Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With L

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With L

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With L: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with L.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With L

Laaibah — Laabiah means The prettiest Woman

Labeeba — Labeeba means She is Wise and Sensible

Labiba — Labiba name means She is a person of Intelect

Labibah — The name mans She is Quick to Understand

Lafiza — Lafiza means As Deep as a Sea

Lahifa — Lahifa means To Help

Laiqa — The name means Deserving, Suitable

Lakecia — Lakecia means Woman

Laketia — Woman

Lakiesha — To be alive and well

Lakita — The treasure that is found

Lakitia — Woman, a Female

Lama — A person of Dark Lips

Lamah — Person who posseses the qualities of Brillinace, Cleverness and Excellence

Lamees — Soft to the Touch

Lamese — She who is Soft to the Touch

Lamija — One with a shining, glowing personality.

Lamis — Soft to Touch

Lamisa — Soft

Lamiya — Dark lipped woman

Lamya — One who has dark lips.

Lawahiz — A person who glanses shyly at others

Lawaiza — A Girl who was born to Eve with Abel

Layaan — A softness and gentleness of a woman

Layal — Dark hours of the day, Night

Layali — After the Sun sets down, night time

Layan — A tender and soft Girl

Layla — Nigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and Arabia

Layly — The meaning of the name is Night

Layyin — A Girl who is soft and delicate

Lazeena — Comes from Islamic word meaning faith

Leasha — Arabic name for woman

Leelah — Arabic name for Night beauty

Leen — Soft, delicate woman

Leighla — The dark-haired beauty of the night

Leila — Nighttime, time of a day after the sundown

Lekeesha — A woman who lives and is full of lifeforce

Leliana — Created name from Leila-beauty of the night and Liliana – like a lilly flower

Leyla — The one who is born at night

Leylah — Arabic for night, dark

Leylak — Arabic name for Lilac

Liaaqat — A fit person with athletic abilities

Lila — She who belongs to the people

Lilith — Person of the night, in Assyrian myth this was the name of a demon

Limees — Something that’s tender, delicate and soft to touch.

Lina — Person who is tender and delicate

Linsha — A grace that a woman posesses

Lisna — Grace of a woman

Liyana — A tender and delicate woman

Lizahayati — A Grace of a Woman

Loelia — Arabic variation of the name Leila meaning night, dark

Loubna — Name meaning shrub

Louma — Graceful woman

Lubaaba — A deepest essence of life

Lubab — The finest element

Lubaba — A deepest essence of something

Lubabah — Pure Girl

Lubabe — The finest essence of life

Luban — A long necked person

Lubanah — Desire and a wish of a man

Lubina — Adaptable person

Lublubah — Affectionate and delicate person

Lubna — A Girl beautiful as a Snowbelle

Luhha — An ammount, measure

Luja — Of great depth

Lujain — A literary Arabic name for Girls that means silver

Lujaina — The silver one

Lujayn — Arabic name meaning silver

Lujing — The one of silver

Luloah — Woman who is like a Pearl

Lulua — Woman who is beautiful as a Pearl

Luluah — A bead of perls

Lulwa — A pearl-like woman

Lunah — Muslim name that means Date Palm

Lutfana — A womanwho is kind and always helpful

Lutfia — A courteous, kind and delicate person

Lutfiya — A woman who is kind, delicate and full of grace

Lutfiyah — A woman of elegance and grace

Lutfiyya — Delicate woman who is of kind character

Lutfunnisa — A grace that is found in women

Lyla — A Girl from an island

Lylah — A dark beauty

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With L