Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With D

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With D

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With D: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with D.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With D

Daania — Beautiful person

Daarina — Lovely and beautiful

Dafiya — Worthy daughter

Dahab — One shining like Gold

Dahah — One living in between

Daizi — Light

Daleela — A Guide

Dalisha — Delightful and happy personality

Daliya — God is my Guide

Daluh — Wish; a desire

Damali — One with best vision

Danamir — Looking for someone

Dananir — Most beautiful woman of Earth

Danijah — Beautiful woman

Daniyah — The close one

Darkhshanda — Splendid and astonishing

Dasia — Lebanese term for daisy flower, excellence

Daulat — One who brings good fortune

Daumaa — Sea or ocean.

Dawha — A lofty tree

Dawlatkhatoon — One who is from the ruling family

Dayeah — Name of a bird; Goddess of kindness

Deema — A cloud which brings rain

Delara — One who can bring happiness in others life

Delkash — Attraction, charm and fascination.

Dema — Rain bearing Earth mother

Dhakirah — The one who remembers God frequently.

Dhia — Splendor or glow.

Dhuha — Time before Noon; perfect one

Dhuka — One who has power and energy of the Sun

Dibi — One with a golden tissue; a priceless brocade

Didja — One who lives in between

Dilaram Quiet — The best that can be given to a child

Dilkash — The most beautiful of them; given by God

Dimah — Silent rain falling without thunder

Diyanah — Quick one; they have power of the Sun; religion

Djamila — A very pretty and beautiful girl

Djin — A courageous and head-strong person who will never escape hard work and struggle.

Doaa — To Pray, a voice of heart ,Source of connection with God.

Dooriya — A radiant and shining master

Dua — Worship ,Prayer one who is blessed

Duaa — Prayer to Allah or God

Duhr — Time of forenoon; very good time

Durdaana — A single and precious Pearl

Durdana — A single and precious Pearl; jewel

Durdanah — Gold, ruby or pearl.

Durrah — One who is like a large pearl

Durrdana — A single and large pearl

Durr-e-Shahwar — Kings worthy pearl.

Durri — Sparkling gem; glittering star

Durrishahwar — A costly and large pearl

Durriyah — One who has a bright shine

Durriyyah — Brilliant and glittering

Duua — One who can be worshipped

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Starting With D