Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With S

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With S

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With S: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings Starting with S.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With S

Saat — Urdu name meaning moment, time

Saba — A soft breeze

Sabi — A young girl

Safa — She who is pure and innocent

Saja — A calm and traquil person

Sama — A woman of high status, a sublime woman
Sajwa — A calm and polite woman

Sakan — A home, the homely feeling

Salha — A virtuous woman
Sary — The most noble one

Seda — A voice or an echo

Sema — A Divine Omen, also a known symbol
Sajah — A woman devoted to Allah

Sameya — One who is pure hearted

Saabira — A woman who is patient and eduring

Saadet — A person who is generaly happy in life

Saadiqa — One who tells the truth.

Saadiqah — A sincere and truthful person

Saadiya — A person of good fortune

Saaida — One who is lucky in life

Saaiqa — A lightning in the sky

Saajida — A deovted worshiper of Gpd

Saaliha — A uselful and good person

Saalihah — A righteous and pious person

Saalima — A safe, secure person

Saameyah — A pure woman

Saamiya — An elevated woman

Saarah — A noble woman, a Princess

Saariyah — She who is like the clouds at the night sky

Sabaya — A morning light

Sabbah — Arabic name of morning

Sabeeha — A beautiful forenoon

Sabeehah — An afternoon of beauty

Sabeera — A tolerant, patient girl

Sabeeya — An Arabic name for girls

Sabeeyah — A little girl, baby girl

Sabeqwa — Arabic girl name

Sabiha — An afternoon of beauty

Sabihah — A beautiful one

Sabiqa — God-Fearing and Devoted to God

Sabira — The patient one

Sabirah — One who is of great patience

Sabiya — One of the morning

Sabohi — A drink in the morning

Sabooha — She who shines bright

Sabqat — A supreme one

Sabreen — One who is beneficial

Sabreena — One who is beneficial

Sabriya — She who is patient and kind

Sabriyya — Arabic name meaning to rest, resting

Sabuhi — The morning star

Sabura — She who is enduring and patient

Sadeeka — A person of honesty and truthfulness

Sadeta — Felicity, fortune, joy

Sadiah — One of good fortune

Sadika — She who is loyal and truthful

Sadiki — She who is faithful

Sadiqa — A sincere, truthful person

Sadiqah — She who speaks the truth

Sadira — She who is dreamy

Sadiya — Lucky, blessed

Sadiyya — A girl of good fortune

Sadooh — A singer, one who likes to sing

Saeedah — A sweet, pleasant person

Saeedeh — A pleasant girl

Safeeya — One who fears God

Safeta — Clean or pure

Saffah — The pure one

Saffanah — Muslim name meaning pearl

Safia — A pure person

Safija — Bosnian form of Safiya, meaning clean and pure.

Safinaz — She who is pure

Safiwah — A tranquil woman

Safiyah — A pure, untroubled woman

Safiyya — One who is a confidante and a best friend

Safiyyah — She who is pure and innocent

Safoor — A pious, god-fearing woman

Safra — A genuine and pure woman

Safun — The feeling of breeze

Safura — The wife of the Prophet hazrat Musa

Safwa — The finest and the best girl of them all

Safwah — The girl who is the finest, best, an elite girl

Safwana — She is like a rock, a stone

Safya — One who is a true sincere friend

Sageda — The name means “Sageda is”

Sagheera — A submissive and yielding woman

Sagheerah — A small, minor thing in life

Sagira — A pettite woman

Sagirah — The wone who is little, pettite

Sahar — The Awakening

Sahara — The name for a desert or a dawn

Saharah — Arabic word for desert

Saheefa — A written page of the book

Saher — Awekening of the dawn

Sahiba — Lady or a wife

Sahibah — A respected woman

Sahila — A guide, someon who knows the path

Sahima — She who is in snow

Sahimah — A partner, a companion

Sahina — She sho is a princess

Sahiqa — Lebanese term for rain.

Sahira — person who spends the night without sleep, especially when taking care of a sick person or in worship

Sahirah — One who is awake

Sahla — Easy and convenient person

Sahlah — She who is gentle and lenient

Sahmina — A sweet smelling scent, sweet breeze

Sahra — A bright flower

Sahrish — One who has glamorous personality

Saiba — One with great strenght

Saida — The fortunate one

Saidah — One who has great luck

Saifreena — She who smiles

Saihah — Arabic name meaning to flow, to travel

Saima — A fasting woman

Saimeera — She who is a good friend and a companion

Sairah — A traveller. A happy and beautiful person

Sairandhri — An attendant that is employed in royal female apartments

Sairish — A person who is content and satisfied

Sajed — The one who worships God

Sajia — To moderate something

Sajida — A devoted worshiper of Allah

Sajjal — Nice, fine, beautiful, well-arranged

Sakeena — One with the God-inspired peace of mind

Sakeena god — A person with a god-like mind

Sakeenah — A tranquil, serene woman

Sakhira — A person who is thankful to the core

Sakiba — One who is sharp-minded.

Sakinah — A tranquil, devout person

Sakirah — One who is thankfull for the small things in life

Sakriya — An arabic name meaning “Thank you”

Saleema — A pure and untainted girl

Saleemah — Arabic name meaning peace

Saleena — She who is like a flood, torrential

Saleeqah — One who behaves good

Salihah — She who is just and prious

Salimah — A protected, mild person

Salsabeel — A spring in Jannah, or the fountain in Paradise

Samah — A generous, giving person

Samaira — A compagnion in the converations led at night

Samaiya — A woman who firgives

Samaneh — Arabic name of the bird quail.

Samar — To have conversations at night

Sameeha — A generous blessing from Allah

Sameera — She who is a good companion

Sameerah — Companion in nightly entertainment, conversation partner

Sameyah — Arabic name meaning pure

Samia — She who is exalted, much praised

Samihah — She who is generous

Samija — Elevated, high

Samima — A true, sincere woman

Samina — She who is plump and happy

Samiqa — She who is lofty or towering

Samira — A companion in evening conversation

Samirah — She who is a good companion

Samitah — A mighty and powerful one

Samiun — One who listens to others

Samiya — A sublime, high person

Samiyah — She who is exalted, much praised

Samma — A beautiful sky

Sammani — One who is a merchant, grocer

Samra — One who is dark or dark skinned.

Samrah — One who has advantage

Samria — One who is pleasant to be around

Samya — Overhead status, high in rank, placed at a high rank or powerful level

Samyan — Singular, unique, incomparable,

Sanaa — Radiance; luminosity refelcted by something, shine above the others

Sanabel — Plant ears, plant spikes, ears of wheat.

Sanai — Genius in set of certain skills, subjects, lessons in life

Sanari — Sweet or delightful and good-looking attractive person

Sanaubar — Cone bearing tree a tree for all seasons

Sandara — Passionate and quick-tempered nature

Sanfa — Good-looking, beautiful girl

Sanjeeda — Having an importance to someone or something

Sannah — A female bear

Sanober — Name of a pine tree

Sanum — A beloved one

Sapeedah — First light in the morning, dawn

Sapidah — First light in the morning, dawn

Saqaafa — One who is prudent

Saqhira — She who is small

Saqiba — Bright and shiny one

Sarahat — A detailed explanation

Sarar — She who is pure

Sarasana — The radiant princess or the bright princess

Sareea — She who is determined

Sareema — One who has firm decisions

Sareena — Princess, beautiful as a princess.

Sariba — A lovely person

Sarie — A small river

Sarila — A waterfall

Sariya — Clouds that bring rain at night

Sarood — Rhythm and ecstasy

Sarrinah — A beautiful companion

Sarsoureh — An insect, a bug

Sarvenaz — A tall slender tree

Sarvia — A rich woman

Sarwana — She who has good nature

Sarwath — She who is rich

Sarya — Name for a pious woman

Sassi — She who speaks the truth

Sataish — One who praises

Satila — A royal one

Sauda — Dark and beautiful

Saudaa — One who is blessed with good fortune

Savaira — The Morning

Savia — She who is beautiful

Sawdah — A prophet’s wife

Sawera — Early morning

Sawsan — Lily of the valley

Sawsana — A lily flower

Sayah — A shade or a shadow

Sayeeda — A leader

Sayida — A lady in charge

Sayidatunnisa — The leader or chief of women

Sayna — One who is silente

Sayyah — A parfume or fragnance

Sayyam — One who is fasting

Sayyawm — One who is fasting

Sayyida — A mistress

Sazia — Arabic name for girls

Sazma — A beautifil girl

Seada — One who is happy and cheerful.

Seaiqa — A thunderbolt

Sebeeya — A young girl

Sebiya — A young woman

Sedef — A pearl in the shell

Seemal — A sympathizer and generous person

Sehba — Name of white grape wine

Seher — An early morning

Seherunnisa — The woman of dawn.

Sehrish — A woman with a fascinating and enchanting personality.

Seiras — A person who is honest, charming and reasonable

Selemah — A safe place

Sellmah — A pacifist

Seloua — A consolation

Selveta — Comfort, consolation

Semiha — She who loves to give

Senadina — Glow of faith

Senait — One who brings good luck

Seniya — One who is praiseworthy

Senna — She who brings brightness

Setareh — A persian name meaning star

Sevda — A passionate love

Sevgi — Turkish name for love

Sevina — A woman who is loved

Seyua — One who is truthful

Seyyada — A woman leader

Sfiyah — A best of friends

Shaahida — One who observes

Shaaira — She who is extremly beautiful

Shaaista — A beautiful woman

Shaakira — One who is grateful

Shaakirah — One who is deeply grateful and thankful for every little thing in their lives

Shabaana — A young woman who belongs to the night

Shabahang — The morning-star, or nightingale

Shabana — Belonging to night

Shabeeba — One who is a grandmother

Shabibah — A woman who is young

Shabin — The music of the night

Shaden — Woman who is like a young gazelle

Shadha — Aromatic

Shadia — To recieve happiness

Shafaqat — A compassionate and kind woman

Shafia — To recommend something to someone

Shagoofa — A new flower bud

Shagufa — SHe is new like a new bud of flower

Shagufta — Affection, or fresh.

Shahana — A woman according to Kings

Shahar — One who is lit by the Moon

Shahara — A woman who is like a Moon

Shahen — Falcon

Shahernaz — The town’s loved one, or favorite one.

Shaherzad — City-born, or daughter of city.

Shahina — She is a falconess

Shahira — Famous

Shahirah — A woman who makes things popular

Shahisa — A shah-like woman

Shahlyla — Princess or queen of the night.

Shahparee — Royal fairy and king’s fairy. Or one who is extremely beautiful.

Shahrizad — A woman from the free city

Shahzadi — Princess

Shaikha — She is Royal

Shaima — One who is good natured.

Shaista — One who is polite and well-behaved

Shakara — A woman who is thankful to God for everything

Shakarnaz — She is sweet as shugar

Shakayla — A very pretty girl

Shakeela — Beautiful one

Shakeelah — A well formed and beautiful woman

Shakela — Beautiful one

Shakeria — A deeply grateful woman

Shakeriay — One who is truly grateful

Shakerra — She is honestly grateful for thing in life

Shakeyra — An honestly thankful woman

Shakia — She is an extremly good-looking woman

Shakila — Beautiful one

Shakilah — Beautiful one

Shakina — Beautiful one

Shakira — One who is grateful

Shakirra — One who is grateful

Shakura — An extremly thankful woman

Shakyla — Beautiful one

Shakyra — To be thankful and grateful

Shalimar — Her strenght lies in her beauty

Shalwa — One who brings comfort

Shama — A woman who is like a cadle light

Shamala — She is like breeze of air

Shamara — Ready for battle

Shamarah — A warrior who is battle ready

Shamari — She is battle ready

Shamaria — A woman warrior who is battle ready

Shamarra — She is prepared for the battle

Shamarri — A woman prepared to battle

Shameelah — She has a lot qualities in her character

Shameena — An absolutely beautiful girl

Shameera — A beautiful young woman

Shamina — She is a stunning woman

Shamma — A very proud woman

Shammara — He girded his loins

Shammee — A name is a varant of Shammi, means Olfactory

Shammi — A name means Olfactory

Shamoona — An Arabic girl name

Shamora — A warrior who is ready for the battle

Shamorra — She is ready for the battle

Shamorria — SHe is prepared for the beatle

Shamsunnahar — She is like the Sun to the day

Shamsunnisa — The Sun of the women

Shamuda — A woman who is rare and beautiful like a diamond

Shandana — Marvelous

Shanifa — One who is loyal, faithful and true to herself and others.

Shanzey — Diamond

Shaquilla — A woman of great beauty and looks

Shardae — A runaway woman

Sharde — A girl who is a runaway

Shareeka — One who is a good companion

Shareen — A very sweet girl

Sharifa — Honest, noble, distinguished

Shariykah — One who makes a great comanion

Sharizad — A woman who spends a;; her time in the city

Sharjeela — A spark

Shatara — A woman who is industrious

Shataria — A good industrious woman

Shatarra — A good industrious person

Shataura — A woman who has an umbrella

Shatavia — A woman who is hard-working and productive

Shateira — SHe is porductive and hard-working

Shaterah — An energetic and productive

Shateria — A woman who works hard and is productive

Shatierra — A woman who works a lot and hard

Shatiria — She works hard

Shaza — A woman who wears parfume

Shazi — A fragnant one

Shazia — One who is exotical or rare

Shaziya — An exotical woman

Shazna — Inteligent and understanding friend

Sheba — From sheba

Shebibah — A sponsor or a Godmother

Sheedah — She who is as bright as the Sun

Sheeftah — An infatuated woman

Sheema — A trait of habit

Sheeree — A dear girl

Sheherazad — A dweller in a free city

Shehna — The royal or something out of royality

Shehrnaz — A beautiful and cute woman.

Shekila — Good-looking woman

Shekilla — A very beautiful girl

Shekira — She who is grateful

Sheliza — One who is fair

Sheluva — One who is elegant like a rose

Shelva — A graceful rose

Shequela — A well shaped or a beautiful girl

Shequele — She who is thankful

Sheraine — A girl from the sandy ford

Sherbano — A princess

Shereka — She who comes from the east

Shericka — A girl from the east

Sherika — An easterner

Sherricka — Woman from the East

Sherrifah — One who is high in status and rank

Sherrika — Girl from the East

Sheza — She sho brings light

Shidah — She who is as bright as the Sun

Shidqia — A friend or a righteous person

Shirin Bano — A sweet lady

Shmara — A battle ready maiden

Shokoufah — One who is blossoming

Shoshanah — White lily

Shoshanna — White lily

Shuaila — Of the rays of sun or moon

Shuha — A woman who is the loveliest

Shuhad — One who is a martyrs

Shuhayma — She who has many virtues

Shuhda — A honeycomb with honey in it. A very sweet person

Shukr — A man who is full appreciationess

Shukriya — She is thankfull

Shukriyah — A woman of thankful nature

Shukriyya — One who thanks

Shukriyyah — An appreciative woman

Shula — One who is like a flame

Shulamit — A calm and tranquil woman

Shunnareh — A woman who is very pleasant

Sibgha — Color or dye.

Sidra — A woman of the stars

Sidrah — A girl of the stars
Sonika — The golden one

Sorborno — A beautiful and happy individual

Soroushi — Happiness

Souad — She who is very glad

Soudah — A person who is black, a black one

Souhila — A woman who is soft to the touch

Startina — A gorgeous and lovely lady

Suad — She who is very glad

Subbiha — A woman who is very tidy and clean

Subhah — A woman who is bright like the morning

Subhija — Dawn or early bird.

Subhiyah — A woman of the morning

Suhad — A sleepless woman

Suhaila — Gentle, easy the name of a star

Suhailah — Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing

Suhaymah — Small arrow

Suhbat — One who is a good companion and leds interesting conversations

Suleika — A variant of Zuleika. It was the name of wife of the king of Egypt.

Sulema — Peace

Sultaana — She who is a ruler, a Queen of men

Sultana — The exalted empress

Sultanah — A woman who rules people, a Qeen, a female Sultan

Sumaira — A woman who is brownish

Sumaiyah — A Prophet’s companion

Sumaya — SHe who is high above

Sumayya — A unique and special girl

Sumbul — Frail, or delicate

Sumehra — A beautiful face

Sumia — She is the one who is always there to listen

Summaya — She who is special and unique

Surayya — The name of the Pleaisades, the group of seven stars of Thaurus constellation

Surayyah — To be the 7 Pleiades stars

Swabira — A truthful woman who does right by others

Syidah — The female leader

Sidratul — Cedar of the farthest point.

Sihaam — Arrows

Siham — Arrows

Sirah — One who leads a traditional way of life

Sitinorlaila — An exclusive, beloved and friendly individual

Snober — A name of a pine tree

Sobia — A well-dressed woman.

Sonbol — Ear of wheat, ear of corn.

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With S