Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With S

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With S

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With S

Saaadat — A person who is blissful and happy

Saabiq — Antecedent, prior, former

Saabir — A patient person

Saad — A blissful, happy person

Saadah — A feeling of hapiness, blissfulnes and elation

Saadalla — A joy of God

Saade — A blessing, profit or laughter

Saadi — A person who is destined for happiness

Saadin — The feirness an justice of religion

Saadiq — One who is honest and trustworty

Saaduddin — A justice and success of Islam religion

Saafi — A person of pure and clean nature

Saafir — A person who is an ambassador, a pretty one

Saagh — One who is a good listener

Saaghir — A person who is os submissive, yielding nature

Saahib — One who is a follower, a companion

Saahir — A magical, enchanting person

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with S.

Saajid — A person who worships God

Saaleh — A person with good heart

Saaleha — A pious, good and correct person

Saalih — One of good nature

Saalik — A person who is on the spiritual path

Saalim — The feeling of safety and security

Saaloot — The first King of Israel and Judah

Saami — A high, exalted, praised person

Saamir — Productive, fruit-bearing

Saary — Quicksilver

Sab — A lion

Sabaah — Light of the morning

Sabah — Muslim name meaning morning

Sabahat — A beautiful, handsome man

Saban — A soap maker

Sabaque — One that surpasses or excells

Sabar — To speed up a process

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with S.

Sabeeh — A beautiful and radiant person

Sabeer — A patient person

Sabeh — He who is pretty, handsome

Sabih — One whose face emanates light

Sabiq — One who races others and competes with them in doing good deeds

Sabir — Patient, enduring person

Sabit — Firmly in place, or unshakeable.

Sabooh — A radiant one

Saboor — A patient person

Sabri — On who has great patience

Sabry — One who is patient and quiet

Sabtu — Malay word for Saturday.

Sabuh — Radiantly bright one

Sabur — One who is patient

Sadaaqat — The sincerity, the truth of things

Sadaat — Those who are the children of Hazrat Fatima

Sadad — One who does the right thing or has a lucky hand

Sadal — The one who is the Master of others

Sadaldin — The goodness of the faith

Sadaqat — The truthfulness, honesty and sincerity of things

Sadat — The Master of other men

Saddam — The one who collides

Saddhan — The one who confonts things and people in life

Sadeeq — One who is a close friend an companion in life

Sadek — One who is always truthful

Sadham — One who is proud

Sadi — A lucky person

Sadid — A relevant, correct and right thing

Sadin — An accomplishing person

Sadiq — One who is truthful

Sadique — One who is very good friend and a passionate name

Sadit — A strong and hard working man

Sadooq — One who is honest

Sadruddin — A person at forefront

Saduh — One who sings

Sadun — A happy person

Saduq — One who is loyal

Saeeb — One who is happy

Saeeduzzaman — One who has the lucky age

Saeel — One who is attacking

Safdar — One who is piercing lines

Safeer — A mediating person, an ambassador

Safeeullah — An Arabic name for Boys

Safi — A sencere friend

Safir — A mediator

Safiuddin — One whose faith is pure

Safiy — One who is the best friend

Safiyaldin — One who is the best friend of the faith

Safiyy — He who is the chosen one

Safiyyullah — The chosen one of Allah

Safouane — A pure and genuine man

Saft — One who is full of good habits

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with S.

Safuh — A forgiving and pardoning person

Safulislam — The sword of Islam

Safwan — One who is like a rock

Safwat — One who is supreme in his purity

Sagh — One who is a good listener. Alson means for things to be in order

Sagheer — Something small or minor. A yielding and submissive person

Saghir — A short an yielding individual

Sagubar — A person who is considered to be a genius

Sahabudeen — A Muslim Boy name

Saheb — A master or an owner of something

Saheed — A blissful witness

Saheim — A warrior

Sahel — A shore, beach

Sahib — A companion

Sahil — A shore, a coastline

Sahir — One who stays up late at night

Sahl — Plain and uncomplicated person

Sahmir — An entertaining friend, companion

Saib — A man who is sound in judgement.

Said — A happy man

Saif — Arabic word meaning summer

Saifaldin — One who posesses a sword or a saber

Saifan — Sword of Allah

Saifuddin — A sword of religion

Saifudeen — One who carries a sword

Saifulazman — A sword of a dream

Saifulbaari — The sword of times

Saifulislam — The sword of Islam

Saifullah — A sword of Allah

Saifulmulk — Sword of the kingdom

Saifur — Allah’s sword

Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with S.

Saijuddin — A beautiful man

Saimir — A companion who joins in an evening conversation

Sair — A passionate and enthusiastic human being.

Sairam — A wise and clever Boy

Saiyid — The lord and master of someone or something

Sajad — One who worships Allah

Sajal — Something moist, damp or watery

Sajid — A man who worships God

Sajidah — A person devoted to Allah

Sajidurrahman — A person tho prostrates to the Allah the merciful

Sajili — Someone who is a lover of the peace.

Sajith — Someone who is superior in victory

Sajjaad — Someone who is devoted to worshiping Allah

Sajjad — A person who is submissive

Sajjid — A worshiper, devoted, submissive person

Sakha — A deeply generous person

Sakhaawat — One who gives to others, a generous person

Sakhan — An obedient person

Sakhawat — A person with a spirit of giving

Sakhee — A hospital and generous person

Sakher — A man who is solid as a rock

Sakhir — One who easily wins the hearts of women

Sakhr — A stablie, solid person. Someone who is like o rock

Sakoot — A person with a calm, satisfied mind

Salaah — The righteousness and goodness in a person

Salaahddinn — The faith is fair and just

Salaam — To feel safe and secure

Salaamat — To have the soundness and integrity of the mind

Salabah — To be a narrator of something

Saladin — The fairness and justice of religion

Salah — A man who is send on the mission

Salah al din — Righteousness of religion

Salah udeen — The righteousness of the Faith

Salahaldin — Righteousness of religion

Salaheddin — Honor of the faith

Salahuddeen — Faith is pure and righteous

Salahuddin — Faith is right

Salah-ud-din — The faith is righteous

Salahudean — Righteousness of religion

Salahudeen — Righteousness of Faith

Salam — A person who doesn’t harm others

Salamah — Person of inegrity and soundness

Salamat — One who has integrity

Salamatullah — Security of Allah

Salameh — A peaceful man

Salar — One who is in command

Salatino — One who fought bravely for their cause

Saleeh — One who is admirable and praiseworthy

Saleel — A son or a descendant

Saleem — One who is at peace

Saleemullah — The soundest servant of Allah

Saleemuzzaman — One who is the soundest servant of the time

Saleet — An intelligent person

Saleh — He who is righteous

Salem — Muslim name meaning secure and free

Salib — Lebanese term for pointing out someone’s error.

Salif — One who is noble and ancient

Salih — A righteous, virtuous, intact and good person

Salik — One who follows the spiritual path

Salim — One who is peaceful

Salit — A strong and solid man

Saliym — One who is safe and at peace

Sallam — One who brings peace and safety

Salman — He who is safe and peaceful

Salsaal — The purity of the water

Salsal — One who is pure as a spring water

Samad — One of the 99 names of the God. An immortal one

Saman — A plece that is a home

Sameed — A leader, king or lord. One who is beneficence.

Sameeh — A lenien, forgiving an generous person

Sameen — A precious child

Sameena — A grand forest in paradise

Sameer — He who is a good friend

Sameere — One who is an entertaining companion

Sameern — He who is genuine and real

Samer — He who is a good companion

Samien — One who is to be heard

Samih — He who is forgiving

Samil — One who is constant, fixed

Samiq — One who is tall or exalted

Samir — An entertaining companion

Samirn — A genuine, real person

Sammad — One who has a strong will

Sammak — Abu al-Abbas Muhammad Ibn Sabih had this name

Samman — A storekeeper, grocer, occupational name

Sammir — A companion in evening talk

Samroze — A fruitful tree

Samsaam — A Muslim name meaning Sword

Samsam — A sharp sword


— Evidence; confirmation or proof of something indicating it to be true or valid

Sanaul — Easy to mold, firm to touch

Sanaullah — Worshiper of Allah

Sandhani — Natural satellite of the earth

Sanfeer — One who is blessed with quick mind and intelligence; humble

Sang — Bright one, stands out of the crowd

Sanie — Majestic showing impressive dignity; People of the standing rock

Sanjar — Oldest son of the king which inherited the power and throne

Sannan — A daring person, one who is fearless and dauntless.

Sanug — A song

Saood — One who is lucky

Saqabat — One who is in perfect health.

Saqaf — One who is very clever

Saqat — One who tells the truth

Saqeel — He who is handsome

Saqer — A falcon

Black Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with S.

Saqif — One who is skilled

Saqlain — Arabic name for Boys

Saqqaf — Surname, means roof

Sarab — A mirage

Saram — A sword that is sharp

Saramat — A well travelled man

Sarban — One who leads the caravan

Sardaar — One who gives commands

Sardar — A commander

Sarfaraaz — One who is well respected

Sarfaraz — The blessed one

Sarhan — Muslim name for Boys

Sarikh — The one who redresses grievances.

Sarim — He who is wise

Sarkar — One who oversees

Sarmad — The eternal one

Sarni — The elevated one.

Sarosh — An angel

Sarry — Arabic name for Boys

Sarsour — A bug

Sasan — Name of the founder of Sasani dynasty

Sattar — One who hides the faults of others

Sattat — One who is hiding

Satwat — Majesty or royal majesty

Sauban — One who has two garments

Saud — Fortunate

Saulat — One who has influence

Savian — Variation of Savion Derived from Xavier which means New House or Bright

Sawin — One who protects

Sayed — Leader

Sayeed — The master

Sayf al din — Sword of the faith

Sayfuddeen — A Sword of religion

Sayfuddin — Faith’s sword

Sayfudeen — Sword of the religion

Sayfudin — The sword of Faith

Sayfuldin — A religious sword

Sayfullah — Allah’s sword

Sayhan — One who travels

Sayyad — The lord

Sayyan — Muslim name for Boys

Sayyar — One who is always on the move

Sayyed — The master

Sayyid — Master

Saz — An equipment

Sbahat — A man with very pale skin

Sbaih — Arabic name meaning quicksilver

Sedki — Quicksilver

Seemaab — Muslim name meaning silver

Seemeen — White silver

Seghada — A strong, brave and clever minded individual; independent

Sehaam — One who is good with arrows

Seham — One who shares with others

Seif — Sword (religion)

Seifaldin — Sword of the faith

Sejad — Fortunate, happy

Selasa — Malay word for Tuesday.

Selif — A happy man

Selim — One who is peaceful

Selver — Lord, chief

Semal — A charismatic, unique being

Semih — One who is generous

Senadin — Glow of faith, majesty of faith

Senay — A moon of happiness

Serhat — Turkish name meaning frontier

Sevin — One who loves a woman

Seyed — The Lord, the master

Shaaf — One who is in great health

Shaafi — Occupational name, lawer

Shaah — A king

Shaaheen — A royal falcon

Shaahid — One who has witnessed an event

Shaakir — A thankful person

Shaar — A force of habit

Shaawiyyah — Arabic name for Boys

Shaaz — One who is unique

Shabir — An extremly generous man

Shadey — A man who sings

Shadid — A very strickt, severe man

Shadie — He is a singer

Shadmankhan — A cheerful and glad person

Shafath — One who recommends things

Shafay — An intercessor, one who mediates

Shafee — One who advocates

Shafeek — One who is compassionate and merciful

Shafeeq — Compassionate, tender

Shafiq — Compassionate, tender

Shahaab — He is like a shooting star

Shahab — One who is like a shooting star or a metheor

Shahaba — One who shines like a shooting star

Shahin — He is like a hawk, a falcon

Shahiqa — One whith high status

Shahmeer — One who is very handsome.

Shahood — One who is always ready at the service of others

Shahpar — The longest feather in a bird.

Shahzaib — He wears a King’s crown

Shaidaa — One who is madly in love

Shaikhulislam — He who is the leader of Islam

Shaiq — One of great wisdom

Shajar — He who is like the Trees

Shajith — One who worships God, bows down to God

Shakar — One who is grateful

Shakeel — A handsome and good looking man

Shakeer — One who is grateful

Shaker — One who is grateful

Shaki — He who is a singer

Shakil — A handsome individual

Shaku — A person who is grateful

Shamal — A hot and dry weather

Shamarih — He is battle ready

Shameer — A beautiful young man

Shamikh — One who towers above others, a tall person

Shamimara — A person of nice scent

Shamsaldin — One whose faith is his Sun

Shamsh — The planet Sun

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With S