Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With W

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With W

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With W

Waali — The one who directs or the governor

Waase — One of the attributes of Allah.

Wadd — One of the five idols worshiped by Noah’s people.

Wadih — Alone, one who likes solitude

Wadood — Lover or friend.

Wael — Rescue, seeking shelter

Wafiq — One who is victorious; Successful; Triumphant; A variant spelling is Wafic

Waheed — Unique; Singular; Exclusively; Unequalled; Peerless; A variant spelling is Wahid

Wajdi — Passion and love

Wajih — Notable; Eminent; Prominent

Waleed — A newborn baby or of tender age.

Waliyudeen — Supporter of the Faith.

Walliyullah — Supporter of God.

Wamiq — A loving and friendly woman.

Waqas — Combatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; A variant spelling is Waqqas

Waris — Arabic term for successor.

Wasfi — One who is worthy of praise, and worthy of speaking about.

Wasi — Advice, testament, counsel

Wasim — Handsome; Honest; Good Looking; A variant spelling is Waseem

Wathiq — One who is sure and certain.

Wifaq — Harmony, unity, amiability.

Wisam — Badge of honor

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With W