Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With K

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With K

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With K: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with K.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With K

Kaamisha — A happy soul.

Kaasheen — A place north of Ilam in Iran.

Kabira — Kabira means Powerful, Great

Kabra — Hoary, Heinous, Cardinal; White

Kadeja — Kadeja means Thrustworthy

Kadejah — The meaning of the name Kadejah is Early Baby

Kadifa — Kadifa means Velvet

Kadijah — Kadijah means Trustworthy

Kadira — Kadira means Powerful

Kadriya — Kadriya means Destiny

Kahdijah — Kahdijah means Premature Child

Kaheela — Kaheela means Grey-Eyed

Kahina — Kahina means The Diviner

Kahkashan — Stars; Galaxy;

Kalila — Kalila means The one that is Loved

Kalilah — Kalilah means The One Who is Dearlu Loved, Darling

Kalilla — The name means Sweetheart, Darling

Kaliyan — Kaliyan means To Be Loved

Kamilah — Kamilah means Flawlessness, Perfection

Kamra — Kamra means Moon

Kaneez — Kaneez name means Servant, a Slave Girl

Kaninaka — Kaninaka means Black

Kaniz — Kaniz means Servant

Kansa — The name means Treasure

Kanwal — Kanwal means Water Lily

Kanza — Kanza means Wise, Intelligent

Kareeda — Kareeda means Untouched, Virgin

Kareema — Kareema means Kind and Compassionate

Kareemah — The name means Giving, Generous and Noble

Karida — Karida means Untouched Virgin

Karidee — Karidee means The one who is Virginal and Pure

Karima — Karima means Giving and Generous

Karimah — Karimah name means is Big-Hearted, Generous

Kariman — Kariman means Generous Lady

Kashiefa — Kashiefa means The One that Discovers

Kashira — Kashira means Funny

Kasib — Kasib name means Fertile

Kasima — Kasima name means Elegant Woman

Kasirah — Kasirah means Pleanty

Katheer — Katheer means Copious, Abundant

Kaureen — Kaureen means The Girl is Beautiful

Kausar — Kausar name means The Lake in Paradise

Kauser — A River in Paradise; A Fountain in Heaven

Kayeeda — A commander, or the rules of something

Kayla — Arabic meaning is Wise Child, Hebrew meaning is Who is like God

Kaylila — Kaylila means Sun of the World

Kaynat — Kaynat means The Whole World

Kazima — Kazima name means To hold back anger

Keda — The name Keda means Like That

Kedma — Kedma means Going towards the East

Kenwei — Kenwei means She is like Water Lilly

Kenza — Treasure

Ketifa — Flowering; Blooming

Khaalida — Khaalida means Deathless, She is Immortal

Khaatoon — The name means A Noble Lady

Khabira — Khabira means The Knowing One

Khadeeja — Khadeeja means Premature Daughter

Khadeja — Khadeja name means Loyal, To be Trusted

Khadejah — The name means Trustworthy

Khadejha — The meaning of the name is She who is Loyal

Khadeshia — The name means The Sun That Shines on the World

Khadiga — Khadiga means Baby born Early

Khadija — Khadija means Prematurely born Daughter

Khadijah — The name means Daughter that is born before she was due

Khadisah — Khadisah means Premature Daughter

Khadra — Khadra means Green. Green of the Jennah

Khaira — Khaira means Beautiful and Radiant

Khairunnisa — The name means Peaceful Lady

Khaleeqa — Meaning of the name is Well Mannered

Khaleesi — The name means Queen

Khalela — An intimate beloved friend, a close companion

Khales — The name means Eternal

Khali — Khali means Immortal

Khalida — Khalida means Deathless

Khalidah — The name means Eternal

Khalidi — Khalidi means the Everlasting

Khalila — Khalila means Best Friend

Khalilah — Means Friend, Companion

Khaliqa — Khaliqa means Well Mannered

Khalisa — Khalisa means True, Pure

Khalisah — The name means Sincere, Pure

Khalwat — Khalwat means Solitude

Khanam — Khanam means Rich Wife

Khandan — The name means Smiling

Khandra — Khandra means Very Born

Khanom — Khanom means Lady, Noble Woman

Khansha — Khansha means Pug-Nosed

Khanum — Means Princess, Lady, Wife

Khashia — The name means Humble

Khashifa — Khashifa name means Disclosing

Khateeba — Khateeba means Orator

Khaterah — The name means Memory

Khatiba — Khatiba means Woman Preacher

Khatijah — A name generally given to premature child.

Khatira — The name means Desire, Precious Memory

Khatoon — Khatoon means A Noble Woman

Khatra — Khatra means That which Occurs to the Mind

Khatun — Khatun name means The Woman who is Noble

Khaula — Khaula means Gazelle

Khawala — Khawala name means Dancer

Khawara — Khawara name means The Sunlight on the East

Khawlah — The name means Gazelle

Khayaal — The name means Vision

Khayali — Khayali means Imagination

Khayrat — The name means Good Deed

Khayriyah — The meaning of the name is Charitable

Khayriyya — The name means benevolent

Khazeena — Khazeena means Pleanty of Treasures

Khera — Khera means She has Beauty and Virtues

Khudeeja — A girl who is born before she is due, early baby, or premature baby.

Khujasstah — The name means He is of Royal Blood

Khulood — Khulood means The Immortal One

Khuloud — The name means She will never die

Khulud — Immortality; Eternal

Khush Bakht — Prosperity, fortunate, or good luck.

Khuzama — Khuzama means Lavander and Tulip

Kibriah — The name means Names of God

Kifah — Kifah means Struggle

Kifaya — Kifaya means Contentment

Kinaaz — Pride of the king, or a princess who makes her father proud.

Kindah — Kindah means She is a Part of the Mauntain

Kinza — Kinza means Itelligen, Wise One

Kishwar — The name means Realm

Kiswa — Kiswa means Cover of Kaba

Kiswar — Nation, country or realm.

Klizare — Klizare means The World’s Sun

Knaval — Knaval means Well-Mannered

Kobra — The name means Major

Kohinoor — The name means Mountain of the Light

Koila — Koila means Charcoal

Kouther — The name means River that flows in Paradise

Kubra — Kubra means Great,Senior

Kubrea — Kubrea means Older, Senior

Kubria — Kubria means Great,Older

Kudesia — A pure person, a pure angel

Kulsoom — Kilsoom means One who has Full Healthy Cheeks

Kulsum — Kulsum means Beautiful

Kulthoom — The name means Daughter of the Prophet

Kulthum — Kulthoom means Prophet’s Daughter

Kulus — Kulus means Clearness, Purity

Kunsa — The name means Angel

Kushaaneh — A girl who strives

Kyda — Kyda means Preserved, Strong

Kylila — The name means Beloved

Kylilah — One who has dual nature and individuality

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With K