Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With T

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With T

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With T

Taajwar — One who has power to rule a kingdom

Taalib — A student, seeker of knowledge

Taalim — Sky, high up above

Taanish — From an indian word means good

Taatheer — Successful in producing a desired result

Tabaarak — One is blessed; Greatly revered or respected

Tabarak — Consecrated, glorified

Tabarik — To be magnified greatly

Tabarus — Recall someone or something in mind

Tabeed — Someone shines like a glitter

Tabish — Warmth of brilliance.

Tabrid — Be in a cool state

Tabsheer — A person who brings good news.

Tafazzul — Courteousness; Having courtly manner

Tafazzulhusain — Favor of husain

Tafheem — To help someone understand something

Tafzul — Restoration of friendly relations

Tahbeer — Make things beautiful to the eye

Taheem — One who is pure at heart

Taheer — Not spoiled or made impure

Taher — Morally uncontaminated, an innocent one

Tahfeez — To praise or to describe

Tahmeed — Praise, glorify and thank allah

Tahmid — Praising allah saying al-hamdulillah

Tahseen — Beautification, one who is praised

Tahu — Spotless, absolutely clean or pure

Tahura — Honest, principled person

Taib — Very Good Person; Virtuous; Pious; God Fearing and Devoted to God; Repentant; Penitent

Taifurrahman — Vision of the merciful allah

Taimallah — One who serves for allah

Taimoor — The King of the Kings; Self Respecting; Having Self Restraint; Self Made

Taimullah — Servant of god

Taish — Moderation

Taisir — Felicitation

Taizeen — Being ones encouragement

Tajamal — Adornment, magnificence or decoration.

Tajammal — Possessor of great beauty

Tajammul — Something used to beautify something

Tajammulhusain — An ornament of hussain

Tajim — Having respect on someone

Tajj — Authority, or crown

Tajuddin — Crown of the religion

Tajudinn — Pride and honor of the religion

Tajulislam — Crown of islam

Tajweed — Hymn of praise for allah

Takfren — One who is born to help the needy

Takieddin — A god-fearing man

Takiuddin — A person who fears god

Takreem — Meaning to treat with grace

Talaat — Countenance, a person’s facial expression

Talab — Young palm tree

Taleb — One who seeks for something

Talha — Kind of tree

Talhah — One type of a tree

Talim — Building yourself or something

Taloob — Desirous, characterized by desire

Taloot — Commander of Banu-israil’s army

Talum — A sympathetic person

Talut — He who was prayed for

Tameez — A man who is very descrete

Tamir — One who owns date palm trees

Tamiz — One who judges descretly;A man with good senses and distinction

Tammam — Generous; Kind; Compassionate; Benevolent; A variant spelling is Tamam

Tamman — Complete; Perfect; One who is needed; Philosopher’s Stone or wishing stone gem;

Tamseel — Arabic name meaning an illustration

Tamwar — A successful man

Tanizia — Tanizia is the name of a flower in Lebanon.

Tanweel — One who is given or entrusted

Tanweer — He who illuminates

Tanwir — The enlightened one

Tanzeel — Tanzeel is an Arabic term for revelation of holy Quran.

Tanzeem — One who menager or arranges

Tanzilurrahman — Revelation of the merciful

Taqqi — A continent

Taquez — Boy who has brown eyes

Tarafa — One who is from the trees

Tarafah — A tree

Taraz — He who perseveres

Tareak — He who knocks on a door at night

Tareck — He who is a winner

Tareek — The conqueror

Tareeq — The one who knocks at the door

Short Arabic Boy Names Beginning with T.

Tarek — Morning star

Tareq — Morning star

Tarez — He who is stable and potent

Tarick — The morning star

Tarif — Unique; Admiration; Rare; Uncommon

Tarik — Day star

Tarikh — Star of the morning

Tarique — The morning star

Tarreq — A winning person

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with T.

Tasadduq — Giving a donation

Tasadduqhusain — Compassion of Husain

Tasallee — One who gives comfort

Tasawwur — Boy widh great imagination

Taseel — A strong man

Taseen — Acclaim or appreciation.

Taseer — An outcome of the action

Tashbeed — An adolescent

Tashfeen — One who is kind, affectionate and sympathetic.

Tashfin — An affectionate man

Tasif — He who is intelligent

Tasin — Spring of Heaven

Tasleem — Total submission

Tathir — One who makes an impression

Taufiq — A good fortune

Tauheed — Victorious; Belief in the unity of Allah; Belief in oneness of God; A variant spelling is Tawheed

Taweel — The tall one

Tawfeeq — Success, reconciliation

Tawfi — A successful man

Tawfik — One who agrees

Tawil — He who is very tall

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with T.

Tawkeel — To trust in God.

Tawwab — A forgiving man

Tayeb — He who is generous

Tayib — A pearl

Taysir — Facilitation

Tayyab — An authentic fragrance

Tazam — A superior elder

Tazz — A shallow ornamental cup

Tereik — One who conqueres

Terek — The oak tree

Teufik — To be successful, or have good fortune.

Thaaqib — A shooting star

Thalah — A personal, individualistic and defined being

Thalat — One who prays

Thami — The successful one

Thasleem — A salutation or the total submission

Thawr — One who makes peace

Theabul — A humble, trustworthy and honest person

Thiba — A patient, beautiful and hard working individual

Thimba — He who hunts lions

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with T.

Tihami — One who belongs to the eastern shore of the Red Sea

Tijasar — One who is brave, daring and fearless

Timeer — In Sanskrit it means darkness. In Arabic it means wealthy person

Tirmizi — Compiler of a collection

Tishk — Sunlight.

Tohfa — A present of a gift

Tufail — Facilitator or moderator.

Tufool — Self sufficient and responsible human being

Turab — dirt or dust on the sand or earth.

Tuur — A mountain where Moses climbs to talk to god

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With T