Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With I

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With I

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With I

Ibad ur Rehman — Worshiper of Allah, or devoted servant of Allah.

Ibrahim — A variant of Ebrahim, meaning father of many nations .

Idrak — To comprehend, or to understand.

Idrees — Variant of the name Idris. It means one who instructs or teaches.

Iesa — Name of a Muslim prophet.

Iffaan — Time, season or weather.

Ihtishaam — One who has a splendid or magnificent personality.

Ijaaz — Miracle, astonishment, or magnanimity.

Ijtiba — One who is chosen, elected or approved.

Ikhlaaq — A man with good demeanor and moral virtues.

Ikrimah — Pigeon

Imam — Leader or chief

Immad — A variant of Imad, meaning pillar or support.

Imman — Safety, protection, shelter or refuge.

Imran — Prosperity

Isaad — A cooperative man

Ishaaq — One of the names of prophet. It means pious or true believer.

Ishraaq — Sunrise, or daybreak, A variant of Ishraq.

Ishraq — Sunrise or day break.

Ishtiqal — Independence, or sovereignty

Ismet — Innocent, saved from sin.

Issam — Safeguard

Istiqlal — Sovereignty, or independence. A variant of Ishtiqal.

Iyaan — Time, era, epoch.

Iyad — Pigeon

Izet — Greatness, glory

Izudin — Power, glory of faith

Izz al Din — Might of the faith

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With I