Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With F

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With F

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With F: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with F.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With F

Faariha — A joyful and cheerful girl

Faatima — A captivating woman who is abstaining

Faatin — A woman who captivates your attention

Faatina — She captivates the eye

Faatinah — A woman who is fascinating people

Fadela — A woman who is known for her great honor

Fadia — A woman who is a redeemer

Fadila — A woman who gives generously

Fadilah — She is a generous giver

Fadiyah — A heroic and gallant woman

Fahada — A woman who is like a partner

Faham — A deeply perceptive and astute woman

Fahdah — A girl who is gorgeous like a leopard

Fahhama — A woman of great knowledge

Fahima — A woman of great intelligence and knowledge

Fahimah — She who knows a lot and is a very smart person

Fahmara — A girl with a great intellect

Fahmeeda — A woman who is wise

Fahmib — One who is intelligent and wise

Fahmida — A smart woman

Fahmidah — She who is wise

Fahreta — Fame, greatness, brilliance.

Faidah — One who is profitable

Fainan — Girl with beautiful hair

Fairooza — A precious gem

Fairoza — A turquoise stone

Fairuza — Turkish name meaning turquoise stone

Fairuzah — A turquoise gemstone

Faizah — A victorious girl

Faizia — A successful woman

Fakeehah — A cheerful girl

Fakhar — One who is proud

Fakhirah — One who is glorious

Fakhirya — The glorious one

Fakhra — One who is very good

Fakhriyah — One who has honor

Fakhriyya — A honorable woman

Fakhrunnisa — Glory of the faith

Fakira — A ponder

Falaknaz — A sky

Falala — She who is born into abundance

Faliha — Aprosperous woman

Fanila — She who is worthy

Fannanah — She who is an artist

Faqiha — One who is wishing for more knowledge

Faraal — Name of the lion

Farah — Arabic name for happiness

Farahnaz — A joyful person

Farakh — She who is secure

Faranaaz — Woman full of hope and joy

Farani — Arabic name meaning sunshine

Farashah — A girl who is like a butterfly

Farha — A happy woman

Farhanah — A very happy woman

Farhannah — Happy or blissful.

Fariha — A woman happy and joyful

Fariyal — A woman who is like an angel

Fariza — Light; A precious gem; Success; Life

Farkhanda — One who is blessed with happiness

Farkhande — A blessed and happy woman

Farkhondah — One with great luck and happiness

Farkhondeh — One who is happy, and joyous.

Faroshan — An Arabic female name

Farrah — A happy feeling

Faryal — An angel-like woman

Farzaneh — A wise woman.

Fasiha — A woman who is eloquent

Fatan — One who is charming

Fatat — Youth girl or early maturity.

Fatemah — A chaste woman

Faten — A woman of great charm

Fathia — To achieve victory

Fathima — A woman who abstains

Fathiya — To fight and win

Fathiyya — A great victor

Fatiha — One who is victorious

Fatihah — A conqueror, one who starts

Fatim — A mother who breast feeds

Fatima — A captivating woman

Fatimah — Accustom; Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad; Captivating

Fatime — She who captivates

Fatimi — Captivating woman

Fatin or Fatinah — A woman who is captivating

Fatina — A perceptive and intelligent woman

Fatinah — An alluring and fascinating woman

Fatma — A woman who captivates

Fatoumata — A woman who abstains

Fattana — A very beautiful, gorgeous woman

Fattim — A prophet’s female child

Fatuma — Daughter of the Prophet Mohammed; A variant of Fatima

Fawza — An accomplished and victorious woman

Fawzah — She is a winner and a success

Fawzia — A woman who is winning

Fawziya — She is a successful woman

Fawziyya — A woman of great success

Fawziyyah — She is one of great success

Fayda — One who has plenty

Fayrah — One who is filled with joy and is cheerful

Fayruz — One who has the eyes of the turquoise gemstone

Fayza — A victorious female

Fazalah — A praiseworthy and excellent woman

Fazarat — A woman who is like a leopard

Fazeela — A faithful and virtuous woman

Fazia — She is successful and a victor

Fazila — A superb, generous and noble woman

Fazilatunnisa — A woman’s excellence

Fazzilet — To have Allah’s blessings

Fellah — A girl who is like a flower Jasmine

Femida — The one wise woman

Ferazia — High, lofty, elevated or tall.

Ferhana — One leading a comfortable life.

Ferwa — Passion, fondness, desire or longing.

Feryal — One who has the beauty of the light

Fida — Sacrifice; Redemption; Offering to protect others

Fidda — One who is like as sliver

Fiddah — A silvery woman

Fikkir — To ponder or think deeply about something

Fikreta — Thought

Fikriyah — A distinctly intelligent individual

Fikriyya — An intellectual person( female version of fikri)

Fikriyyah — Cogitative, In deep thought about many ideas

Filza — Most Beloved; Piece of one’s being; Rose from heaven

Finnbar — A person with fair (blond) hair

Finnehas — The Oracle; As per Bible, the son of Eli; Dark-skinned( Egyptian)

Fiorella — A tiny blooming flower (derived from Latin fiora)

Fiorello — A flower which is young (derived from Latin fiora)

Firouzeh — Turquoise stone or color.

Fiza — Breeze; Wind

Forouzandah — A Quranic name which means a radiant person

Fozia — A female who is triumphant and successful

Fridaws — The very big garden in heaven.

Fukayna — Wise or clever in mind.

Furat — Refers to pleasant water or good water.

Furoozan — Refers to healthy and beaming.

Furough — Refers to vividness or illumination.

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With F