Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With G

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With G

Short Arabic Boy Names Beginning With G

Gabir — The one who gives relaxation.

Gadiel — God is my fortune

Gadil — God is my prosperity or mammon.

Gaith — One who is pure like rain; excellence

Galal — The person belongs to crowned heads.

Galib — Arabic – Conqueror; Name of a Great Poet; A derivative of name Ghalib

Gamal — Camel

Gamali — Camel

Gamall — Refers to a person who is attractive and pretty.

Gamil — Good looking or stunning.

Ganib — Blessed by rich loot or winnings

Gazir — Plentiful; Ample; A variant of name Ghazir

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with G.

Gehad — the act of striving or struggling

Ghaaib — The one who is not accessible to view.

Ghaazee — Someone who is victorious by force of arms.

Ghabashir — A twilight of the morning

Ghadra — Refers to dark period or darkness or shady.

Ghaffar — The worker of the person who forgives and forgets others iniquities.

Ghafr — Grace and compassion or loveliness and pity.

Ghafran — Ghafran is an attributive name of prophet Muhammad. It means absolution or salvation.

Ghaib — Refers to invisible, unseen or concealed.

Ghaida — Young man or youth Boy or young master.

Ghaidan — Refers to gentle and slim or mild and meagre.

Ghailan — Refers to evil power or Satan or devil.

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with G.

Ghairat — Keenness or self confidence or attentive care.

Ghaith — Water droplets fall from the clouds.

Ghaiz — Referring wilderness or wasteland.

Ghalb — Extreme power or conquest or triumph.

Ghalbah — Success or win or overcome.

Ghaleb — The one who holds the title winner.

Ghali — Honourable or highly watched or darling.

Ghaliba — The one who conquers

Ghalinus — A person who is a physician

Ghamir — One who is cheritable

Ghamzah — A sing or a hint

Ghani — A rich, wealthy and prosperous person

Ghani Rich — A rich and prosperous man

Ghanim — A person who owns a lot and is very rich

Ghanimat — One who is like a reward

Ghannam — One sho is a shepherd

Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with G.

Ghannan — Two friends of Prophet Muhammed. Also means shepherd

Gharam — A feeling of infatuation, love and devotion

Gharan — One who is beautiful

Gharra — A brilliant man, a man that shines

Ghasaan — A youthful, handsome man

Ghasan — A young and youtful handsome person

Ghasharab — Strong and powerful person.

Ghashiah — A man that works as a servant or attendant

Ghasif — One who is happy and cheerful and leads a comfortable life.

Ghasiq — Beautiful as a Moon-like pears

Ghassan — One who is youthful in heart

Ghaur — One who has good attention, a deep person

Ghaus — the sound of the cry for help

Ghausiazam — One who helps a lot

Ghauth — To need and to give help

Ghawani — A person known for his modesty

Ghawer — Consideration, deliberation or depth.

Ghawth — To help others

Ghayat — A person with a clear goal in their mind

Ghayb — The hidden person, who is absent and away a lot

Ghaylan — A huge, big and great person

Ghaythah — One who brings a lot of goodness in the world

Ghayur — A high minded person

Ghazaala — A Muslim name that means deer

Ghazaar — Etiquette, or manners

Ghazali — An Arabic Surname; Name of a Sufi Muslim and scholar

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with G.

Ghazanfar — A man who is brave as a lion

Ghazanfer — A brave man.

Ghazarat — One who has plenty

Ghazari — An Arabic name meaning pigeon

Ghazi — A heroic person, a hero

Ghaziuddin — A warrior of religion

Ghaziz — A tender bud of a tree

Ghazwan — One who is raiding and attacking

Ghazwi — A militant, warlike person

Ghifari — One from the tribe named Ghifar

Ghilibba — Arabic name for victory

Ghiman — One who watches the clouds

Ghirnauq — A beautiful and handsome man

Ghitamm — A great vast ocean

Ghiyaath — One who is heplful

Ghiyam — A thick mist or a fog

Ghiyas — One who seeks help

Ghiyasuddin — A helper of the Faith

Ghiyath — One who comes in aid, helper

Ghofran — One that pardons and forgives

Black Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with G.

Ghudaf — Boy with black hair

Ghufair — One who is merciful and forgiving

Ghulaam — A slave, person with no freedom

Ghulam — A servant, a slave

Ghulamkhan — One that keeps smiling

Ghulamrasool — A Boy name meaning red flower

Ghulubba — An Arabic name meaning victory

Ghulumat — Urdu name describing youthfulness

Ghunaim — A person who takes spoils

Ghurabat — Arabic name meaning egde of the sword

Ghurar — Ornaments in the sky, stars

Ghurnuq — A delicate, tender person

Ghurran — A graceful light

Ghutaif — A kind and good person

Gibran — Gibran is a Muslim male name and means To Restore or To Repair. It is of Arabic origin.

Gilad — Gilad is a male name and means Monument, Site of Testemony. It has Hebrew, Biblical and Arabic origins.

Gildun — Gildun is a male name and means Delightful to Behold, Brilliant. The name is of Arabic and African origin.

Ginton — Ginton means a Form of a Garden, A Garden.

Girnauq — The name means Delicate, Slender Youth

Givon — The meaning of the name Givon is Hill, Heights

Gohar — Diamond, Precious stone and Gem

Gulam — Ghulam is an arabic words which means young and handsome servant in paradise.

Gulfaam — One who is rose faced.

Gulraiz — Gardener, one who takes care of the garden.

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With G