Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With N

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With N

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With N: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings Starting with N.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With N

Naadhira — A Prospering or blossoming person.

Naadia — A gem or child of brightness.

Naadira — A rare specie, the most precious.

Naajia — The one who is self governing.

Naajidah — As brave as a lioness

Naakaiah — A virtuous, pure, a faithful person

Naasima — The person who guides others.

Naasira — The person who helps other people.

Naazima — The person who writes poems. lady poet.

Naazira — The one who looks on over the activities.

Nabeeha — The person who is standing above others in quality or position.

Nabeela — The one who is adhering to ethical and moral principles.

Nabeelah — The one who is impressive in appearance.

Nabeele — The person who is generous, understanding and tolerant.

Nabiha — The person who is worthy of being depended on.

Nabihah — The person who is possessing excellent knowledge.

Nabijah — The person who is motivating and bold guider.

Nabila — Worthy, elegant, celebrated.

Nabilah — The person who was born for goodness.

Nabilia — A noble person, always carry good deeds

Nabra — A lofty peak, specially valued for its uncommonness.

Nacima — Not widely distributed.

Nada — The one who is pleasing or valuable or useful.

Nadaa — Condensation, bigheartedness, broadmindedness, nobility

Nadda — The person who is willing to give and share unstintingly.

Nadeeda — The contestant you hope to defeat.

Nadeemah — A friend who is always in the company of another.

Nadeen — The specific instance of feeling hopeful.

Nadheema — Having mutual interests or affections.

Nadhirah — The one who is good looking and glowing.

Nadhiyah — The one who is animated or beautiful.

Nadida — Remains in the same quantity.

Nadima — The mate of the drinking person.

Nadimah — The person who is very closer to your heart.

Nadin — Slightly wet, care, trust, subtle.

Nadina — Grounds for feeling hopeful.

Nadira — The one who is uncommon and tough to search.

Nadirah — The one who is occasional and valuable.

Nadiyah — Easily broken or damaged or destroyed.

Nadiyya — The one who is soggy, affectionate and gentle.

Nadra — The one who is specific to a person or thing or category.

Nadrah — A specified person, highly recognizable

Nadwa — The body serving in an administrative capacity.

Nadwah — The one who gives sensible advices.

Nadyne — Flower head, bud, blossom, floret.

Nadzieja — The person who is mild, saturated and affectionate.

Naeema — To be comfortable or to be satisfied.

Naeemah — Gladness, relaxation, joy.

Naema — To live a contented and joyful life.

Naf — The valuable and priceless one.

Nafeesa — The person who is extraordinary and precious.

Nafeesah — Tremendous, marvellous, stunning, splendid

Nafeeza — Remarkable, spectacular, fabulous, impressive

Nafeezah — Extraordinary, outstanding, excellent, striking

Naffo — Highpoint, uncommon, valuable.

Naffy — Zenith, intermittent, expensive.

Nafiah — The person who is benevolent, beneficial, favourable.

Nafisa — The person who is admirable and cherished.

Nafisah — The person who is costly, slight and jewel.

Nafiza — The person who is treasurable and appreciated.

Naflah — The person who is embarrassment, richness or wealth.

Nageena — The one who resembles nugget or stone or jewel.

Nageenah — Precious stone

Naghma — A melody or musical note.

Nagia — The one who is saved

Nagiah — The safest person

Nagiba — A distinguished person

Nagina — The one who is very much priceless like a jewel or diamond.

Nagiya — The one who is free from any risk

Nagla — A girl with wide eyes

Nagwa — A closely or acquainted conversation

Nahima — Free from emotional and mental disturbance

Nahlah — Water drink, a drink of water

Naifah — An exalted person

Nailah — The accomplisher or the achiever

Naimah — One who is at ease

Nainza — A person who has a pair of beautiful eyes

Najaah — Escape or freedom from evil

Najeeba — An intellectual girl

Najeebah — An excellent noble lady

Najiah — Out or harm’s reach, safe

Najiba — An-uncommon girl

Najibah — A noble girl, aristocrat

Najida — The courageous girl

Najila — The bright and beautiful eyes

Najilaa — One who have big and bright eyes

Najillah — A girl with beautiful eyes

Najiya — Free from all kind of risks

Najiyah — A risk-free or safe person

Najiyyah — Safe and sound, rescued

Najjia — A free person, one who is escaped

Najjiyya — Escaped from the evil

Najjiyyah — A safe girl from all the evils

Najlah — wide eyes, beautiful eyes

Najmah — the most graceful star

Najwa — Undisclosed discussion or hidden talk.

Najwan — The one who is delivered or independent or excepted.

Najya — The triumphant or winning lady.

Nakya — A chaste or a pure girl

Nala — Lioness or Lots of Water

Namar — One of the hills or mountains.

Namia — A growing thing, increasing

Namira — A tigress, beauty and strength

Namiyah — A force to move forward, keep going

Namra — A tigress, beauty and strength

Namrah — The clean drinking water

Namyla — A reserved person, quite

Naqa — One who is pure and refine

Naqeeba — The female leader or who gives news

Naqia — Faultless, free from evil or corruption

Naqiba — Who gives news to the masses

Naqit — Name of a Islam scholar

Naqiya — Free from any blames

Naseef — Speaking in secret

Naseeka — A piece of gold or something valuable

Naseelah — fragrant coming with cool breeze

Naseema — A piece of cool breeze

Naseen — A descendant chosen one

Naseera — Who supports a win over evil

Nashat — The happiness or the energetic

Nasheelah — A honey comb where bees keep honey

Nasheem — The fresh air or the breeze

Nashia — Youth or the young age

Nashida — A girl full of desires, a seeker

Nashita — A lively woman, very energetic

Nashrah — One who spread words, a publisher

Nashwa — A perfume that intoxicates

Nashwaa — An ecstasy or elation

Nashwan — An excited state of joy

Nasiba — The one who protects the Ocean.

Nasifa — Happy monarch or joyful leader.

Nasiha — Who advise fro doing good deeds

Nasima — A soft flow of air

Nasimah — A gentle blow of air

Nasiqa — The harsh taste of the Ocean.

Nasira — A joyful and merry person.

Nasirah — The caretaker of the deep ocean.

Nasleena — A bengali name; one who is beautiful and positive

Nasmah — The person of the ocean.

Nasmi — The person from the Ocean.

Nasri — The support for a victory

Nasria — One who support needy person

Nasriya — Superior of all who supports other

Natara — Disadvantage, martyr, detriment, victim.

Nathifah — Untainted, Unalloyed, Uncontaminated, Unadulterated, Clean.

Natifah — Wholesome, fresh, untainted

Natiqa — The person who is brilliant in giving good speech.

Naufa — Splendid, numerous, abundant, plentiful.

Naushabah — Portion or mixture or preparation.

Nawar — A flower or a blossom

Nawfa — An exalted person, who reached the high

Nawra — The blossom or flower

Nawrah — In Arabic it means Flower. In Hindi it means new path.

Nayla — A winner, one who go ahead to get everything

Nayyara — A luminous or shining person

Nayyira — as bright as the shining star

Nayyirah — The luminous star in the sky

Nazeeha — A virgin girl, a chaste

Nazeena — One who organise everything

Nazeera — Compared to others

Nazeerah — Others look her for the comparison

Nazeeya — One who has a high aspires

Nazia — An energetic person

Naziah — A high-spirited girl

Nazifa — The purest or the chaste girl

Naziha — A girl that never lies

Nazihah — One who always speaks truth

Nazima — The one who governs

Nazimah — An organiser, or a governor

Nazira — Someone turns to compare with

Nazirah — Comparable person

Nazirqah — The one who is compared

Nazlee — A delicate and beautiful

Nazli — delicacy with the beauty

Nazra — Glow and happiness of a person’s face.

Nedaa — Screaming with a loud voice.

Needah — Vocal sound or power of speech.

Neeka — Upright, worthy, thoughtful, talented.

Neeki — Vertical, decent, honest, erect.

Neelofar — Lilly which is blooming in the water shore.

Neelofer — The water-lily

Neelofur — The blooming water lily

Neelopher — Lily grown at the shores

Neelu — Reflects dark navy blue color or gloomy blue color.

Neesaa — Lady, female, damsel.

Nehan — The one who has attractive features.

Nehayat — Last, finish, accomplish, conclusion.

Nehla — Award, talent, skill, knowledge.

Nejla — A vast peer of the realm.

Nejra — Sparkle or shine

Nemyra — A person from the noble family

Neshat — Pleased, exultant, glad, joyful, contented

Neslihan — Cheerful woman or blissful woman.

Nhally — An understanding, studious and siligent person

Niamara — A sweet and sugary girl

Nibal — The mark to specify the relation.

Nida — The one who stays in prayers.

Nigah — Appearance, peek, view, safekeeping, attention

Nigar — Gorgeous, Photograph, portrayal, beloved

Nigarish — One who’s always on the mind, vision, or fantasy.

Nighat — Bouquet, fragrance, cologne, Image, eyesight

Nihab — Summit, unusual, treasurable.

Nihel — Talents, presents, awards, gifts.

Nijah — A beautiful rose.

Nijhu — The period after sunset and before sunrise.

Nilofar — The lilies which blooming in the water ponds or rivers or lakes.

Nima — Sanctification or benediction or consecration or blessing.

Nimaat — Sanction or dedication or benediction.

Nimah — The one who was born during wealthy time.

Nimrah — The angel of the Almighty

Nirogi — The utmost point of a hill.

Niruban — Glittering light.

Niruja — The radiance of hope.

Nirup — The bright shining light.

Nirupama — one who have a divine light

Nisbet — Adorable and pretty as rose floret.

Nishat — the liveliness of a person

Nishtar — A sharp knife used as surgical equipment

Nissa — The lady or a female

Nisveta — Bosnian term for woman.

Niyaf — A tall and pretty girl

Niyath — The intentions or the aim or someone

Niyyat — A person’s intentions

Njood — Highland or the plateaus

Nojood — Intelligent or knowledge, possess excellent skills.

Nojoud — The increase in the intelligence or knowledge

Noman — Domination or authority or command.

Noora — The name of a famous poet.

Noorah — Who is like unto the powerful God.

Nooralhaya — Discontent towards authority, the one who is resisting control, disagreeable taste

Noorali — Who can stand equal to the most high God.

Nooraniyah — In Hebrew, it means a gift from the Almighty. In Japanese, it means the beautiful fragrance.

Noorjahan — A person who posses knowledge and gives knowledge, a teacher.

Noor-jehan — The pledge and promise.

Noorulbasar — Excellent, excessive, countless, boundless.

Noorunnisa — The brightness of the womankind.

Noreenah — Resembling delicious food item.

Nouf — The utmost point of a hill.

Nour — The person who has superfluous in whole things.

Noura — Glittering light.

Noureen — The bright shining light.

Nourin — one who have a divine light

Noya — Adorable and pretty as rose floret.

Nuboogh — Space or reputation

Nudar — The precious and valuable daughter.

Nudara — Talented and most valuable chid of parents.

Nudhar — The one how is a priceless child to her parents.

Nudoora — Well celebrated regarding exceptional.

Nudra — The person not widely known.

Nudrat — The quality of being one of a kind.

Nufaisa — Daughter of Munyah

Nufaysah — The one who arranged the marriage of Prophet Mohammed and Sayyidah Khadijah.

Nuha — The person who is having excellent knowledge and skills.

Nuhaa — The one who is possessing best talents and skills on her own.

Nujan — The highest stage of development.

Nujat — Shelter or well being or protection.

Nujood — A person promoted to the higher rank

Nujud — Promotion or high class or clearness.

Numa — Reaching the desired condition or final condition.

Nura — The person who gives nimble.

Nurah — The one who gives bright to others.

Nuralain — Brightness, light, radiance or bringer of happiness

Nuralhuda — The light for the right guidance

Nureen — Shimmering, shining, glowing.

Nurin — A girl that enlightens the world through her Noor

Nuriya — Nimble, brilliant, ecstatic, excellent.

Nuriyah — Radiating nimble or brightness.

Nurjahan — The bright nimble of the whole world.

Nurjamal — The light of the beauty of the person

Nurjenna — The bright light of the heavenly paradise.

Nurul — Bright, nimble, sunlit, sunny.

Nuryn — The bright light or nimble.

Nusaiba — Suitable, correct, accurate, moral.

Nusaibah — Ancient name in Arabian language.

Nusayba — A noble person who is an appropriate one

Nusaybah — The one who possess upright and honourable blood line.

Nusreta — Victory or help

Nuwairah — Tiny flower, little fire, graceful, glow.

Nuwayrah — The very small fire place.

Nuwwar — The flourishing flowers or blossoms.

Nuwwara — Pretty flowers and fresh buds.

Nuwwarrah — The pretty blooming flowers.

Nuzar — The person who is very clear as gold.

Nuzha — Preference trip or outing spot

Nweh — A person who appears bright. Lucid and clear.

Nyela — A caring person, a guardian. One who defend others.

Nyla — The one who is humble and meek.

Nylah — Something that she can achieve easily

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With N