Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With N

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With N

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With N

Na yab — An uncommon or most treasurable.

Naabih — well-known, celebrated, notable, bright.

Naadim — A repentant or remorseful individual

Naadir — A beloved or rare, a precious one.

Naail — Wage earner, Receiver, Award, Capacity.

Naasik — The one who is spiritual supporter, a pious person

Naasir — The person who is assisting and caretaking others.

Naathim — Performing as a controller or coordinator.

Naazeer — An observer, a spectator, who observe a lot

Naazim — The person who has the ability to establish everything.

Naazir — The person who supervises an event.

Nabaha — Celebrity, dignity, intellect, glow, genius.

Nabeeh — The person mentally quick and resourceful.

Nabeel — The person who is having the quality of elevation of mind and exaltation of character.

Nabhan — The person who is attentive, sleepless and mindful.

Nabiel — The person who is belonging to the honour and titles.

Nabih — The person who is concentrating, alert and watchful.

Nabil — The person who is entitled to honour and respect.

Nabiullah — The Holy Prophet of the Almighty. The nickname of the Prophet Nuh.

Nabiulmalhamsh — The person who is foretelling the battle time.

Nabon — The person who is from the north side overhang.

Nabor — The shining nimble of the prophet.

Nacim — The very first blowing.

Nacki — Very well known and esteemed.

Nadeem — The traveller who accompanies you.

Nader — A dearest person, One who is most loved

Nadheer — The one who gives warning to others.

Nadheera — who warn others of the danger

Nadhif — Very well known and acceptable one.

Nadhifa — Popular to others, widely acceptable

Nadhira — The one who is treasurable and valuable.

Nadidah — Giving equal respect to all.

Nadiha — The one who is celebrated and esteemed.

Nadim — The person who provides cooperation or assistance.

Nadqid — The person who acts on behalf of his superior.

Nadr — Decorating, displaying or curling.

Naeem — The person who is cheerfulness and well being.

Naeemullah — Mercy of Allah, heaven of Allah.

Naef — Additional, spare, left over.

Naem — A joyous person, always happy

Nafees — Distinguished, unpolluted; optimal, wonderful

Nafiz — From the marks of the God.

Nafizur — A valuable person, who is treasurable

Nagat — Highpoint or exceptional or exquisite.

Nagib — The decent person

Nahad — A honourable and strong person

Nahi — One who gets into the way, who restrain others from the evil

Nahian — One who attains the height of wisdom

Nahim — The happy person who is at ease

Nahiyan — One who discourage from doing any wrong things

Nahyan — Who discourages from doing wrong

Naif — Having a great stature

Nail — One who accomplish or attains

Naim — A calm or tranquil person

Naimallah — A tranquillity from the Almighty

Naimath — Bounties, a reward from the Almighty

Naimullah — A comfort from the Almighty

Naiym — Free from all the worries

Najaf — A mighty hillock. Name of a holy city of Iraq

Najair — A small or tiny star

Najam — A star, relates to heaven

Najar — One who works as a carpenter

Najee — One who survives, a survivor

Najeeb — An intelligent noble person

Najeeh — The judgement or a sentiment

Naji — A rescued one, act of being rescued

Najib — An Aristocrat, noble person

Najibuddin — An aristocrat of the faith or belief

Najid — A brave soul. Bravest of all

Najiullah — One who is saved by the Allah

Najjar — One who took carpentry as a profession

Najm — A star, a bright star of the constellation

Najm al din — The star of the religion

Najm udeen — The star of the faith or belief

Najmaldin — A star among the religion

Najmeddin — The shining star of the faith

Najmuddawlah — The star of the princely state

Najmuddeen — The religion’s star

Najmuddin — A bright star among the religion

Najmudeen — The religion’s bright an beautiful star

Najy — Innocent or Harmless or Benign or Nonviolent

Namas — One who is like a little sturgeon bird

Namik — A writher or an author

Namood — A clever person, a tricky nature

Naoufel — A blessing donated by the Almighty

Naqash — A sketch or a painting or a sculptor

Naqeeb — A chief, a leader, one who announce or give news

Naqib — A lawyer, one who takes side

Naqqaad — One who review, a reviewer

Naqqaash — A painter or a sculptor

Naqqad — One who criticize or review

Naqqash — A sculptor of stones

Naqqee — A pure person, without impurity

Naqqi — A chaste or pious person

Naranj — Third one in the family, third conceived baby Boy.

Nasah — A counsellor, who counsels others

Nasar — One who support or help others

Nasawi — A free detailed, friendly and ultimate person

Naseeb — Luck, the share of luck

Naseeba — The destiny or the fate

Naseefa — Speech that is spoken in secret.

Naseem — The cool breeze of a pleasant weather

Naseer — One who grants a victory

Naseeruddin — The supporter of the religion

Naser — A helper or a supporter

Nashean — The one who is responsible of the post

Nasheed — The chants in a rhythm with beats

Nashit — A lively or energetic person

Nasib — The person who is engaged in trade business.

Nasif — Much valued as a jewel, fair and most valuable person

Nasih — An advisor, who gives good advise

Nasihuddin — The right advisor of the faith

Nasim — The breeze, a gentle breeze

Nasimuddin — The breeze of a faith or belief

Nasimulhaq — Inspiring pleasure.

Nasin — The marine, deep ocean.

Nasir al din — The utmost beautiful.

Nasiraldin — Be fabulous or tremendous.

Nasiruddin — The person who is having emotional admiration.

Nasooh — Being worthy or deserving.

Nasr — A dark birdie, a black colored bird

Nasra — One who have a helping hand, an assister

Nasrallah — the victory of Allah

Nasruddin — The supporter of faith or belief

Nasrullah — The one who supports the name of Allah

Nassab — Inspired or given to others

Nassar — Who grants a victory or win

Nasser — The one who reached the great place of decency.

Nasser udeen — The victorious person of faith

Nasserudeen — The winner of religion

Nassiruddeen — Winner among the faith

Nassiruddin — The protector of religion

Nassor — A victor, a winner

Nathar — Spread and distributed.

Natheer — Adviser, counsellor, warner.

Nathim — The cool and gentle breeze

Nathir — Someone who gives a warning to others.

Naumaan — One of the famous Islamic scholars.

Nauroz — New year day of Persians.

Nauroze — The first day of new year for Persians.

Naved — One who brings good news

Naveed — The messenger of good news

Navid — One who gives the good news

Nawaar — A beautiful flower or a blossom

Nawaazish — The kindness, a charitable behaviour

Nawab — A wealthy or prosperous person

Nawaf — One at a high place or a lofty person

Nawaid — A good news, Joyous news

Nawal — In Arabic it means new. In Hindi it means new or fresh

Nawaz — One who bless others or give others

Nawazish — A blessing of the kindness

Naweaz — One who is cherished

Naweed — A news that brings the good

Nawfal — An extremely generous, generosity is like ocean

Nawfar — The lotus or water-lily flower

Strong Arabic Boy Names Starting with N

Nawid — The good news that brings tranquility

Nawman — One who warn or notify, A bountiful person

Nawwaf — To overlook or to supervise

Nawwal — Gift in Arabic and New or Sailor in Hindi

Nawwar — A glowing person, radiant

Nay — The state or quality of being widely honored.

Nayab — Related to the Ocean.

Nayaz — A gift or a present

Nayef — Something in surplus, or excess

Nayif — The great, or Highness

Nayihan — An honest and humble human being

Nazaaha — One of purity, a just person

Nazal — An act of falling down

Nazeeh — A chaste person, pure

Nazeem — A governor or an organiser

Nazeer — One who has a comparison

Nazeh — An honest or a virtuous person

Nazem — One who arrange something

Nazih — An honest person

Nazim — One who manages things

Nazir — One who is comparable

Nazzeer — One who can be compared of others

Nejeeb — The raven, large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail.

Neki — A mountain or hill in the holy place Mekkah.

Nen — From the olden water places.

Nessim — The floret which blooms in the forest.

Nguna — Renowned, illustrious, celebrated, eminent.

Niam — Sweetened, satisfied, sugary, comfortable.

Nibras — The nimble and bright which comes from the Lamp.

Nidal — Skirmish, Competition, protection, Free-for-all, Match, shield

Nieem — Not petty in character and kind.

Nihad — massive, tough, preeminent, authoritative.

Nihal — Exuberant, prosperous, jubilant, positive.

Nihan — Concealed, secreted, undisclosed.

Nijat — Salvation, or success

Nikhat — Attar, perfume, cologne, scent.

Nimr — Road, path, way, lane, street.

Niriksh — Remarkable, widely known, popular.

Nirmaljas — The light of right guidance

Nirmaljeet — The guiding light trough

Nirmit — One of the great emperors of Iran.

Niruj — The divine light of religion

Powerful Arabic Boy Names Starting with N

Nissar — A devoted person

Nitasha — A blessed person, blessed by Almighty

Niyaaz — A desire to offer something to God

Niyas — Offerings to Almighty

Niyaz — Something offered to the Almighty

Nizal — A contest or someone who is striving for

Nizam — An arrangement or an order of something

Nizamat — The organization or the arrangements

Nizar — A unique or a rare thing

Nofal — Contribution or payment or gift.

Nokhez — Newly born or fresh one or newcomer.

Nomaan — Lively blood which is circulating inside of human body.

Nooh — Haze, miasma, droplets.

Noor al din — The Goddess Surya, Sun.

Noor udeen — Child of shielded loveliness.

Nooreen — The talent from the almighty God.

Noori — The dearest and talented messenger of the God

Noormuhammad — A glorious person. A person with good deeds.

Nooruddeen — The illumination of the hope or trust.

Noorudean — The light of the faith or belief

Noorudeen — The vividness of the faith.

Noorulabsar — The bright of the revelation.

Noorulayn — The brightness of the eye sight.

Noorulhaq — The light of the Truth or the Almighty

Nooruzia — The illumination of the bright light

Noralee — A high or elevated light

Norr — Remarkable, widely known, popular.

Norulhuda — The light of right guidance

Norunn — The guiding light trough

Nosherwan — One of the great emperors of Iran.

Noureddin — The divine light of religion

Nubaid — The one who gives gladness.

Nudd — The one who resembles the precious gold.

Nuh — Freedom from responsibilities and activities.

Nuhad — The bold and courageous young human.

Nuhaid — The one who is above the average in size.

Nuhayd — Above the average in quantity or magnitude or extent.

Numair — Panther, a large spotted feline of tropical America similar to the leopard.

Numan — Life blood or body fluid.

Nur al din — The clarity of the trust or hope.

Nuraldin — The clearness of faith.

Nurani — The one who was born on Christmas day.

Nuraz — The precious things of Noor.

Nurdeen — The brightness of the belief.

Nureddin — The bright light of the faith

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with N

Nurfirdaus — The shine from the highest heavens.

Nurhan — Positive woman, dazzling rose.

Nurija — Light

Nuruddin — The brightness of the belief.

Nurulqiblatayn — The both lights of the Qibla.

Nusair — The bird which is targeted to be killed.

Nusayr — One of the narrators of Hadith.

Nushanth — The line at which the sky and earth appear to meet.

Nusratuddin — The one who supports the Islamic religion.

Nusret — Victory or help

Nuzayh — Uncorrupted or clean

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With N