Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With Z

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With Z

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With Z

Zaabit — Clever Man, One who remembers; Brilliant and Intelligent; A variant spelling is Zabit

Zaad — Victory, Success; Triumph; To increase; A variant form of Arabic name Zayd

Zaafer — Helper, or assistant

Zaahid — Ascetic, Abstemious, Devotee; Hermit;

Zaahir — Bright, Shining, Elevated; Radianting; Derived from Zahara

Zaarib — One who Beats, Striker; Fighter; Warrior

Zabir — One who vast knowledge of religion.

Zaden — A variant transcription of Zayden which means to increase

Zadfar — Glorious birth.

Zaeem — A prominent personality, most probably a chief or leader.

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with Z.

Zafer — Victory or victor

Zahaar — Florist, or flower seller.

Zahabia — Golden, or made of gold.

Zahri — Flower-like, or fresh and good looking like a flower

Zahrun — Blossom, or flower

Zahur — Radiant and brilliant.

Zaid — Increase or Growth

Zaigham — A man brave as a lion.

Zaim — Middle Eastern word for brigadier general.

Zain ul Abideen — Adornment of the worshipers or one who is a source of pride for the Muslims.

Zaka — Sagacity, honesty, or intelligence.

Zakaa — Intelligence, Acumen, Purity, Honest; A variant spelling is Zaka

Zakawat — Intelligence, or sharp mindedness

Zakwan — One who is intuitive.

Zamrez — Lion, brave

Short Arabic Boy Names Beginning with Z.

Zarar — A strict, but wise person.

Zarif — One who is humorous.

Zartash — Gold carver

Zaryan — Seeker of wealth.

Zauqi — Enthusiastic, or full of life.

Zaur — Georgian form of Zawar, meaning priest

Zavian — Bright; Shining; Radiant and Brilliant Light; A variant of Xavier

Zaweel — Motion or activity

Zayan — Beautifier

Zayana — One who adorns and beautifies something, adorner.

Zayd — Increase or Growth

Zayed — Straight Edge; To grow; In abundance; Progressing; A variant spelling is Zaid; One who is increasing in all good things

Zayn — Beauty, Grace

Zayyir — Brilliant

Zebadiyah — Allah’s Gift; Gift of God; God’s Gracious Gift; A variant spelling is Zebadiah

Zehaan — Super Abundance; Prosperous; Rich and Wealthy; Progressing

Zerdad — The one who donates.

Zewad — A respected man.

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with Z.

Zhaqiya — Kazakh form of Yahya, meaning God is gracious

Ziad — Enlarging or abundance

Zidane — Abundance or growth. The one who progresses and helps people progress

Zihayr — Brilliant or shining.

Zijad — Light of faith

Zikr — Remembrance; Act of Devotion; Another Name for the Quran, Reminder, Mention

Zikri — Remembrance

Zilal — Shade

Zimraan — Praise

Zimran — A person who prunes, trains, and cultivates vines.

Ziyad — Enlarging

Zohan — Gift; Prayer; From the Saint Maur

Zoltan — Ruler or sultan

Zoraiz — The one who spreads light

Zubayr — Strong and powerful

Zuehb — Clever Minded; Brilliant; Smart; Intelligent

Zuhayr — Little flower.

Zukaurrahman — Son of Rahman, Son of Allah; God’s Gifted Child

Zulfikar — Name of the legendary sword of Ali

Zulfiqar — Cleaver of the spine; Name of the Prophet Muhammad’s sword; Name of the legendary sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with Z.

Zuljalal — One who is blessed with might and glory.

Zulkifl — Name of one of the prophets mentioned in the Quran.

Zuwayhir — Radiant, and luminous

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With Z