Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With Y

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With Y

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With Y

Yaamir — The moon

Yaasoob — Ali’s Title

Yacine — Yacine is a variant of the Arabic given name Yasin. It means happiness.

Yadid — A beloved friend.

Yafir — The one who leaves a mark.

Yahir — He will enlighten

Yakub — God will protect.

Yaman — Proper name

Yamar — Life, alive.

Yaqeen — Certainty, or lack of doubt

Yaqinul Islam — One who believes in Islam

Yaqoot — Ruby, Garnet; Gold; Pearl; Coral

Yasar — Wealth, ease

Yashem — A green leaf.

Yazan — A determined man.

Yazeed — He who makes progress.

Yazid — God will increase

Yeraz — Dream

Yergha — The one who strikes.

Yesal — The crown of flowers

Yesoob — A guiding person.

Yoonus — A Prophet’s name; A variant transcription is Yunus

Yosif — Bulgarian form of Yousuf, meaning Allah increases in piety, power and influence.

Yousef — Derived from Joseph which means Jehovah increases

Yureed — Want, desire.

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With Y