Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With R

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With R

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With R

Raad — A scout, a pioneer

Raafe — A good companion

Raaghib — One who is willing, desirous

Raahat — To rest, repose

Raahim — One who is compassionate, kind and merciful.

Raaid — A guide, one who is guided

Raajih — One who is superior

Raakin — A respectful one

Raamiz — A variant of Ramiz, means symbol

Raaqeem — One who writes or records

Raaqim — A writer

Raashad — A thinker or a counselor

Raashid — One what is rightly guided

Raasikh — One who is stable, deeply rooted

Raateeb — One who arranges

Raatib — An arranger

Raazi — One who is well pleased

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with R.

Raaziq — A provider or a God

Rabah — One who is at gain

Rabar — One who is loving and caring towards all

Rabb — A master or a lord

Rabbi — A gentle wind

Rabee — Spring

Rabees — A powerful, dauntless person

Rabi — A breeze, gentle wind

Rabie — A spring breeze

Rabih — One who makes a profit

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with R.

Raby — A breeze in the spring

Rachad — One who has good judgement

Rachard — Shrewd counsellor

Rachaud — One with good sence

Rachid — One who is well guided by the faith

Radhee — One who is content

Radhi — He who is satisfied

Radhwaan — Muslim name meaning to find acceptence

Radi — A happy, satisfied man

Radwan — A delightful person

Raed — Pioneer; Explorer; Leader; Guide; Pathfinder; Chief Commander

Raeshad — A good counselor

Rafaqat — A companion, a friend

Rafat — One who is kind and has sympathy toward others

Rafay — The exaulter

Rafaz — Ways and paths

Rafee — One who is noble, sublime

Rafeek — An ally

Rafeeq — A kind person

Rafey — A pioneer

Raffee — An exalting man

Raffy — One that is held high

Rafi — A friend and a companion

Rafic — A gentle friend

Rafick — A good companion

Rafid — One who supports others

Rafik — A calming friend

Rafikkhan — A Muslim name

Rafiq — A friend who is kind

Rafiqh — A variant spelling is Rafiq which means Friend, Companion, Gentle, Kind

Rafique — A gentle friend

Rafiqulislam — A friend of Islam

Rafiuddin — A noble follower of Islam

Rafq — A gentle friend

Rafsala — A muslim name for Boys

Ragab — Name of the seventh month in Islamic calendar

Ragheb — One who has desires

Ragheed — A plentiful person

Raghib — One who is willing, desirous

Raghid — He who is comfprtable

Rahal — A nomad, a traveller

Rahaman — Servant of the most merciful

Rahat — To rest or repose

Rahbar — A guide or a leader

Raheem — He who is kind and tender

Raheeq — A smart, handsome and elegant man.

Raheesh — A rich leader

Rahhala — Arabic name

Rahib — An intelligent man

Rahil — One who departs on a journey

Rahim — A good friend and companion

Rahimat — The graceful one

Rahman — He who is merciful

Rahmat — Clemency, mercy

Rahmatullah — On who is in God’s mercy

Raid — A leader

Raihaan — A smell of sweet basil

Raihan — He who smells like sweet basil

Raiq — A serene and pure one

Arabic Names For Boys with Meaning Starting with R.

Rais — A chief or a leader

Raishar — A good judgement

Raisuddin — Leader of the religion

Raisul — The first one

Rajaalkarim — Hope of the kind

Rajab — Seventh month of the islamic calendar

Rajeel — One who walks a lot

Rajih — One who is superior

Rakeem — A variant spelling of the Quranic name Raqeem; Said to be derived from Raheem which means compassionate

Rakeen — He who is dignified

Rakhshan — A flashing light

Rakim — A merciful person

Rakin — He who is well respected

Ramadan — Name of the ninth month of muslim calendar

Ramadhan — Ninth month in Muslim calendar

Ramaz — Ramaz is the Georgian form of Ramadan. It means parchedness, scorchedness. It comes from the name of the ninth month of the Islam calendar

Ramazan — Ninth month in Muslim calendar

Rame — One who is a good shooter

Rameel — Mercy of God; God is gracious; Kindness of God

Ramees — Winter; A variant of name Rameez which means Prince

Rameez — Intelligent and noble man

Ramey — Arabic name meaning loving

Rami — Arabic – Shooter; Germanic – Counsel; Advice; Great; Famous;

Ramih — A brightest star

Ramis — A respected man

Ramiz — (Arabic)-Learned; Dignified; Honored; Respected; A variant spelling is Ramez

Ramizuddin — One who reads the signs from religion

Ramy — He who is loving

Ramzee — An island with rams

Ramzi — A sign or a symbol

Ramzy — He who is important

Randwin — Arabic name meaning contentment

Rangila — He who is in a good mood

Raouf — A generous one

Raqeeb — One who competes

Raqib — A watchman

Raqim — One who writes

Raquib — One who is the most watchful

Rasal — Muslim name for Boys

Rashaad — One who gives advice, a thinker

Rashaan — One who thinks wisely

Rashad — Thinker; Counselor; Having good judgment; Good sense and good guidance

Rashaud — Form of Rashad, means conselor

Rashaude — One who is good at counseling

Rashaun — Little warrior

Rashdah — One who is rightly guided

Rasheed — Thinker; Counselor; Having good judgment; Good sense and good guidance; Wise and Prudent

Rasheeduddin — One who is rightly guided by the faith

Rasheeka — One who is royal

Rasheid — One who is rightly advised

Rasheyd — The righteous one

Rashid — One who is mature

Rashidi — A wise man

Rashiduddin — One wisely guided by the faith

Rashied — One who is on the right path

Rashod — One who has good guidance

Rashoda — One who has good judgement

Rasikh — One who is stable

Rasil — Messenger; God Sent

Rasim — An architect

Rasin — One who is calm

Rasiq — Elegant man

Rasool — A messanger

Rasoolbux — He who delivers the message

Rasul — A prophet

Ratib — An organizor, one who puts things in order

Ratiq — One who brings people together, also another name of Allah

Raufe — A merciful and compassionate individual

Rauff — A sympathetic, comapssionate, benevolent person

Rauffe — A person with a warm and compassionate heart

Raushaid — One who is advised well, a righteous person

Ravoof — One who is a slave of love

Rayees — A wealthy, rich person

Rayhaan — A sweet smelling flower that isn’t a rose, also something that brings confort

Rayhaan sweet — A plant that has a sweet smell

Rayhari — A name used in Arabic and Urdu languages

Rayi — Amazing

Rayshard — A righteous and brave ruler

Rayshod — A righteous man

Raza — One who brings hope to people

Razak — A man who is deeply devoted

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with R.

Razik — One who is fearless and courageous

Razin — A subtle, composed noble man

Raziq — A person who provides, also means God

Raziurrahman — The beneficent man’s pleasure

Razzaq — The provider of live necessities

Redha — A man who is satisfied and content in the God’s favor

Reehab — Vastness or wideness.

Rehaan — One of good scent, or a fragrance

Rehaman — One who is like the drops of the dew

Rehan — One who is the King of people

Reheeq — One who is smart, handsome or elegant.

Rehman — A servant of the merciful man

Rehmat — A forgiving, merciful person

Reihan — Variant of Rejhan, meaning basil plant.

Rejhan — Basil plant

Reshad — A righteous, ethical, honorable man

Reuf — Very merciful

Reyaz — Practice; A variant spelling of Riyaz which means Garden

Reyham — One who is prefered and favoured by the God

Rezaul — To achieve satisfaction

Rezaulkarim — A satisfaction of the most genereous one

Rhashad — One whose judgement is great

Rhashod — A clever, intelligent counselor, adviser

Riad — Spacious meadows and beutiful gardens

Riasat — The state’s leader

Riaz — Beautiful gardens with green grass and flowers

Black Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with R.

Ridasiraj — An Arabic Boy name that is linked to a favor

Ridha — Contentment; Satisfaction; Acceptance

Ridhaa — A feeling of utter contentment, acceptance and satisfaction

Ridhwaan — One who guards the gates of Heaven

Ridhwan — A good willed keeper of the Heaven’s gates

Ridwan — A god-fearing pious man devoted to God

Rigel — Arabic – Foot; Rygel is a variant of Rigel

Riggin — An English Surname of possible German Origin

Rihaz — An Arabic name for baby Boy

Rijad — Desert gardens

Rishaad — One who is on a right path in life, with a good judgment

Rishad — A person whose good judgment leads him on a right path

Rishan — One who is a very good being

Riwas — Tradition; Culture; A variant spelling is Riwaz

Riwaz — Tradition; Culture; A variant spelling is Riwaz

Riyad — He who is like a beautiful garden

Riyadh — He who loves gardens

Riyas — A promised Paradise, Heaven

Riyasat — A dominion who rules

Riyaz — A beautiful garden in nature

Riyazulislam — The beautiful gardens of Islam

Riyyan — A special gate of Heaven for people who fasted a lot in their lives

Rizawan — A guardian angel of the Paradise

Rizqallah — A livelihood given by the God

Rizu — Brave; Powerful; Mighty; Courageous

Rizwaan — A feeling of satisfacion

Roohulamin — A spirit of a reliable man

Roohullah — One who is full of Allah’s spirit

Roozbah — A very fortunate man

Roshad — A man who is well guided

Roshd — An aware man who is on the right path in his life

Roushdy — An Arabic Boy name

Ruhab — An open-minded and generous Boy

Rukn — One who gives support like a pillar

Ruknuddin — A man who is a pillar of the Muslim religion

Rushdi — A mature man with great wisdom

Rusul — Messengers, Message-bearers.

Ruwaihim — One who is kind, compassionate and forgiving.

Ruwayfi — High status, or exalted

Ruzbihan — A great day

Ruzzik — One who is wise

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With R