Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With R

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With R

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With R: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings Starting with R.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With R

Raem — An affectionate, loving mother

Rafa — A tenderhearted girl

Raha — A peace of mind

Rahi — Spring

Rana — A beautiful looking woman

Raym — A mother who loves her children strongly

Razi — An agreeable woman

Reem — One who is like a beutiful gazelle

Rifa — A feeling of happiness and prosperity

Riha — A free woman

Rija — A woman of great desire and hope

Ryma — A woman who is like the white antelope
Raabia — The fourth one

Raaida — A woman leader

Raaina — A beautiful princess of the night

Raameen — She who is obedient

Raashida — She who is wise and mature

Raawiya — Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry

Rabail — A veil of flowers

Rabbab — A white cloud

Rabeea — Muslim name meaning garden

Rabhya — Worshipped; Celebrated; A variant of Rabiya which means Spring, Princess and Queen

Rabiah — The fourth one

Rabihaat — Winners, acquirers

Rabihah — Winner, achiever.

Rabita — A bond, a link

Rabiya — One that is constant and stable

Rabiyah — A rainy and fertile spring

Rabwah — Highland or hilly area.

Rachida — One of the true faith

Radeyah — One who is satisfied with his life

Radhia — She who is well satisfied

Radhiya — She who is content and satisfied

Radhwa — A name of a mountain in Medina

Radhwaa — A place name, a name of a mountain in Medina

Radifa — One who is full of shame

Radiya — One who is covered with a veil

Radiyah — She who is satisfied and happy

Raeda — One who is guided by the faith

Raeha — A parfume, fragrance

Raeni — Queen, like a queen

Rafah — A luxurious life

Rafeda — One who hepls and supports

Rafeea — She who is superb, exalted

Rafeeah — An exalted, sublime woman

Rafeeqa — A good friend and companion

Raffia — A variant of Rafia and Rafiah which means exquisite; brilliance; high and sublime

Rafia — One who is positioned high

Rafida — A helper and a supporter

Rafidah — She who gives support

Rafif — Muslim name meaning to shimmer or gleam

Rafiga — A sweetheart

Rafika — A friendly person

Rafiqa — A friend and a colleague

Rafiya — One who is humble

Rafqa — Wide

Rafraf — A cushion

Raful — A composed and calm woman

Raghad — A carefree person

Raghada — A pleasant, comfortable woman

Raghd — A pleasant woman

Raghda — She who is sweet and pleasant

Raghidah — A pleasant girl

Ragya — A composed and calm woman

Rahaf — A delicate one

Rahana — Sweet basil

Raheela — She who leaves, travels

Raheema — A tenderhearted girl

Raheemah — A kind and merciful woman

Rahiba — A nun

Rahifa — A sharp one

Rahila — She who travels

Rahilah — A woman who departs and leaves

Rahima — She who is compassionate

Rahimah — A merciful companion

Rahimateh — One who is full of grace

Rahiq — A nectar

Rahla — A happy and joyous girl

Rahma — Girl who is graceful and kind

Rahmaa — She who forgives

Rahmah — A merciul one

Rahmi — One who is merciful and compassionate.

Rahmiya — A compassionate and kind woman.

Rahshea — A young antelope

Rahsheita — Arabic name

Rahshia — A young antelope

Rahumah — A woman who is kind, merciful and compassionate.

Raida — An explorer

Raidah — a leader

Raifah — A softhearted girl

Raiha — A nice smell

Raihaana — Aromatic, basil-like smell

Raihaanah — A smell of sweet basil

Raihana — A heavens flower

Raima — Pleasing; Queen; Charming

Rajeena — An intelligent and beautiful woman

Rajeeyah — One who is full of hope

Rajia — A hopeful one

Rajiha — The wise one

Rajiya — Arabic name meaning hopeful

Rajoua — One who gives hope to people

Rajwa — A wish that came true

Rajya — An anticipation

Rakhas — She who is soft and delicate

Rakhima — Melodious and pleasant one

Rakhshanda — She who shines brilliantly

Rakhshi — One with a beautiful face

Rakhshinda — One that shines

Rakiba — A friend

Rakima — A perceptive and intelligent woman

Rakina — A dignified woman

Rameen — A woman of great success

Rameesah — She who is hidden

Rameesha — A wise one

Ramelle — Arabic – Son; A variant of Ramel

Ramineh — A woman of a quiet and peaceful personality.

Ramish — A happiness and delight

Ramiza — A level headed and intelligent person

Ramla — A female prophet

Ramlah — A grain of sand

Ramsha — A bouquet of flowers

Ramza — A symbol or a mark

Ramzeela — A flower in heaven

Ramzia — Areserved, quiet girl

Ramziya — A gesture or a sign

Ramziyah — Arabic name meaning symbolic

Ranaa — A delicate and graceful one

Ranarauna — One to gaze at, lovely to look at

Ranaraunaa — Beautiful to the eyes

Randa — A sweet smelling desert tree, scented tree

Raneem — A sweet singing voice

Ranim — To recite a song

Raniya — One who is nice to look at

Raniyah — A woman to gaze at

Ranja — Gaze; Looking; Beautiful to look at

Ranya — One who wins

Raoom — She who is tender and loving

Raoufa — A calm and composed woman

Raqeema — One who is intelligent and perceptive

Raqia — A superior one

Raqiba — A guardian

Raqiqa — A delicate and soft one

Rasan — Raindrops from the sky

Rasee — Life fullfiled with happiness

Rasha — A young gazelle

Rashada — She who is on the right path

Rashaqa — One who is graceful

Rashauna — Splendid flower of God; Strong Defender; Shield

Rashea — A young antelope

Rashedah — Rightly guided one

Rasheeda — One of true faith

Rasheedah — Wise and mature one

Rasheeta — Muslim name meaning pious

Rasheika — One of the royal blood

Rasheka — Healed by God

Rashida — The righteous one

Rashidah — A pious one

Rashieda — She who is guided rightly

Rashieka — One who is descended from royalty

Rashiqa — One of royal line

Rasima — A planer, designer

Rasina — A composed and calm woman

Rasmin — A symbol or a sketch

Rasmiya — One who is ceremonial

Rasmiyah — A ceremonious woman

Rauhah — A happy and content individual

Raunaqjahan — The world’s lustre and pomp

Raushanjabin — One whose forehed radiates light

Rawan — A name of the river in the Paradise, also means the sound of the waterfalls

Rawda — A garden that is filled with beautiful flowers

Rawdah — One beautiful as a garden

Rawdha — She who is like a garden

Rawhah — One whose scent is fresh as a breeze

Rawiya — One who is a great storyteller

Rawiyah — One who can translate and convey the ancient Arabic poetry

Rawya — A woman who tells great stories

Rayeda — A woman who is pioner, a born leader

Rayeka — A rare Arabic female name

Rayme — Loving; Caring

Raytah — A daughter of the small farmer

Rayya — No Longer Thirsty; Sated with Drink

Rayyaa — One who smells good and is not thirsty

Rayyah — One who has a fresh and nice scent

Razaan — A sensible, respectful person

Razan — One who is sensible and deeply respected

Razana — A composed, self-possesed woman

Razeen — A woman who is noble and very gentle

Razia — A happy and chosen one

Raziah — A content woman

Razija — She who is satisfied, content with her life.

Raziqa — A woman who feeds people

Raziya — A delighted and satisfied woman

Raziyah — Another name of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra

Razwa — A name of the Mountain that exists in Madina

Reeda — A fovored, popular and loved person

Reeham — One who is like a very light rain

Reema — A woman who is like a white antalope

Reena — A woman known for her beauty

Refija — She who is tall and pretty.

Refika — Friend or companion.

Reham — A girl pretty as the dew on the flower in the mornign

Rehana — A handfull of the sweetest basil

Rehanah — One who is like the sweet flower of paradise

Rehemat — A woman who was the gift to the world

Rehena — A comassionate and merciful woman

Rehma — A loving person

Rejhana — Rejhana is a Bosnian version of Rihanna and means basil plant.

Remah — One calm and composed as a white antelope

Resham — A woman who is as soft as a silk

Reshmaan — A woman made of silk

Reshman — A silky skinned woman

Reyhana — Means basil. Also Prophet Muhammad wife’s name

Riadh — A home garden, a place of the meadows

Riahn — A female name for baby girls that is of Arabic origin

Ridhwaana — A woman filled with pleasure and acceptance

Rihab — A wide, spaceous places

Riham — She who is like the light rain

Rihana — A sweet smell of basil

Rihanna — A woman who smells good

Rijja — A woman of heaven’s beauty

Rimel — A composed woman

Rimna — A tender and composed woman

Rimsha — A beautiful bouqet of flowers

Riyah — A powerful, ritch and brave ruler and leader

Rizwana — One who is a beautiful guardian of Paradise

Romaisa — She who is like a bunch of flowers

Romeesa — A woman with a heaven’s beauty

Romina — One who comes from the land of the Christianitys

Ronza — An Arabic female name

Roobee — A ruby-like woman

Rosemah — One who is as beautiful as a rose.

Rozeena — A dayly payment

Rozina — A daily wage

Rubaa — A woman who lives in the hill

Rubab — The benefitial profits of blessings

Rubaba — An Arabic name that means Rose

Rubabah — A flowery and rosy girl

Rubadah — A woman who is a gift of heaven

Rubina — A woman who is like a ruby red gemstone

Rufayda — A female peer of the Prophet

Rufqa — Something that gives benefit.

Ruhaimah — A compassionate and merciful woman.

Ruhie — A calm and composed girl

Ruksha — A girl who is beautiful

Rumaisa — She is like a bouquet of flowers

Rumaysa — A name for the Sirius star

Rumayta — A narrator of Hadith

Rumaythah — An old, very old Arabic name

Rumeysa — Variant of Rumaisa. It means wind that scatters dust and hides footprints and tracks.

Rumla — A female of composed nature

Rushdia — One who follows the right path

Rushdiya — A woman who is guided down the right path

Rutaba — Reputation

Ruwaa — One with a beautiful appereance

Ruwayd — One who is like a soft breeze, a leader

Ruwayda — A soft wind’s breeze

Ruwaydah — She is like the soft, gentle breeze

Ruxana — Name of an iranian princess. Means a lady who is light and brilliant

Ruyaa — A dreamy woman who is like a vision

Ruyah — A lady who is a vision in a dream

Ruzaynah — A name given to a girl that is free from slavery

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With R