Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With J

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With J

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With J: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with J.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With J

Jannatulfirdaus — Garden of Paradise

Jawaharjawhar — A real pearl

Jathibiyyah — One who is attractive

Juwairiyyah — The name bears the meaning of Little Woman, Little Girl

Jathbiyyah — The attractive one

Jathibiyya — The charming one

Juwairiyah — The meaning of the name is Little Girl

Juwayriyah — The meaning of the name is Wife of the Prophet

Jamariyah — She who posesses great beauty

Jameeliah — Woman with dashing looks

Janbiyyah — Garden of Paradise

JathBoyya — Arabic girl name

Jabrayah — To love and respect someone

Jahmilla — She is a pretty woman

Jaibrian — Jaibrian means blue bird, Strength and Noble

Jaimalla — She is well-known for her beauty

Jakemina — A raised up woman

Jala dew — Clarity

Jaleelah — A dignified woman

Jaleesah — A companion

Jameerah — A beautiful one

Jameliah — A gorgeus woman

Jamiliah — A gorgeus woman

Jamillah — A beautiful one

Jamillia — She who is elegant

Javairea — A mysterious one

Javairia — One who shares happiness with others

Jawharah — One who wears jewels

Jazmaine — Fragrant flower

Jazzmine — Fragrant flower

Juhainah — Juhainah means Darkness at the end of the Night

Juhaymah — The name means The Narrator of Hadih

Juhaynah — Name means Arab Tribe

Jabarah — One who wears a bracelet

Jahmela — A good-looking girl

Jaiyana — She is full of strenght

Jalbala — A powerful woman

Jaleela — The great one

Jalilah — The splendid one

Jameela — A good looking woman

Jamella — She who is beautiful

Jamiela — A chaste woman

Jamilah — A lovely girl

Jamilee — A woman of great beauty

Jamileh — A beautiful woman

Jamilla — She who posesses great beauty

Jamille — Elegant and good looking onw

Jamilya — Variation of Arabic name Jamil, means beauty

Jamiyah — Arabic name meaning gathering

Jammana — A pearl or a gem

Janbiyy — An independent, respectable, able and loving individual

Janiyah — She who is loved by many

Jannath — A garden in paradise

Jaritta — A water jug

Jarnita — A jug for water

Jaseena — A nice heart

Jasilyn — One who sings

Jasmeen — A flower name

Jauhera — A jewel

Javeria — One who shares happiness

Jawahir — A gold or a pearl, a precious stone

Jawedan — One who is immortal

Jawhara — A precious s tone

Jazmina — Fragrant flower

Jazzmyn — Fragrant flower

Jemaine — One who has a very pretty face

Jemeela — Gorgeous and nice looking.

Jemelia — An elegant or a graceful lady

Jemelle — AN eternal graceful lady

Jemilla — The garden which is in the paradise.

Jendayi — Thankful; To give thanks;

Judamah — They are companions, could be proved as safeguard for their buddies, proper guidance to their associates

Juhanah — Juhanah means Young Girl

Jumaana — Jumaana means Silver Pearl

Jumanah — The meaning of the name is Pearl, Precious Stone

Jalila — The great one

Jalisa — One who brings company

Jamela — A beautiful girl

Jawdah — A virtuous one

Jaydra — The one who is full of moral excellence.

Jazlin — Refers to the forest of olive tree.

Jehaan — The one who is having intelligent brain.

Jemale — A good looking and beautiful girl

Jemila — Beautiful

Jemime — A little dove, a bird of peace

Jennah — Dwelling place of God and Angels, heaven.

Jinani — Heavenly, or from Paradise.

Johara — Jewel,one who is treasured ,idolized and considered to be important

Jumana — The name Jumana means Pearl

Junaya — The meaning of name Junaya is Garden of Paradis

Junnut — The meaning of the name Junnut is Paradise

Jadee — A woman who is pure goodness

Jaeda — She is pure goodness

Jaede — A woman who is good and kind

Jalia — A manifest

Jalsa — A celebration

Jalwa — A sight or a show

Jamia — One who collects

Jammi — She who looks beautiful

Janan — One with soulful heart

Jatae — A girls name

Jawda — One who is high in quality

Jawna — The sun

Jawsa — Love and passion

Jazaa — Recompense, reward for good deeds.

Jenab — Malay form of Zaynab, meaning a father’s precious jewel.

Jenah — Little or tiny beautiful bird.

Jesna — Garden of heaven

Johar — A real pearl

Joiya — Searcher,who is adventurer and seeker to look and explore for new things

Joyah — Malay form of Zoya, meaning life.

Junah — The name Junah means The Sun

Jabb — A slim, thin, sleder lady

Jada — She was a God’s gift

Jale — A dew

Jawl — One who moves freely

Jude — They are very kind to others, believe in charity, nobel, blessed and honored by others

Judi — They are personality developers; spent most of their time in developing their personality, more social. Beauty attracts them alot, they are blessed; they are honorable and gets respect by everyone

Juju — people with this name are easy to understand and do their best to bring people together. They have a joyful personality.

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With J