Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Beginning With H

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With H

Arabic Names For Girls Beginning With H: Arabic naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Arabic name or traditional Arabic name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Arabic Girl Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with H.

Arabic Girl Names Beginning With H

Hab — Love, affiliation, friendship, hope

Hai — Alive, The living (Islam) ocean, sea

Hil — Wife of Prophet Jacob and Mother of Prophet Joseph

Hor — Who Conceives; Shows; A Hill

Habi — Picture, Image, depiction

Hafa — mild rain, moderate rain,

Hafs — To Collect; To Rest; Lion; Young one of Lion

Hajj — Pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah

Hala — Round around the Moon, Halo

Hana — Arabic for “happiness,” and Japanese for “flower,” Korean for “One, First, Consistency,” and Hawaiian for “work

Hawa — Air, desire, inclination

Haya — decency, shyness, shame

Hayi — Alive, Living

Heba — The Gift of God; Generous Gift

Hiba — Gift of God

Hina — Henna. Myrtle

Hoda — Arabic name, meaning “guidance”. Also transliterated as Hooda, Huda, and Houda.

Haala — Lunar Halo

Hadil — Acquire, obtain, achieve, the voice of a dove

Hajji — Variation of Haji, Persons completed the Hajj to Mecca

Halah — Nimble; Aureole, Like the light of Moon

Hamia — One with a sense of honor.

Hanaa — Happiness, Pleasure

Hanai — Flower well (Japan), Off Happiness (Arabic), work

Hania — a spirit warrior

Hanin — Emotion, Desire, Longing

Hanym — Single lady, Woman

Hasha — Piousness, Cheerful

Hasna — One who is beautiful

Hayal — dream

Hayam — madly in love

Hayfa — Slim, Physically attractive body,

Hebba — Gift from Allah

Heela — To hope; To wish

Heena — Myrtle

Hibba — Gift from Almighty Allah

Hifza — Protective Angel

Hilal — Arabian Tribe

Hooda — A different spelling of Huda, that means a woman who is well guided

Hoori — Fairy

Horia — Angel, A county in Romania

Hulah — enchanting woman

Haajar — Solid as a stone

Hababa — Beautiful, attractive, gorgeous looking

Habiba — Beloved, darling, sweetheart

Hablah — A woman with a good income or earning.

Hadiqa — Garden, Flower garden, Garden with roses

Hadiya — Guidance of good value, High calibre, High quality

Haemah — Crazy in love, extreme in love, Mad in love

Hafisa — Beautiful, good-looking, attractive, handsome

Hafiza — lady custodian of the Quran, lady protector of the Quran

Hafsah — Wife of the Prophet Muhammad

Hajara — Arabic – Emigrant; Abandoned; A variant of Hajar

Hajira — The wife of Prophet Ibrahim. Name of Prophet Ismaeel’s mother.

Hajrah — Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) Wife

Hakima — Sensible, Wiser

Halifa — Friend, or ones who always stay together.

Halyat — Jewel, Gemstone, Ornament

Hamama — Pigeon, Dove

Hamasi — Exciting. Zealous, Thrilling

Hamima — Varaint of Hamimah, Trustworthy friend

Hanadi — Beautiful face, lovely smell

Hanafi — True believer, One important sect of Islam

Haniah — Of happiness and bliss

Hanifa — True Believer; Pure

Hanina — Servant Female, Maid

Haniya — Pleased, Happy

Hanoon — Affectionate, loving, warm

Hapsah — Gathering

Hareem — The walls of the house of Kaaba.

Hareer — Silk, softness, It’s the fruit of a tree and is used as a cure

Harisa — Lioness

Hasana — Elegant; Good; Cheerful; Beautiful; Pretty; Fair; A variant of Hasina

Hasiba — Respected, Noble, High-born

Hasina — Elegant; Good; Cheerful; Beautiful; Pretty; Fair; A variant spelling is Hasinah

Hasnaa — veru beautiful

Hasnah — Pretty, Attractive

Hasnat — Elegant; Good; Cheerful; Beautiful; Pretty; Fair; A variant of Hasina

Hatifi — is Pertaining to an Angel

Hatima — ender of doubts, A wise and decisive woman

Hayaam — Deliriously in love

Hazara — civilization, culture

Hazima — Solid, active, judicious

Hazina — Treasure

Hazine — Money Keeper

Haziqa — The active

Hejira — Any flight or journey to a more desirable

Hibbah — Gift of the God

Hidaya — The Guidance

Hikmah — Wisdom

Hikmat — Wisdom, Knowledge; Justice

Hirkil — Noble; Beautiful

Hooria — Angel of Heaven

Horiya — Angel or a black eyed heavenly nymph.

Hunoon — A compassionate and loving woman.

Husnia — A girl who is beautiful

Haadiya — One that guides towards righteousness, tranquil, calm.

Haafiza — Protector, defender, to shield

Haajira — Wife of prophet Ibrahim, mother of prophet Ismail

Hababah — A Daughter of Ajlan; She was a Narrator of Hadith

Habeeba — Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling; Loved One; A variant spelling is Habiba

Habibah — Favorite, dearest, beloved

Habibeh — Popular, admired, well liked by everyone

Hadiyah — Arabic – Gift from Allah; Blessing of God; Offered by Allah

Hafeeza — Guardian, protector, Amulet

Haffafa — glittering, sparkling, shining, slim

Hafizah — Guardian, Administrator, vigilant, attentive

Hafthah — Preserved; Protected; One who is protected by God

Hajarah — Very Hot Afternoon; Abandoned

Hajeera — Joy, adore, Beauty, loveliness

Hakeema — Sage, Prudent, Judicious, Feminine of Hakeem

Haleema — Patient, Sympathetic,Gentle, Mild, Humane

Hamamah — Like Dove, Means simple and beautiful

Hamdiya — A woman with a noble and admirable personality.

Hameeda — Thankful to Allah

Hameeza — Intelligent, clever, Bright

Hamidah — Praising Allah, Praiseworthy, Appreciative

Hamideh — Worthy, Creditable, Praiseworthy

Hammadi — Pertaining to Hammad, praiseworthy

Haneefa — Upright, honest,True

Hanifah — True Believer; Honest

Haniyya — Happy, delighted

Haqiqat — Truth, reality, narration

Harisah — Guardian, Protector

Hasibah — Reckoner; Esteemed; Honourable

Hasinah — Elegant; Good; Cheerful; Beautiful; Pretty; Fair; A variant of Hasina

Hasnija — Beauty

Hassiba — secretive and reserved woman

Hazeema — One who is wise and intelligent.

Hazeena — Autumn, Treasure, Forever

Haziqah — Clever, intelligent, beautiful.

Hazirah — intelligent, Clean

Haziran — The Syrian Calendar’s 9th Month, July

Hazzafa — The name of Hazrat Haleema

Hesther — Star

Hidayah — Guidance of the right path

Huraiva — She is like a kitten

Hurriya — A feeling of liberation and freedom

Husaini — Beautiful one

Husanah — A very beautiful, gorgeous girl

Husniya — A beauty of the woman

Hadiyyah — Gift, reward, souvenir, donation, prize

Hadriana — Arabic – Gift from Allah; Blessing of God; Offered by Allah;This is the feminized form of the male name Hadria

Haijuman — Large Pearl

Haleemah — Kind, enduring, caring

Hamdiyah — The one who praises lots

Hamdunah — Daughter of Harun Al Rashid

Hameedah — Girl,woman who gratitude Allah regulary

Haniyyah — Pleased, joyful, Happy

Hazeerah — Clean, Wise

Hidayati — Light for the right path

Hooriyah — Beautiful and radiant angel.

Hubairah — Hyena

Humairah — dark red colour

Humayrah — red colour

Hummaira — cherry colour

Hunaydah — hadith’s narrator(sindhi language)

Hureaira — One who is like a red star

Husniyah — A gorgeous woman

Huwaydah — She is very gente

Hasseenah — Beautiful with attractive face

Haurvatat — Health, perfection, wholeness

Hoorulain — The Most Beautiful Hur with Beautiful Eyes

Hurriyyah — A beautifully radiant woman

Hibatallah — Gift of God

Haifa hayfa — Having beautiful Body, Slender

Hajirafazal — Combination of 2 names, Lovely, Happy

Arabic Girl Names And Meanings Beginning With H