Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With K

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With K

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With K

Kaamil — Kaamil name means Complete, Perfect

Kaamilah — The name means Flawless, Without Flaws

Kabar — Kabar name means High Status

Kabeera — A variant of name Kabira which means great;

Kabir — Kabir name means The Great

Kabr — A variant of name Kabira which means great;

Kadan — Kadan means Companion

Kadeem — Kadeem means Servant

Kadeen — Friend; Companion; Confidant; Well Wisher

Kadeer — Friend; Companion; Confidant; Well Wisher; Servant in Arabic

Kadidu — Kadidu means Pure, Finished

Kadim — Kadim is One who Serves

Kadin — The name Kadeen means Friend, Companion

Kadir — Ray of Light; Shoot of Grass; Green; Spring Greeni; A varaint is Qadir

Kadun — Kadun means Friend, Comapnion

Kafeel — The name Kafeel means Sponsor

Kafi — Kafi means Sufficient

Kafil — Protector; Responsible; Sponsor; A variant spelling is Kafeel

Kafir — Rahgir; A person who hides or covers; Disbeliever

Kafur — To Disappear; A person who hides or covers

Kahil — Kahil means Friend

Kahill — Kafill means Friend, Friendly

Kahled — The name Kahled means Eternal

Kahleil — The name means One who is a Friend

Kahlel — Kahlel means A Friendly One

Kahlil — Kahlil means Honorable Comrade

Kahlill — The name means Friend in Arabic

Kaidan — Kaidan means Companion

Kaif — Kaif name means Pleasure, High Spirit

Kaifi — Jolly; Tipsy; Intoxicated; Lusty; Lushy

Kairo — Place name in Egypt or Victorious

Kaisan — The name Kaisan means Wise

Kalam — Kalam means Speach, Conversation

Kalead — Kalead name means Eternal, Frever

Kaleel — Kaleel means a Good Friend

Kaleem — Kaleem means Speaker, Interlocutor

Kaleph — A successor, a spiritual leader of Islam

Kalil — The name Kalil means Good Friend

Kalim — Kalim means The one That Speaks

Kalimuddin — Kalimuddin means Spokesman of religion

Kaliph — Islamic Leader; The title of the successors of Mohammed; Islamic Rulers

Kaliq — Kaliq name means Creative, to Be Creative

Kamaal — Kamaal means Perfection, Completeness

Kamal — Kamal means Perfection

Kamalahmad — The name means Much Praised Perfection

Kamaleddin — Kamaleddin means Lotus Sun

Kamali — Kamali means Perfection

Kamaluddin — Kamaluddin means Perfection of Religion

Kambiz — Kambiz means Fortunate

Kameel — Kameel means Perfect

Kamel — Kamel means Unique

Kamil — Kamil name means Perfect, He who is Perfect

Kansbar — Kansbar means Treasure Master

Karaamat — Karaamat name means Miracle and Nobility

Kardaar — Controller, or supervisor

Kardal — Kardal means Mustard Seed

Kareef — Born in Autumn; A variant spelling is Karif

Kareem — Kareem means The One who gives a lot

Kareem karim — The name means Generous, Kind hearted

Karem — Karem means Praisewothy

Kareme — Kareme means Tenderhearted

Karif — Karif name means Arrived in Autumn

Karim — Karim name means Noble and Generous

Karmani — The name Karmani means Benefactor

Karoobi — Karoobi means Angel

Unique Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with K.

Karraar — Karrar means Attacking Violently

Karrar — Karrar means To Attack

Karriem — Karriem means One who is Generous and Destinguished

Kasceem — To be separated from someone

Kaseeb — Fertile; A varaint is Kasim

Kaseem — Divided; A variant is Kasim


— One who is separated from others

Kashaf — To appear as something else

Kashan — A name that means Popular Cities

Kashif — Kashif means Revealing, Discoverer

Kashir — A humorous man

Kasim — A divided person

Kasir — Kasir means Pleanty, Abounding

Kassem — Kassem means Divided, Split

Kassim — Kassim name means He is Divided

Kastyn — The name Katyn mains He is Praised and Fortunate

Kateb — Kateb means Writer

Kathekhan — A person who does good and is confronting

Katib — Means Writer, Scribe

Kaukab — Kaukab means Planet

Kauthar — Kauthar means Fountin found in Paradise

Kautsar — Kautsar means River in Paradise

Kawkab — Star; Satellite

Kawthar — Much; Abundant; Copious; Name of a River in Paradise

Kayden — Kayden means Round, Gentle

Kayid — Kayid means The Cunning One

Kayim — Kayim means Love

Kaysan — Kaysan means One who is Very Wise

Kazeem — Kazeem means The One with Good Temper

Kazim — Restrainer of Anger; One who controls anger; A variant is Kazeem

Kedar — Kadar means Strong

Kemal — Kemal means Perfection

Kerim — Generous; Noble; A variant is Karim

Kerrin — Kerim means Generous, Noble

Keyaan — The name means Essence, Being

Khaadim — The name means Attendant

Khaalid — Khaalid means Eternal, Immortal

Khaaliq — The name means The Creator

Khaatir — Kgaatir means Good Idea, Heart

Khaawar — Khaawar means East and West

Khaazin — The name means He who Guards the Treasure

Khabbab — The name means He who Walks


— Khabir name means Knowledgeable

Khadeem — Khadeem name means Servant

Khader — King; Capable; All Powerful

Khadim — Khadim means Servant

Khadri — The name means Able, Powerful

Khafid — Means The Humbler

Khafiz — The name means Custodian

Khai — The name means Crowned

Khair — Khair means Benevolent

Khair al din — The name means The Goodness of the Faith

Khairaat — The name means Charity

Khairaldin — The name has a meaning The Good of the Faith

Khairat — Khairat means Benevolence

Khairi — The name means Full of Goodness

Khairudeen — The name means In Good Faith

Khairudin — Khairudin means Good Faith

Khairulbashar — The name means Best of Mankind

Khajeer — Beauty and elegance.

Khalaf — Kalaf means Succesor

Khalafhasan — The name means The Succesor of Hasan

Khalam — Khalam means Servent to Allah

Khaldoon — Khaldon means Eternal

Khaldun — Eternal; Implies Eternity; Immortal

Khaled — The name means Eternal, Forever

Khalee — The name means Good Friend

Khaleefa — Khaleefa means Succesor, Caliph

Khaleel — The meaning is Inner Self

Khaleem — Khaleem means Speaker

Khaleeq — The name means Competent

Khalial — The name means Friend

Black Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with K

Khalid — The name means To Last Forever

Khalidbinwalid — The name means General to Whom the Propthet

Khalif — The name means Succesor

Khalifa — Successor; Viceroy; Caliph; Regent

Khalifah — Khalifah means Steward, Leader

Khalig — Khalig means Forever, Everlasting

Khalil — Khalil means Friend

Khalilalallah — The name means Friend of God

Khalillah — means Friend of Allah

Khalilullah — The name means Bosom Friend

Khalilur — Friend; Companion; Well Wisher; Supporter

Khaliq — Khaliq means Competent

Khalique — The name means The Creator

Khaliqussubhan — The name means Worthy of Glory

Khaliquzzaman — Means The Qualified Man of the Era

Khalis — Khalis means Pure

Khallaq — Means another name for God, servant of God

Khanh — Khanh means Prince

Kharim — Kharim means Generous, Friend

Kharouf — Kharouf means Lamb

Kharqa — the outer-land or the outer region

Khashi — Khashi name means Pious

Khashram — The name means A Swarm of Bees

Khateeb — The name Khateeb mens He who Preaches

Khatib — Khatib means Preacher

Khatir — Khatir name means Notion

Khattaab — Khattaab means He who Orates

Khattab — Khattab name means Speaker

Khawar — Khawar means To the East or West

Mordern Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with K

Khayaam — The name means He who makes the Tent

Khayal — Khayal name means Fantasy

Khayr — Khayr name means Goodness

Khayr al din — The name means Goodness of the Faith

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With K