Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Beginning With D

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With D

Arabic Boy Names Beginning With D

Daai — Prophet Muhammad

Daaim — Lasting personality

Daanaa — An intelligent person; wise

Daaneesh — Filled with wisdom

Daanish — Full of knowledge

Daaood — Name of a Prophet

Dab — Servant of God

Dabaran — The one who is behind

Daboor — Soothing morning breeze

Dadvar — Judge or one who is just.

Dafalla — Prophet’s Court

Dafi — One keeping away

Dafiq — An active and jubilant man

Daghishat — Full of darkness

Dahbal — Name of Wahb Ibn

Daiam — Everlasting or permanent.

Daib — The happy one

Daidan — Habit; to practice something

Daim — Everlasting and beautiful

Daimumat — To endure

Daiyan — A mighty judge

Dajjal — To worship

Dakhnas — A strong man

Dalair — The brave one

Dalaj — A mufti

Daleel — The happy one; rare

Daler — Valiant one

Dalham — Mad in love

Dalil — A guide; mentor

Danesh — One who is filled with wisdom

Daniyal — Handsome Boy

Dansith — Full of knowledge and wisdom

Daoud — Allah’s messenger

Daqiq — Very delicate

Daqqaq — One who sells flour

Darain — Double

Darim — Hadith narrator

Darrabah — Clever individual

Darrak — A prudent man

Dashawn — A determined, good worker

Dastageer — Helper or supporter

Daud — Persian form of the word Davood; beloved

Daulah — A vast empire filled with riches

Daut — A variant of David, meaning beloved.

Davud — A variant of David, meaning beloved.

Dawood — Name of a Prophet; has deep inner desires

Dawud — A beloved person; Prophet’s name

Dawwar — Revolving being

Dayanatdar — A holy and pious man

Dayim — The everlasting and mesmerising being

Daylam — A perfect companion

Dayyaan — A mighty ruler, judge , protector,

Dayyan — A strong and brave ruler

Dehiya — One who is accepted by everyone

Dhul Fiqar — Strong sword; it is the name of Prophet’s sword

Dhulfiqaar — It’s name of prophet’s sword

Dhulfiqar — Sword’s name given by Muhammad

Diaab — A beautiful and refined individual

Dielmith — One who has fallen in love with God

Dihishwar — Boy with a handsome and charming personality

Dihyah — The commander of troops

Dikhlat — The one who has a heart and soul made of gold

Dil Nawaz — Attractive mistress; has a soothing heart

Arabic Boy Names Modern Starting with D.

Dilaawar — A hearty and faithful person; darling

Dilavar — A hearty and daring person

Dilawar — They are the one who have a huge heart

Dilbar — One with a blossoming heart; a lover

Dilnawaz — They like a lot about the people

Dimashq — One who is the Lord of the faculties

Dinar — A shining gold coin; which has ten

Dirar — An old Arabic name

Diwanmuhammad — They belong to the court of Prophet muhammad

Diya al Din — Brightness of the faith.

Diyaaldin — A shining and lavishing religion

Diya-al-din — One who is from shining religion

Diyaaudeen — A bright and faithful person

Diyaaudin — One who has immense amount of faith

Diyaeddin — One who is attracted to God almighty

Diyaelhaqq — A composer; they are optimistic

Diyari — A gift sent from the God; blessing

Diyauddin — The one who has brightness of the Sun

Diyaudeen — One who has brightness of faith; river

Diyaulhaqq — They are lovely and happy individuals

Dizhwar — They are polite individual who are strong

Djamel — The one who most handsome and charming

Dorgham — A faithful servant of God; unique and special

Dost — Beloved friend

Duhmus — Liberal; one who is royal and efficient

Dulamah — Tall and Dark; a determined and efficient person

Duldul — Iman Husain’s horse

Powerful Arabic Boy Names with Meaning Starting with D.

Dunyana — A loving and caring individual

Dupinderjit — The innocent one; silent and compassionate

Duqaq — A bold individual filled with courage

Durab — A big door.

Durabah — A very bold and courageous person

Durapa — Precious jewel; gold, pearl, coral

Dureshahwar — One precious being who loves to win

Duwar — An idol which is worshipped

Dyab — The one who is born to persevere

Dzigbode — The wonderful jewel from the ocean

Arabic Boy Names And Meanings Beginning With D