Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With F

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With F

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With F

Faarih — A person who is full of joy

Faarooq — A man who knows the difference between right a wrong

Faatih — A person who conquers,opens and initiates things

Fadahunsi — The king’s favor

Fadee — A gallant man who is self-sacrificing

Fadel — Honorable

Fadgham — A tall and handsome man

Fadhl — A man who is gracious and giving

Fadi — A person who redeemed himself for previous actions

Fadil — A man who gives generously to others

Fadl — A person who outstands with his bravery

Unique Arabic Boy Names Beginning with E.

Fadwa — A man who is self-sacrificing and gallant

Fady — He is a great savior of men

Faghyar — Intelligent; Like a Scholar; Wise

Fahad — A panther-like man

Fahd — He is dangerous like a panther

Fahham — A very intelligent and knowledgeable person

Fahid — A person who does something good for those who are not there

Fahim — Scholar; Intelligent; Wise; Learned; Prudent; Sagacious

Fahis — A man who likes to test things and to investigate

Fahm — One who posesses a great intellect

Fahmat — one who is full of understanding

Fahmeda — A woman who is smart

Fahmi — An understanding man.

Fahmin — Man with responsibilities

Fahreezan — One who is wise

Fahrudin — Pride of faith

Fahyim — One who is careful

Short Arabic Boy Names Beginning with E.

Faid — One who has an advantage

Faidh — A favorable one

Faik — One who is moraly superior

Fail — A performing man

Faiq — One who is superior

Fairoze — Aprecious stone, turquoise stone

Faisal — One who arbitraties

Faisel — Occupational name, a judge

Faishah — Chief; Leader; Head; Principal; Place of origin of a river or torrent

Faisi — One who is greatly abundant

Faisil — One who is making decisions

Faiyaz — An artistic Boy

Faiz — One who has won

Faizaan — A generous man

Faizal — One who judges

Faizan — One who is charitable

Faizeen — A man who is honest

Faizel — An arbiter or a judge

Faizerabbani — One who has a divine talent

Faizi — One who is completely full

Faizulanwar — One who is full of grace

Faizullah — An abundance from Allah

Faizzan — One who fears God

Fajar — Dawn; Rise; Beginning; Start; Morning Prayer

Fajaruddin — He who is first

Fajhan — One who is happy or glad

Fakahat — He who is good-natured

Fakaruddin — One who takes pride in his religion

Fakeer — One who is poor

Fakhir — A glorious one

Fakhiraldin — A glorious religion

Fakhiri — One who is very proud

Fakhr — One who loves glory

Fakhraldin — A glorious religion

Fakhr-aldin — A mgnificent religion

Fakhrat — One who brings joy

Fakhree — A proud one

Fakhri — Glory; Honorary; Glorious; Proud; Excellence; Nobility

Fakhridadin — One who worships the glorious Lord

Fakhriddin — Pride of the faith

Fakhruddaulah — A greatness of God

Fakhruddawlah — God’s grandure

Fakhruddin — One who takes pride in his religion

Fakhr-ud-din — Glory of the faith

Fakhry — One who is very proud

Fakht — Moonlight; Moonbeam; Radiance of Moon

Fakih — A smart, intellligent man

Fakir — A Saintly Person; Wise and Noble; Ones spiritual need for God; One who is self-sufficient

Fakruddin — An emperor, a ruler of emipres

Fakur — One who think a lot

Falaah — Quranic name meaning salvation

Falah — One who has great success

Falatun — He who is very powerful

Faleeq — The powerful creator

Faliq — One who divides the world in two

Fani — One who has freedom

Fannan — An artistic man

Faqahat — One who learns a lot

Faqeed — One who is unique

Faqeer — A poor man

Faqid — One who Knows Law and Divinity; Intelligent; Judicious; Understanding;

Faqir — A poor man

Faquir — Of Saintly Ways; One who is self-sufficient; Wise; Noble; Ones spiritual need for God

Faraan — One who is very happy

Faraaq — Truth

Faraasat — One with a keen eye

Faraaz — An elevation

Faradis — A paradise

Farag — A remedy for sorenes

Farahan — One who is full of joy

Farahat — Joy and happiness

Faraj — A cure for a problem

Faraji — A consolation

Faramon — Arabic name for Boys

Faramond — A protector of travelers

Faraq — He who tells the truth

Faraqlit — He who can tell the diference between truth and lies

Faras — Mount; A horse used for riding

Farbud — A right person

Fard — A religious duty that the Allah comands

Fardden — A religious man

Fareeq — A group of people, a crew

Fares — A knight who is as brave as a lion

Farez — An eloquent person.

Farghan — Wide open or a wave of music.

Farhal — A man of great prosperity

Farhan — A happy and merry man

Farhatullah — A joy that comes from the God

Farhi — A content and happy man

Fariduddin — The religion’s uniqueness

Farih — A Boy who is full of joy and happy

Fario — A glad and happy person

Fariq — A band or a group of people

Fariqat — An angel who knows what is true and what is false

Farique — One who separates

Faris — A person with good insight

Farit — One of a kind who has no rivals

Fariy — The first-born son

Farjat — One who is free from sorrow

Farmand — Intelligent; Pure; Wise

Farmanullah — A command od the God

Farohar — Conquest; Angel; Spirit

Farokh — A fortunate and blessed one

Farooq — One who knows the difference between right and wrong

Farouk — A truthful Boy

Faroukh — A honest man

Farozan — Luminous; Radiant; Bright; Brilliant

Farran — One who is a baker

Farugh — He who is like a bright star

Faruh — Happiness; Joyful; Delighted; Charmed; Ecstatic

Faruk — One who can tell the right from the wrong

Faruq — A wise and moral man

Faruqh — Discerning false from the truth

Faruz — Turquoise

Farz — A commandment of the God

Farzaad — One who is high-born, or of a high-status.

Fasel — One who is a judge

Fashan — Made of Iron; Silver or Gold; Strong

Fasihurrahman — One who is eloquent by Rahman’s grace

Fasil — A man who is an arbiter

Fastyar — Commander of 1000 Men; Chief; Leader

Fata — A youthful and noble man

Fath — One who always wins

Fatheddin — A male name of Urdu and Arabic origin

Fathi — Arabic – Conqueror; Sanskrit – Prosperity

Fathshah — A King who triumphs

Fathuddin — A faith’s guidance

Fathullah — A guidance and support of God

Fatik — He who is like a crystal

Fatin — A very smart Boy

Fatiq — A dawn at the east

Fauzi — Arabic – Success; Victory; Triumph; A variant of Fawzi

Fawaz — A man who is a winner

Fawz — An accomplished man

Fawzan — A victorious and one of success

Fawzi — He who has success and is winning

Fawzy — A victory, a great triumph

Fayaz — A man who is pious and virtuous

Fayez — One who is always a victor

Fayiz — One who always wins

Fayrooz — A gemstone turquoise

Faysal — One who is a judge

Fayyim — A man of strenght

Fayzal — A man who is a judge and an arbiter

Fayzel — One who judges

Fayzulhaq — A grace that the truth brings

Fazal — A feeling of excellence and superiority

Fazeed — A baby name for mulsim

Fazel — A man who judges

Fazil — A Boy of high status who is worthy of praise

Fazilath — A man from Fazilah

Fazira — A male name of Arab origin

Fazl — One who does good deeds

Fazle — The Lord’s bounty

Fazlemawla — The Bounty of the God

Fazlerab — The Lord’s compensation

Fazlerabbi — The Lord’s donation

Fazli — Kind, and graceful man.

Fazlullah — The God’s bounty and excellence

Fazululhaq — The bounty of the truth

Fazzal — A reward of grace

Fehmeed — One who is wise and intelligent.

Feisal — A man with stubborn nature

Ferhat — Winner; Smart; Male Hero

Ferid — Unique; Unmatched; A variant of Farid

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with E.

Feriz — One who is lucky or fortunate.

Ferjal — A prosperous, rich and well settled boy.

Ferman — A man who is superior and commands respect.

Fethi — He is a conqueror

Fiam — A happy and joyous feeling

Fidvi — One who is ready to sacrifice himself.

Fihr — A stone pestle, usually used to crush or grind (opponents)

Fikham — Great; Illustrious; Bright; Luminous

Fikret — Thought

Fikri — An intellectual person

Finnan — Fair, white or blond (haired) (variation of finian)

Finnbheara — The King of the Fairies

Fiorela — A little Flower (derived from Latin fiora)

Firdus — Paradise; Garden Enclosure; Heaven

Firoh — Happiness; Joyful; Delighted; Charmed; Ecstatic

Fitan — Intelligence; Wisdom; Brilliance

Flo — A blossoming flower

Fojan — A derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voice

Fouad — Heart; Soul; A variant of name Fuad

Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with E.

Fozhan — A derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voice

Fredj — Bliss, content or enjoyment.

Freyne — Resembles foreign countries.

Fshd — Refers to a text browser.

Fuaad — Heart or conscience.

Fuad — Heart; Soul; A variant name is Fouad

Fudaili — A person who is trustworthy and humble being

Fuqqah — Refers to floret or floras or floret.

Furaniq — The commander of an armed group.

Furhat — The pleasantness or the happiness

Furkan — Variant of Furqan. It means evidence or proof.

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with E.

Furqaan — Refers to confirmation or indication.

Furqan — Refers to immune or resistant.

Furud — Refers to individuality or exclusivity.

Furughuddin — Illumination of the religion

Futaih — Refers to foundation or creation.

Futuhat — Refers to win or success.

Fuwaad — Emotion or soul.

Fuwad — Attention or feeling or core.

Fuyum — Reefers to firm and powerful man.

Fuyuzat — Kindness or bigheartedness.

Fuzail — The person who is talented or skilful.

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Starting With F