Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With J

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With J

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With J

Jaah — Dignity or grandeur.

Jabaar — One who has great power and might

Jabar — One who is mighty powerful

Jabbar — One of the 99 names of Allah, also means powerful

Jaber — One who comforts others

Jabhar — A variant of Jabbar which means Giant; Almighty

Jabir — One who comforts; One who consoles; Consoler; A variant of Jabbar

Jabiri — A man who has no fear

Jabr — One who comforts and helps

Jabri — Allah’s archangel

Jabroot — Magnificent or majestic.

Jad — He was a present from God

Jadallah — A prosperity of God

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with J

Jadil haqq — One who follows the truth in life

Jafar — Jafar is Stream; Name of the brother of Ali, the fourth caliph

Jafarsaadiq — A name of the early leader of Islam

Jaffar — To be near a creek

Jaffer — He who is like a brook

Jahed — A striving person

Jahlil — A great and exalted man

Jahmal — A handsome one

Jahmall — He is handsome

Jahmalle — A handsome individual

Jahmel — He is very good-looking

Jahmil — A beautiful and handsome man

Jahmile — He is pretty and handsome

Jahmyyllah — He is good-looking, pretty and handsome

Jaimal — A man known for his beauty

Jaish — An excellent army

Jakeem — An elelvater, raised up person

Jal — One who wanders

Jalaal — Glory of the faith

Jalal — Arabic name meaning greatness

Jalala — Loftiness; Sublimity; Glory; Grandeur; Glory of the Faith

Jalalaldin — Gloriuos faith

Jalaleddin — The graet faith

Jalaluddin — Glory of the faith

Jaleb — An attainer

Jaleel — One who is grand

Jalees — An associate

Jalib — One who has a motive or a cause

Jalis — A companion at the table

Jamaal — The beautiful one

Jamaal udeen — Beauty of the faith

Jamaaluddin — A beautiful faith

Jamaaludeen — Faith is beautiful

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with J

Jamael — A handsome man

Jamahl — The handsome one

Jamail — Beautiful one

Jamal — He who is handsome

Jamal al din — Beauty of the faith

Jamalaldin — Beauty of the faith

Jamale — To be beautiful

Jamaleddn — Arabic name for Boys

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Jamall — The handsome one

Jamaluddin — Beauty of the religion

Jamaludin — Beauty of the faith

Jamarion — Man with good looks

Jamarius — Arabic name meaning beauty

Jameel — A handsome man

Jamel — He who posesses great looks

Jamele — Arabic name meaning beautiful

Jamell — Arabic name describing beauty

Jamereal — Arabic name for Boys

Jamiel — He who is handsome

Jamiell — Arabic name for Boys

Jamil — Handsome; Beautiful; Good Looking

Jamile — A handsome man

Jamill — A good looking man

Jamir — He who is handsome

Jammal — He who is handsome

Jamman — Arabic name for Boys

Jammas — One who is naughty and sprightly.

Jammaz — Name of Muhammad Ibn amr who related anecdotes and recited poetry at the court of al-mutawwakil

Jammel — He who is beautiful

Jamshaid — The rays of the sun

Jamshed — A shining river

Jamsheed — Sun’s rays

Jamshid — A shining light

Jamuh — One who is defiant

Jamyl — Arabic name meaning beauty

Jamyn — A beautiful one

Janaan — A beloved one

Janasheen — The successor

Jandarah — Name of Sahabi Ra

Janealam — Life of the world

Janmuhammad — Life of Muhammad

Jansher — Life of a lion

Jansherkhan — Lion’s power

Janzira — One who is from an island

Jaraad — A liberal

Jareer — A corpulent one

Jarir — One who can pull

Beautiful Arabic Boy Names Starting with J

Jarmal — A handsome man

Jarmel — One who is good looking

Jarrar — One who is very brave

Jarullah — Allah’s neighbour

Jasar — One who is brave, bold and courageous.

Jaser — He who is fearless

Jasia — God is gracious

Jasim — One who is healthy

Jasimuddin — A religious man

Jasir — One who is courageous

Jasiyah — The 45th Surah of the Qiirayi

Jasmir — A strong man

Jassem — One of high stature

Jasur — One who has courage

Jauhar — A precious gem

Jaul — A choice maker

Jaumal — A handsome man

Jaumell — A good-looking man

Jaun — A plant name

Javid — One who is living

Jawaad — One who is open-handed

Jawad — One who is worthy of praise

Jawaid — One who is alive

Jawdat — One who wants to be excellence

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Jawhar — A jewel

Jawwaad — One who is generous

Jawwad — One who is open-handed

Jaymar — Derived from Arabic name Jamal that means handsome

Jayvid — A living and alive individual

Jaza — The berry of uprightness.

Jazib — One who looks attractive and good looking.

Jazibiyya — One who is fascinating or attractive.

Jeelani — The one is full of force and powerful.

Jehanzaib — Adorn, decorate or embellish.

Jelal — The one who is having the quality of being high or lofty.

Jelaluddeen — The beauty of the faith.

Jelaludeen — Grandeur of the faith.

Jemael — An attractive and handsome man

Jemal — Handsome

Jemehyl — Fine looking and handsome.

Jemel — Form of Jamal (beauty)

Jemell — A form of Jemal (handsome)

Jemeyle — The one who is beautiful and adorable.

Jerico — City of the moon

Jermael — Appealing to look at

Jermail — Valuable coral beads

Jermal — Attractive person

Jermaul — A climbing evergreen ornamental plant

Jermel — Handsome, a good looking Boy

Jermell — Having a good looks

Jhamal — Spear warrior and ruler; one who is handsome

Jhanda — Flag, symbolizes the country

Jhiraagh — The meaning of the word is Lamp or light. People with this name have business developing ability and can easily organize the work. Some of the people are diplomatic and lack self confidence.

Jibrail — The name of the most superior Angel. Jibrail means the equavalent.

Jibran — Jibran means the reward of God to his parents.

Jibreel — The name of the most superior Angel. Jibraeel means the equavalent.

Jibri — Jibri is a muslin name in arabic which means ALLAH is my might

Jibril — The name of the most superior Angel. Jibril means the equavalent.

Jihad — Jihad means the holy war or the to fight for the right of religion.

Jimel — honest, courageous , determined, brilliant and sincere. They have high inspirations and demand materialistic things. Have colorful and attractive personality.

Jimell — They are born as investigators because they have curiosity of gaining knowledge and possess the real urger to know everything in detail. Calm and patient in nature.

Jimelle — cheerful,creative, best communicator, social and optimistic in nature. They are eager to learn or have thirst to acquire knowledge.

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Jimmil — have good communication skills and curious to learn and adapt new things. Can easily convince other people and are good in politics.

Jinah — Victorious; God of King

Johanizmin — Johanizmin name means Garden of Paradise

Joindah — Searcher,have a great affection towards creativity, beauty and domestic activities of life

Jorcina — these people are easily admired because of their intense personality. They are watch maker and jeweler in profession. They have unite attitude and develop friendship.

Jord — people with this name are young and take care of their physcial appearance. They seek friendship and prove to be your best buddy.

Jordan — these people are brilliant and spread harmony among people. they have a genuine and natural side.

Jubair — these people are easily admired because of their intense personality. They are watch maker and jeweler in profession. They have unite attitude and develop friendship.

Jubayr — people with this name are young and take care of their physcial appearance. They seek friendship and prove to be your best buddy.

Jubran — these people are brilliant and spread harmony among people. they have a genuine and natural side.

Juday — They like to be quiet; lenient to others; prefer team work; they are sweet-tempered;they are very smart and does not rely on materialistic things; believe in learning

Jul — people with this name live their life very well and have understanding ability. They bring joy whereever they go.

Black Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with J

Juml — Juml name means One in the Army

Jummal — Jummal name means Army

Jumuah — The name Jumuah means Friday

Junada — Helper, warrior or soldier.

Junaid — Junaid means Warrior

Junaidi — The name Junaidi means Soldier

Junayd — Junayd means Small Army

Jund — Jund means Army

Jurhad — The meaning of the name Jurhad is “He was ibn Khuwaylid Al-Asla”

Juwain — Juwain means Sibling

Juwayn — Juwayn means Sibling, Relative

Juzar — Juzar means Competent

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With J
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