Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With M

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With M

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With M

Maad — Arabic name that means Afterlife

Maajid — One who is honourable and splendid

Maalik — Person who posseses or owns, a master

Maalik master — Name of Allah; king

Maamar — The one who prospers

Maamoona — A fearless, brave man

Maamoun — A dependable, reliable person

Maamun — A loyal, trustworthy and honorable person

Maarij — A strong fiery blaze

Maarouf — A person who behaves in a good manner

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with M

Maaruf — An act of kindness

Maasilan — A pure person with no blemishes

Maaz — One who is seeks or gives shelter

Maazin — A refuge, shelter

Mabah — One who deserves to be trusted

Mabarak — An encouraging, auspicious individual

Mabood — A worshipped and adored man

Mabrouk — The blessed one

Mabruk — The one who is blessed

Mabud — Worshipped and adored one

Madani — A person acting in a civilised manner

Madar — An obrbit, cycle

Madidu — One who is trustworthy

Madih — On who gives praises

Madni — The title of the Holy Prophet

Maez — A destinguished one

Mafeed — A person who is useful

Magdi — A man famous for his glory

Mahal — One who is compassionate, lenient and forgiving

Mahamadou — A praiseworthy and admirable individual

Mahammed — An admirable, priseworthy and thankful man

Mahbeer — One who is brave

Mahboob — A name for a sweetheart

Mahboub — One who is liked

Mahbouba — A very liked person

Mahbub — One who is loved and adored

Mahbubullah — One who is loved by Allah


— One who is on the right path

Mahdiyah — Guided by God

Mahdy — One who is guided to the right path

Maheer — A brave bold and courageous man

Mahfar — He who is worthy of trust

Mahfooz — One who is well preserved

Mahfouz — The safeguarded one

Mahfuz — A safeguarded, well protected person

Mahfuzurrahman — A well secured and proteceted one

Mahib — One who is as brave as a lion

Mahid — The one who brings comfort to others

Mahidul — A muslim name

Mahir — A person who has many different skills

Mahjub — A concealed person, someone who hides from the world

Mahmed — A trustworthy individual, someone who is praised

Mahmood — A man who is worth the praise and adoration

Mahmoode — A person worthy of acclaim and praise

Mahmoud — One who is praised by people

Mahmud — He who is praised and worthy of adoration

Mahomet — One who is commendable and trustworthy

Mahrus — One who is a safe harbor to others

Mahud — A worshiped and admired individua;

Mahzar — Pronouncement; Declaration or Opinion

Mahzuz — One who is of great luck and fortune

Maier — Bright and shining

Maieveen — A variant spelling is Maievin which is a surname

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with

Maimon — One who is dependable and full of faith

Maimun — A fortunate one

Maisur — He who is fortunate

Maitham — Muslim Boys name

Majd udeen — Glory of the faith

Majdaldin — A glorious faith

Majdeddin — He who is honourable

Majdi — One with great glory

Majduddeen — Name representing the glory of the faith

Majduddin — Glory of the faith

Majdudeen — Faith is glorious

Majdy — He who is praiseworthy

Majed — One who is noble

Majeed — He who is exalted and worthy of praise

Majid — One with a noble glory

Majid al din — Glory of the faith

Majidaldin — Glory found in the faith

Makaarim — A variant of name Makarim which means Of good and honorable character

Makakhan — One who is a great leader of people

Makan — Place; The name is used 28 times in Quran; A variant of name Makaan

Makarim — One who has honorable and reputable character

Makarramkhan — Truthful and honest individual

Makbul — An accepted person

Makeen — A man who is strong and firm

Makhdoom — One who emplyes, a master

Makhdum — A person whi is in charge

Makhid — One who conforts and bring pease to people

Makin — A person who is healthy, powerful and strong

Makki — A person who is from the city Mecca in Arabia

Makram — One whose character is generous and noble

Maleek — Arabic name meaning sovereign

Malek — A king, he who owns

Malick — A variant of name Malik; God; The King; Above all earthy rulers

Malih — Boy who is radiant and handsome

Maliheh — A beautiful, handsome man

Malikh — A master, a king

Maliki — A variant of name Malik; God; The King; Above all earthy rulers; Owner

Maliq — An angel of God

Malique — A king or a master

Mallick — Malik; one who is a leader or a lord; noble

Mallik — The master

Maluf — A person who is very popular and familiar to many

Mamdoh — A praised and a glorified individual

Mamdooh — A person who is praised and glorifies

Mamdouh — A glorified person woth of all the praises

Mamduh — One who commendable a and praiseworthy person

Mamnoon — A person who deserves the trust that he was given

Mamnun — He who deserves to be trusted with a secret

Mamoon — A man who can be relied on

Mamum — A person who is loyal

Mamun — He who is loyal and trustworthy

Manaal — Attainment; Achievement; A variant spelling is Manal; Success; Triumph

Manaar — Guiding Light; Bright Light; Radiance; Luminance

Manelin — The prince of princes

Manfaat — A name meaning profit

Manimuthu — A river of precious stones, a river of pearls

Mannaan — One who is a do-gooder and a benefactor

Mannan — A man who is a philanthropist

Mannath — A wishful person

Manoshan — A muslim name

Manouchehr — A character in Shahnameh

Mansoor — One who is protected by God

Mansour — One who is aided by God

Mansur — A victorious one

Mansurkhan — A winning king

Manzar — A sight or a view

Manzir — One who raises caution and who warns others

Manzoor — A person who is accepted and even admired by others

Manzur — An admired and aknowledged man

Maqbool — An accepted, aknowedged and beloved individual

Maqeem — A resident, someone who stays

Maqsood — One who is intended to marry, a proposed person

Maqsud — A person who is destined to get married

Maraam — Aspiration; Wish; Desire

Maraatib — A man of excelence and nobility

Maram — One who aspires

Maraqab — A person of high rank, a praiseworthy person

Maratib — A person of excellence and dignity

Marghoob — A desired one

Marghub — One who is agreeable

Marid — A person with a rebellious personality

Marjan — A small pearl

Markooz — The one who is well centered

Maroof — A good deed, someone who does good deeds

Marouane — A solid stone from marou that was used to make fire in ancient times.

Marsad — A companion of prophet PBUH

Maruff — One who is a Do-gooder

Marufirah — He who is respected; another name for Quran

Marutha — The messanger of God

Marwan — A tree that smell good

Marzooq — One who has been given talents

Marzouq — One who is blessed by God

Marzug — A fortunate one

Marzuq — One who has fortune and bliss

Marzuqah — He who is blessed by God

Mas — The lucky one

Masab — Name of a friend of Prophet Muhammad.

Masabih — A lamp

Masarrat — Word for happiness and delight

Maseehuzzaman — Messiah of the age

Masheer — A person who is a good advisor

Mashhood — A person who has witnessed something, who was present

Mashkoor — A person that is worthy of praise

Mashooq — A sweetheart that is deeply loved and beloved

Mashuq — A beloved sweetheart

Masid — One who wishes to know things

Masmud — A place name, Berber tribal confederacy of Marocco

Masood — One who is lucky and fortunate in life

Masoom — An innocent, enerring and dependable individual

Masoud — A happy and opportune preson

Masroor — A oleased and happy one

Masrur — One who is pleased and happy in life

Massi — A man who is opportune and fortunate

Massoud — A prosperous person with a happy personality

Masum — A man who is of innocent character

Masun — A well-protected, sheltered man

Maten — A powerful, strong, mighty one

Matharr — He is like the rain

Matin — A powerful person

Matloob — The wanted one

Matlub — The unknown one

Maudad — An arabic Boy name

Maudood — A friendl person

Maudud — One who is an attached friend

Maula — Arabic name for a master or a lord

Maulaa — One who is the master

Maulana — He who is our master

Maumettu — A variant of Muhammad, meaning praised or to praise.

Maumoon — An arabic Boy name

Mausoof — A person who is endowed with qualities

Mawardi — A baby Boy name of Arabic origin

Mawdood — A bleoved and attached person

Mawdud — A loving person who is attached to people

Mawhoob — A gifted and talented man

Mawla — One who is a servant of Allah

Mawloud — A birth of the prophet

Mawlud — A prophet’s birth

Maymuun — One who is blessed, thriving, prosperous.

Maysoon — A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar; To walk with a proud

Mazaahir — An exterior of the person, the looks

Mazahir — Appearances of a man

Mazen — A cloud that brings rain

Mazhar — A phenomenon, a manifestation

Mazharuddin — A manifest of religion

Mazharul — A manifestation of truth

Mazharulhaq — A gratitude toward Allah, one who speaks the truth

Maziba — An arabic Boy name

Mazid — Muslim name meaning to increase

Mazin — A rain-bearing cloud

Mazinn — A proper name

Mazkoor — A related one

Mazzin — Rainy coluds

Mebsam — The one who smiles a lot

Meddar — A Muslim name of Arabic orogin given to Boys

Medhir — One who is well guided

Meer — A man of great authority

Meerab — Water masker

Meesum — One who is cute and attractive

Mehaboob — He who is beloved

Mehboob — A loved friend

Mehcad — Arab Boy’s name

Mehd — An instructor

Mehdi — The guided one

Mehemet — He who is praiseworthy

Mehjabeen — One who is powerful

Mehjibin — Person as beautiful as the moon

Mehk — A sweet smell, fragance

Mehmed — Praised

Mehmet — Praiseworthy ruler

Mehmood — One worthy of compliments

Mehmud — A man worthy of praise

Mehran — A kind and affectionate person

Mehrang — Color of the sun.

Mehrdad — Gift from the sun

Mehshid — The sun

Mejdi — Reliable, always worthy of trust and belief, worthy of highest responsibility

Mekka — A Holy city, a city of Islam in Saudi Arab

Mennatulla — A wish from the Almighty Allah

Mensur — Victorious

Meraj — A ladder to heaven, or a rise in the status

Merve — The hill near Mekkah.

Mhasood — The person who is occuring by chance.

Mhkhtar — A chosen one; who is a chief

Miftaah — fundamental or basic.

Miftah — the one who guides others to the upright path.

Mifzal — marvelous and hallowed person.

Mihammad — earnest and tribute.

Mihyar — the name of a famous poet.

Mikaail — The main angel of Allah who brings Allah’s judgements

Mikaeel — the messenger Angel of the most high and powerful God.

Mikael — the talent from the almighty God.

Mikail — The angel who carry messages of the Almighty.

Mimrah — A lively person, a joyous person.

Minhaaj — The right way or method to do something

Minhaas — The right method or curriculum of the activities

Minhaj — The proper guidance or instructions to do the work correctly

Minhajuddin — The right way or the path of the belief

Minhal — A kind, generous person, the one who is honoured

Minnatullah — The blessing or the grace from the Allah

Miqdad — A Strong or powerful person. Name of a companion of Prophet.

Miqdam — A courageous person from the battlefield

Miqsam — A Good luck, a fortune. Name of the Prophet’s companion

Mir — An aristocrat, a commander, a prince

Miraaj — A route to the sky, an elevated route to the heaven

Miraj — The ascent, the inclined path to the God

Mirajul — A patient person, one who belongs to the path of heaven

Mirjahaan — The King or the ruler of the world

Misba — A Light from the lamp, a lamp

Misbaah — A light that enlighten the soul

Misbah — A lamp to provide light to others

Misbahuddin — The lamp or the light of the faith or belief

Mishkat — A shelf to put the lanterns on.

Miteb — A faithful of trustworthy person

Miyaz — The one who is always preferred, The different from others

Mizan — The right balance, or right scale

Mizanurrahman — The right measure or balance from the Almighty

Mizhir — A place that is filled with flowers.

Mizn — White cloud, or rain-bearing cloud

Moalim — A Kind-hearted, merciful, gentle person. One who is benign.

Moazzam — The most beautiful Aroma that is full of wonders.

Moazzem — A girl likely the sun or as gracious as the sun.

Mobeen — A beautiful or a pretty lady. One who is calm, pleasing or attractive to the eyes.

Moeen — The very tiny growth of the Plum trees, the tastiest fruit ever in the world.

Moez — Physically and mentally strong person, mightiest among the whole people

Mohaiemen — The follower of Mohammad, the choicest one

Mohamed — Reliable, always worthy of trust and belief, worthy of high responsibility

Mohamedhas — The servant of Mohammad

Mohamet — The one who is chosen upon

Mohamid — The chosen one, who is the great choice

Mohammadreza — Excellent in drawing, highest quality of Art talented person

Mohammd — One who is chosen by the Almighty

Mohammeed — Blessed by being a chosen one

Mohammid — The one who is the choice of Allah

Mohanad — An elevated geological formation of the mountain, slope of the hill yup

Moheb — Spiritual being attendant upon God, person of exceptional holiness.

Mohid — Malicious water, harsh and cruel sea or ocean

Mohiuddin — A minor, lovely one, tiny pleasurable one.

Mohomet — The greatest choice of God

Mohsin — Bold power, courageous authority, daring rights.

Mohtadi — The person belonging to a racial group having dark skin.

Mohtashim — The person with black skin color who comes from a special racial group.

Moin — A wonderful apple, supremely flavoured apple.

Moinuddin — Deliberate disaster, contemplate misfortune.

Moiz — The flat peak, horizontal top.

Mojtaba — Sturdy associate, solid comrade, stout work-mate.

Mokhtar — The healthier belongings, restored properties.

Mokhtara — Determination, aspiration, hood, shelter, shield.

Momin — A person who is pious, always on faith

Moncef — One who is just or fair, a judge

Mondher — A popular and creative human being

Moneer — A brilliant person, smart one

Monim — A liberal person, a generous one

Monir — A bright shining light

Monisa — one who warn or notify others

Monji — The one who saves other or rescue others

Monsef — An un-bias person, a just person

Monsur — A one who tasted victory or comes out victorious

Montasir — The one who conquer others, a winner

Mooaz — A protected one or guarded by the God

Moomin — A pious man, one who is on right path

Moonis — The one who console others, a companion

Moosaakaaiim — A speaker who is saved out of water

Morad — Something asked from the God

Mosa — derived from the water

Mosaddak — One who acknowledges truth, confirms the truth

Mostafa — The one chosen among all

Mostaffa — The preferred one

Mostapha — The one who is preferred over others

Motabir — A trusted person, an accomplished one

Mouafak — The one who is useful or that match the requirement

Mouawiyah — A Young Fox. The Caliphs of Islam

Moubarak — The greetings or the way to congratulate others

Moufid — Some one who is useful

Mouhamadou — The most praised one

Mouhamed — The one who is praised the most

Mouhamoin — One who is in love with nature and surroundings

Mouhaned — The sword or something used to cut

Mouhyeddin — One who revives the religion. The title of a Islam Sufi Saint Abdul Qadir jilani

Mouid — The servant of the Almighty

Moukib — The last of the Prophets of Islam

Moulali — One who is creative and has a certain mindset

Moumin — One who is on belief or right faith

Mounib — A person who turns to Allah and repents the sin

Mounif — To honour, to hold in high-esteem

Mounir — A bright shining person

Mourad — A wish or a desire from the Almighty

Mourib — One who is fluent and eloquent.

Powerful Arabic Boy Names Starting with M

Moustafa — the chosen one

Moutasem — One who seeks help from the Almighty

Moutasim — One who seeks refuge from the Almighty

Mozaffar — The victorious one, one who is triumphant with the victory

Mubariz — A Lebanese term for soldier or police.

Mubashir — The bringer of good news.

Mudassir — Clothed, or enveloped in garments.

Mufid — Useful

Muhallil — One who pronounces the Testimony of Faith.

Muharem — Sacred, forbidden, holy

Muhazzim — A person who defeats others.

Muhib — One who is noble and lovable

Muhtadi — One who is rightly guided

Muntasir — Victorious

Muris — He who leaves inheritance

Murtadi — One who is satisfied, content

Murtaz — Georgian form of Murtada, meaning chosen

Musa — Saved from the water

Musawwir — Designer, creator of forms.

Mustafa — Mustafa is the epithet of Prophet Muhammad. It means the chosen one.

Mustapha — The chosen one

Muta — Obeyed

Mutasim — Adhering to God.

Muzakir — One who reminds people of Allah.

Muzdahir — One who is blooming, thriving and prospering.

Muzhir — A plant whose flowers are opening or have opened

Muzn — A variant of Mizn, meaning white cloud.

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With M