Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With Q

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With Q

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With Q

Qaabil — An accepter, an approver of something

Qaabiz — A variant spelling of Qabiz meaning one of the ninety

Qaadhee — A magistrate of justice

Qaahir — One who conquers and wins lands and men

Qaaid — One who is destined to be the leader of men

Qaaim — A steadfast, stansing person

Qaani — One who is content with himself

Qaasim — A distributor of something

Qaasit — Person who is just, fair

Qabeel — One who is the male child of Syyidina Aadam

Qabid — Good Boy; Great Child;

Qabil — A person who approves something

Qabir — A grand, great man

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with Q

Qabisah — The all-mighty power of Allah

Qabiz — One of the ninety men

Qabool — One who is full of acceptance and approval

Qabul — One who accepts and approves things

Qadar — A destination to be reached, one with a divine destiny

Qadarat — Nature;

Qaddam — Leader; Prince; King; Chief; Ruler

Qaddoor — A powerful person who is able to do anything

Qaddur — A capable and powerful man

Qadeem — An ancient, time-honored or long-possessed

Qadeer — An all-powerful and capable person

Qadim — Something ancient and very very old

Qadir — One of 99 names of Allah, means a powerful and capable person

Qahhar — Dominant; An emphatic word for name Qahir which means the Irresistible Subduer

Qaid — A commander of men

Qaim — A standing, rising and well-grounded person

Qaimaq — Cream; A variant of name Qaima which means Bestower

Qaisar — One who is an emperor, a shah, a ceaser

Qaiser — A ruler and an emperor of men and lands

Qalam — Pen; A type of pen made from a dried reed, used for Islamic calligraphy

Qalander — A person who prefers to live in a solitude

Qamaruddin — A person who is a brilliant leader of the Muslims, Moon of the faith

Qammar — Moon, lunar, or lunar month.

Qanee — One who is satisfied with his life

Qaraar — Muslim name meaning firm, firmness

Qaraja — Power of Allah

Qarar — Muslim male name, means rest, resting

Qaree — One who reads or recites

Qari — The reader, reciter

Qarib — Arabic name for Boys, means close, near

Qarin — Irritable, Impatient, Narrator of Hadith

Qarun — Soul; Self; Name of a man in Quran who is exultant in his richness

Qaseem — One who divides

Qasidulhaq — Courier of the Truth

Qasif — Muslim name meaning to discover

Qasim — One who divides goods among his people

Qasit — Person who is just, fair

Qatadah — A hardwood tree

Qatawah — A companion

Qateel — The one who can sacrifice anything for the welfare of the almighty.

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with Q

Qatn — Power of Allah

Qawi — One who is strong, powerful, and firm.

Qayim — Boy’s name meaning upright, true

Qays — Muslim name meaning firm

Qayyam — One who stands much

Qayyim — One that is correct and appropriate

Qayyum — Servant of the Sustainer of Existence

Qazafi — One who Lives in Vast Forest

Qazee — A judge, justicer

Qazi — Judge; Justice; Persian form of Qadi; A variant spelling is Kazi

Qazzafi — Wide, spacious, extensive.

Qeehael — The Biblical Cain Is The English Language Equivalent


— Power of Allah; A variant spelling is Quidam meaning someone who cannot be named

Qihael — Biblical Cain is the English language equivalent, means possessed

Qiwam — One who gives support

Qiwamuddin — Support of the religion

Qssim — One who divides

Qtatdah — Power of Allah

Quadeer — A powerful and capable person

Quadir — One who is strong

Quamar — The Moon; Brilliant, Radiant and Bright Moon; A variant spelling is Qamar

Quarbaan — A martyr

Quasim — Distinguished looking; One who shares; A variant form of name Qasim and Wasim

Qubul — Accepting Concurrence; Accepted; Appreciated; Accredit

Qudamah — One who is courageous

Quddoos — Arabic name meaning angels

Qudrat — Power of nature

Qudratullah — Power and strenght that comes from God

Quds — Muslim name meaning holiness

Qudsi — One who is holy and sacred

Qudumah — One who has courage

Quraish — Earn; Gain; An Arab community of which Prophet Mohammed was from; Ancestor of Prophet Mohammed

Quraysh — To gainor to earn

Qurbaan — One who makes a sacrifice, a martyr

Qurban — Martyr; Sacrifice; Offering

Qureshi — A Muslim family name belonging to the Quraysh tribe believed to be the Ancestor of Muhammad; Muhammad’s Mothers Community name

Qurram — A happy person

Qusay — One who is distant

Qussay — A distance one, one that is far away

Qutab — One who is great, noble and venerable

Qutaiba — Irritable; An Impatient man; A variant of Qutaybah

Qutaibah — An impatient man

Qutaybah — One who is irritable

Qutb — A celebrity

Qutub — A pivot, pole or axis

Qutubuddin — Leader of Islam Religion;

Qutuz — A variant spelling is Kutuz; Name of the third Mamluk Sultans of Egypt in the Turkic line

Quzam — Violent and Quick; A Muslim Family name

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With Q