Star of my life

Thuraya — Star

Thurayya — Star

Thurayyah — She who shines like a star

Thurrayya — Arabic word for stars and planets

Thuwaybah — Name of one of the prophets

Thwayya — She who is like a star

Tijah — Malay form of Khadija, meaning premature child.

Tikia — One who worships a lot, a worshipper

Tipah — One who is gentle and kind. A form of Latipha.

Tooba — Best or excellent or a tree form heaven

Touba — The blessed or the best person

Tuba — Perfect and holiness.

Tubaa — Unpolluted or cleanness.

Tubba — Pure and diligent human being; a tree from heaven

Tuhfa — Refers to the act of giving.

Tuhfah — Natural abilities or qualities.

Tumadur — Resembles as right name or correct name.

Tuqa — Paying close attention to responsibilities on God’s side.

Tuqaa — One who is attentive towards responsibility of God

Tuti — An uncommon name of a girl.

Twaf — Circumlocution

Tyesha — Blooming and healthy.

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With T