Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With H

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With H

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With H

Haady — Guiding to the right, righteous

Haafiz — Preserver, guardian, keeper

Haakim — Wise; Healer; Physician; Ruler; Sovereign; A variant of Hakim

Haamid — Praising, loving associated with god, one who offers approval

Haanee — Happy; Delighted; Content; Joyful; A variant of Hani

Haani — Content, delighted, happy

Haaris — Vigilant; Watchman; Guardian; Protector; Friend; A variant of Haris

Haarith — A lion that digs into the earth

Haaroon — Hope, optimism, positive expectation.

Haarun — Warrior lion, combatant, fighter

Haashim — Generosity, kindness, with a bright heart

Haasim — One who live the life with zeal, ardor and enthusiasm.

Haatim — Decisive by nature, determined, strong minded

Haaziq — Skillfull; Intelligent; Brilliant

Habab — Aim; Goal; End; Destination; A variant of Habbab which means loving and affectionate

Habash — Guinea fowl, guinea hen

Habbab — Friendship, lovable personality, polite, gentle

Habbah — Berry; Grain; Seed; A variant form is Habba

Habeeb — Sweetheart, beloved, dearest

Habeeballah — God’s beloved, loved by god

Habeel — One of the sons of prophet Adam

Habib — Beloved; Sweetheart; Friend; Darling; A variant of Habeeb

Habiballah — Loved by god, God’s beloved

Habibullah — Loved by God, God’s beloved

Habil — One of the sons of prophet Adam; Biblical Abel

Habushun — An ancient Arabic Boy name

Habwat — Gift; Present

Hachim — Brave breaker or destroyer of evil

Hada — Myrtle tree, noble spirit

Hadabbas — Tiger

Hadaf — Object, goal, target

Hadal — Mistletoe, a plant

Hadee — Guiding to the Right; Director; Guide; A variant of Hadi

Hadees — Speech or dialogue of the almighty.

Hadheer — Present; Attending; A variant of Hadhir

Hadhir — Present; Attending; A variant of Hadheer

Hadi — One that guides towards the right or righteous

Hadib — Devoted; Kind; Compassionate

Hadid — Iron, sharp, speedy, strong, quick, pointed

Hadidah — Sword; Weapon; A variant spelling is Hadida

Hadir — Beautiful, stunning, striking, the sound of thunder

Hadis — History,belief, tradition, custom

Hadrami — Nobel man, The name of the some prominent men

Hadus — New; Fresh; Young

Hafawat — Friendly; Welcoming; Caring

Hafeez — Protector, providing shield, Islam God name,

Hafez — Responsible caretaker, Guardian, Keeper, Preserver

Hafi — Greetings, good wishes, compliments

Hafid — Protector of the religion, guardian of the Islamic religion

Hafidh — The men who remember the Quran by haert,male custodian of the Quran

Hafiez — A variation of Hafiz name, it means protector

Hafil — Diligent; Industrious; Determined; Hardworking

Hafiz — memorising the Quran, guardians of the Holly Quran

Hafizullah — Commemoration of God (Allah), Remembrance of Allah

Haflat — All; Everything

Haian — Very attractive, Beautiful, Life

Haidar — Lion (Derived from the Hadara), Stout, Strong

Haiderbux — Loin power by blessing

Haisam — Strong Man

Haissam — A sharp sword.

Haitat — Caution; Care

Haitham — young eagle

Haithem — Young Hawk

Haithum — family name, variation of Haitham

Haizam — Bold; Daring; Fearless

Haj — Pilgrim to Mecca;

Hajar — Derived from Hajara means abandoned, Flight

Haji — Pilgrimage, One who has Performed the Hajj

Hajij — Pilgrim; one who has completed the Hajj to Mecca

Hajiriy — Handsome; Beautiful; Good Looking

Hajiyah — Pilgrim; one who has completed the Hajj to Mecca

Hajiz — Curtain, Partition

Hajjaj — Eye socket, Orbit,Orgument, debate, A rular of Iraq

Hajveri — Abul Hassan Ali Hajvari, Daata Ganj Bakhsh

Hakam — one of the names of Islamic God, The Arbitrator

Hakamat — Scholarship, Knowledgeable, Wisdom

Hakambir — Brave Ruler; Courageous and Fearless leader

Hakamjeet — Victory of the Ruler; Successful Ruler; Emperor who Win always

Hakampreet — Love for Authority; One who considers his authority dear

Hakeem — Wise, Intelligent, wisdom

Hakem — Ruler; Governor

Hakim — One of God’s Ninety-nine Names

Halab — Hopefully fit (Indonesian), largest city in Syria

Haleef — Ally, Supporter, Confederate

Haleem — gentle, mild, forbearing, patient

Halim — gentle, mild, patient, kind, indulgent

Hallaj — Cotton Refiner

Hamad — To Praise any one

Hamadi — One who is Praised

Hamadullah — The Thanks Of Allah Swt

Hamail — Things Suspended

Hamal — Lamb

Hamam — Peaceful nature, Brave, Leader of the nation, Dove

Hamas — courage, zeal, bravery and strength

Hamasat — Enthusiasm, Zeal

Hamazan — Walking on the ground and making Footmarks

Hamazat — Strength, power, vigor

Hamd — Praising, Commendation of God

Hamdan — The Praised One

Hamden — Praised

Hamdhan — Praising, Admiring

Hamdhy — Sympathy, kindness, Blessing

Hamdi — Commendable, Of Praise

Hamdija — The praised one.

Hamdoon — Which have been praised, An Islamic scholar

Hamdrem — Admired, Praiseworthy

Hamdun — Honored, Praised

Hamed — Praiseworthy, praiser (of the God)

Hameed — Friend, Praising God

Hameedullah — Servant of the All-laudable

Hameem — Friend; Derived from word Hami which means protector, patron, supporter

Hameen — Intimate Friend, closed friend

Hamees — One who is brave, courageous and bold.

Hamidi — To Be Commended, Praise

Hamidullah — The Appreciation Of Allah SWT

Hamil — Carrier, Bearer

Hamim — Close Friend, Devoted Friend

Hamiz — Firm, Vigorous, Summer, Intelligent, Brilliant

Hammad — One who Praises God a Lot

Hammada — desert landscape consisting of high barren, hard, rocky plateaus

Hammam — Chief, A great man, a hero

Hammed — Deserves praise

Hammou — An Arabic male name with lost meaning, used most among the Muslims in France

Hamud — Admirable, Praiseworthy, Commendable

Hamza — strong, steadfast, Loin

Hamzad — Companion, Comrade

Hamzah — Good Man, Loin

Hananan — Generous, Charitable

Hanash — An Islamic hadith was narrated by him

Haneef — True Believer, Orthodox

Hani — One with a delightful behavior.

Hani — Happy, joyful. Blissful

Hanif — True, Devoted, Good

Hanifuddin — True follower of religion Islam

Hanini — A heavy flow or stream, To pour down like rain

Hannaan — Beautiful, Compassionate

Hannad — An old name of Arabs

Hanzal — Pond, pool

Hanzalah — Pond Water channel, Pond water canal

Haq — Truth, True, real, just, right

Haqaiq — True facts, Truth, Reality

Haqq — Real, true, genuine

Haqqani — Correct, proper, on right path

Haqqi — A person who supports,hold the truth

Haqqullah — Right of the God, Religious Duties, Prayer

Haraam — Prohibited, forbidden, banned

Harabat — The day of Friday

Harar — Free; Of Noble Birth; Independent

Harb — War, Battle

Hareef — Pungent; Hot; Acrid; Opponent

Harith — The lion which digs the earth

Haroon — Warrior Lion; A variant spelling of Harun; Arabic from of Aaron.

Haroun — A Prophet name

Harrar — Very Noisy; Loud

Harsam — Lion

Harun — Lofty, exalted

Harunalrachid — Aaron the Upright

Harunalrashid — Celebrated Abbasi Caliph

Haruun — Warrior lion

Hasaan — Handsome, Excellence

Hasam — Swords

Hasan — Good, Handsome, Beautiful, One who Beautifies

Hasanat — Elegant, beautiful, Fair

Hasanti — Handsome; excellence, Smiling face

Haseeb — Noble; Respected; Reckoner; A variant of Hasib

Hashami — An Ancestor of Prophet Muhammad; A surname referring descent from the Banu Hashim clan of Quraish

Hashash — Mirthful, happy, tidy, pleased

Hasher — Collector

Hashid — One who rallies people, gathered, crowded

Hashim — Prophet Mohammed’s grandfather, brave destroyer of evi

Hashimi — An Ancestor of Prophet Muhammad; A surname referring descent from the Banu Hashim clan of Quraish

Hashir — Collector, one of Assembles

Hashmat — Modesty, Decency, Bashfulness

Hashr — Raising; Collecting; Exile; Banishment;

Hasib — Noble, respected

Hasif — Firm, Judicious, Steady

Hasim — Decisive

Hasnain — combination of Hassan and Hussain

Hasni — It is derived from Hassan

Hasrat — Grief; Distress; Sorrow

Hassaan — The beauty, beautiful

Hassan — Good, Handsome, Beautiful, One who Beautifies

Hassanaskaree — Early Imam (leader) of Islam; Grandson of Prophet Muhammad; A variant spelling is Hassanaskari

Hassanaskari — Hassan ‘Askari is: Early Imam (Leader) of Islam

Hassen — Beauty

Hassib — Noble; Respected; Reckoner; A variant of Hasib

Hasun — A good-looking, handsome and pretty man

Hataf — High Voice, High pitched Sound, Mars

Hatar — Falcon or eagle.

Hatem — decisive, determination

Hatif — Praiser, a voice from heaven

Hatim — determined, decisive, judge or ruler,

Haumat — Great Battle, Battlefield

Hautat — Prudence, Caution

Hawari — friend, companion, helper, apostle of jesus christ

Hawis — thought, idea, concept

Hawit — Clever, smart

Hawiz — Capable, active, energetic

Hayaat — Life, Existence

Hayat — Life, survival

Haydar — lion

Haytham — Young eagle

Hayub — To be feared, venerable, Respected

Hayy — Alive, having life

Hayyan — Lively, Energatic

Hayyi — Good Looking, handsome

Hazaq — Learning The Quran By Heart

Hazar — vigilant, careful cautious,

Hazeem — A wise and intelligent man.

Hazem — Discreet, Prudent

Hazer — Ready or prepared.

Hazim — judicious, Firm, energetic

Hazin — Treasurer

Haziq — Skillful, Intelligent,

Hazir — Ninth Month Of The Syrian Calender, Month Of July

Hazlaqat — Skilful person, one known for his dexterity

Hazrah — Presence

Hazrat — An hounourable Title use before name

Hazur — Having beautiful voice, Intelligent

Hazz — Pleasure Delight Luck Good Fortune

Hedayat — Guide

Heerad — Appearing fresh and healthy

Hefa — The delicate waist

Hesham — generous

Heydar — Like a lion

Hibatullah — Gift of Allah

Hibb — Darling, Dear

Hibban — Lovers, Beloved One

Hidaayat — Guidance, Instruction

Hidayatulhaq — Guidance of the Truth from Allah

Hidayatullah — Direction of Allah

Hieder — Another name of Ali

Hifzurrahman — Remembrance of the Beneficent

Hikmati — Clever; Wise

Hilaal — Crescent; A Companion of the Prophet Pbuh

Short Arabic Boy Names Beginning with H

Hilm — Calmness; Patience; Intelligence

Hilmi — mild-mannered

Hilmiyat — Gentleness; Mildness

Himaayat — Help; Support

Himmi — An Arrabic male name

Hirad — Appearing fresh and healthy

Hirsi — good luck charm

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with H.

Hisad — Lions

Hisam — Sword

Hisan — Beautiful; Handsome; Good

Hisein — good, beautiful, beautifier

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with H.

Hisham — Arabic name meaning “generous” from the Arabic word “hashama” meaning “to crush.”

Hishmat — State; Dignity

Hizaq — Sharpness; Quickness; Learning the Quran by Heart

Hizaqat — Intelligence; Wisdom; Learning the Quran by Heart

Hizazi — Belonging of Hijaz; Another Name for Prophet Muhammad

Hizqil — God Strengthens

Homair — A reddish man

Hosaam — Sword

Hosaam sword — Deen, Sword of God

Hosaamud — Deen, Sword of God

Hosni — Good looking

Hossain — Varient of Hussian

Hossam — sword that divides justice and injustice

Hossein — Handsome and beautiful

Houd — A Prophet’s Name; The Biblical Hud is the English Language Equivalent

Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with H.

Hozaifah — A Companion of the Prophet

Hubaish — Well Known Bird; Name of a Tabi

Hubal — Ancient Idol in the Temple of Makkah

Hubb — Love; Wish; Desire

Hubbat — Beloved; Love

Hud — Hooded; Those who Ask Forgiveness; A Prophet’s Name

Huda — Right Guidance

Hudhafah — An old Arabic name

Hudhaifah — An ancient Arabic name

Hudhayfah — An Arabic name from the ancient times

Hudn — Peace; Calm; Quiet

Huful — Plenty; Abundance

Hujjat — demonstration,proof

Hujjatulislam — proof of islam

Hujjatullah — another name of prophet idris

Hulayl — old arabic name

Hulum — dream,vision

Humam — generous and courageous

Humamuddin — brave

Humat — protector,good thought

Humayd — praised

Humayu — divine

Humayun — blissful

Humd — respect allah

Humraz — secret

Humza — powerful

Hunain — valley where fight happened in time of prophetmuhammad

Hunayn — name of important man in house of wisdom

Hunduj — name of a arbian poet

Hurasim — A man who is like a lion

Hurayra — A Boy who is like a kitten

Hurbuj — He who is a big Boy

Hurmat — Chastity, something sacred

Hurmuz — The lord of the all that exists

Hurr — A noble and independent man

Hurriyat — A free and independent person

Husaam udeen — The Faith’s sword

Husaamudeen — The sword of the faith

Husaamudin — He who holds the sword of the faith

Husain — A beautiful and good person

Husam — A sharp edge of the sword

Husam al din — To have the sword of faith

Husam al Din — Sword of the faith

Husamaldin — To swing the faith’s sword

Husamuddaulah — The Kingdoms sword

Husamuddawlah — The state’s sword

Husamuddin — The religion’s sword

Husamudeen — One sword of the faith

Husan — A very hendsome one

Husarat — He is the lion

Husayn — A prettu and handsome man

Husayni — A relationthrough ancestry of Husayn

Husein — A good and handsome person

Huseyn — A beautiful young man

Husian — A small, short good-looking man

Husnain — Handsome and Elegant; Pure in the Eyes;

Husnija — Bosnian form of Husain, meaning handsome.

Huss — Name means saffron

Hussa — One who is good natured and beautiful; son of Ali

Hussein — He is a beautiful and good person

Hussien — A man who is beautiful and hppd

Husul — Something that is happening

Huthayfa — An old name

Hutud — To remain

Huuwaija — A wanted and desired person

Huwa — A mankind’ mother, a mother of everyone

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with H.

Huwaidah — A gentle man

Huzabir — A lion-like Boy

Huzaifah — To be a sheep

Huzair — One who laughs

Huzayma — He is a firm believer

Huzfur — A man who is noble and illustrious

Huzumat — A prudent man

Huzur — An eloquent man

Huzya — He is a present, a gift

Huzzaq — A man who is very clever

Hydar — A Boy who is like a lion

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With H